Monday, May 11, 2009

Purim Redux

I've often compared ahmadinejad y"s to haman y"s. I think there are many correlations - same country, same goals and same position in government - second in command.

It's interesting to note that the Megillah mentions Mordechai as "Ish Yemini" - meaning that he is from the tribe of Binyamin - more specifically - a direct descendant of Shaul HaMelech.

We also know that the Megillah is alluding to Hashem when it says the world "HaMelech", while outwardly speaking of Ahashverosh. So for example, when it says 'all the servants of the king and the populace of the king's countries would prostrate and bow before haman, for so the king commanded him' - it can also be discussing the real King - Hashem. Therefore the meaning can be something like 'all the servants of the King (heads of state) and the people of those countries bow before haman (ahmadinejad) and allow him to threaten Am Yisrael, for that is what Hashem commanded'.

Knowing what we previously mentioned about Mordechai being from the tribe of Binyamin, we may be able to translate "and Mordechai would not prostrate and would not bow" as an allusion to "Binyamin Netanyahu would not prostrate and would not bow".

This is obviously at best a hint - Remez. We all know that Hashem is in charge of everything and any protection offered to us by anyone is non-existent without Hashem's backing. We are not trusting in Bibi or anyone else to protect us or to destroy haman. However, just as in the time of Shushan, our repentance and reacceptance of the words of the Torah and our faith in the Rabbis, namely Mordechai, we were redeemed through "natural seeming" miracles, so shall it be today. The only difference is that if this is the final battle, then the "natural" part will be dropped and open miracles shall ensue.

The Gemara relates an argument regarding whether Am Yisrael will need to completely return in Teshuva to deserve Mashiach. The Gemara states that if we do not repent and return to Hashem, then Hashem will bring upon us a "king" who's decrees are worse than haman's and we will make Teshuva and deserve Mashiach.

The stage is set. We may already know who this haman is. Anyone can realize that a swift death of a sword (as haman wished) is a lot less painful than any nuclear holocaust that we are being threatened with.

We're a tough bunch, that's why we've been around so long. Let's loosen up a little and realize that we don't actually need the threats to be clear and present before we change our ways. If we recognize the signs early, we can head this off.

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