Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Tower of Babel

Just a quick thought:
The original Tower of Babel was created by a united force of corrupt people. They all used their strength and power to attempt to make a united "global" government - one especially powerful - hence their desire to fight Hashem and "rule" without Him.

Their punishment was separation - to different nations, languages and parts of the world. This has been the case ever since. The world has yet to be united in its desire for anything!

But today, we see the world headed towards global government. It started with the League of Nations, changed to the UN and is now basically headed by obama. They even awarded him an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, without his making peace in any form.

Unless of course that "peace" really means being the leader of the global government that will unite once again to attempt to destroy Hashem. This time, that attempt will not be merely a tower to shoot arrows at Hashem, rather a coup on the people of Hashem - the Jewish people. For if there are no people of Hashem (c"v), what kind of Kingdom does Hashem have?!

As our Prophets have told us, there will be a global government that will attempt to destroy the Jewish people. This will take place on the Land of Israel. There will be an unprecedented war in magnitude (yes, bigger than WW2). Every nation will be involved. The leader will be named Gog. Everyone should already know these things. (If not, leave me some comments, and I'll try to gather and post the sources).

Our Rabbis told us that we will not know who this character is, until he arrives on scene. There are very strong indicators that this man is obama. He is getting warmed up in his role. His meteoric rise to fame is definitely proof of Hashem's direct involvement. The fact that he will likely NOT get re-elected, means that this situation will reach its climax within the next 3 years.

Man will never learn. History DOES repeat itself. May Hashem protect us all and bring us Mashiach quickly, safely and peacefully, Amen!

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  1. Yeah... Humans should learn with history, instead of keeping repeating it over and over again...
    However, fear not my Brother...
    IF Armelius really emerge, and if he's really obama... He have until 2012 to do his crap, right? Coincidence or not, 2012 is where the Mayans said that "everything will change" (Lot's of people reads this as destruction... I read as just a warning of what MAY happen...).

    But since the Jews are ONCE MORE ignoring their obligations all over the World (as simple things like Shabbes and Kashrut...), It'll be really hard for us to bring Mashiach peacefuly... However:

    A generation is always a lower level than the generation before, but in our generation there's really few things left for us to do to bring Mashiach TODAY =DD; And even if most people are not carring as they should, there's always who cares; Like us!!

    SO, What should we do to bring Mashiach and try to prevent Gog-Magog?

    Simple: Let us all make all the good things we can reach to the ones nearby us!! Like smiling, helping with homework, helping to do Mitzvót and to be better with Midót; and of course, pray to HaShem each and everyday!!!!

    That's all we can do by now, but we gotta believe in HaShem, and we gotta believe in Ourselves!!! HE is, was and always will be with us!!! =DD