Monday, November 23, 2009

Gematriot of Barack Obama

...Been thinking - We've all been calculating his name as Barak with a 'Kof' = 100 - as in the Hebrew word for lightning - Barak. However, if his name is sourced in Arabic, it's much more likely that the name really is spelled with a 'Kaf' = 20 - as in Arabic (Hebrew counterpart of Beracha, blessing).

Maybe we all need look into the Gematriot again and see what comes up...

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  1. Your point is well taken. Though you and I will agree to the fact that Obama is anything but a blessing except in the sense of a blessing in disguise as Hashem may intend it to be, you will hear from some of the radio broadcasts of as to what Joel Gallis & Dr. Bob Wolf have to say on this character pertaining to the full Gematria of his name in Hebrew, as well as on their blog page. I also have some original thoughts pertaining to the 501 Gematria of Obama's full name along with other connections of the number 44 as per the 44th president of the United States -