Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Double Standard

It's a familiar headline, 'Israel injures children' or 'Israel targets civilians'. Words that have become so much part of the media, that most of the world truly believes that Israel is a bully state attempting to subdue the "palestinians".

America isn't far behind criticizing Israel, worse so under obama. But the recent video released by shows not only how split-second "kill" decisions are made in a wartime environment, but brings into question whether the US military may have killed innocent civilians who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While America is standing behind their military (as Israel does), the confidence shown by the military is unbelievable. Israel, on the other hand is almost always on the defensive, even while standing behind their actions. By the time Israel completes their investigation and releases further information, the world only remembers the sensational headlines that were drilled into their heads by the media.

As many have pointed out numerous times, the truth will keep peeking through. Hashem is making this all happen and in due time, the corruption of the world will be available for all to see. It's always a double standard when Jews are involved - always to the detriment of the Jew. Esav hates Yaakov - ALWAYS.

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