Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oil Spill - Gematriot

Just a few quick points that came to mind. Would love to hear your take on this.

1) Oil spill happened in the water, in Hebrew: Yam=50. It happened during Sefirat HaOmer where we count 50 days from Pesah to Shavuot.

2) Oil in Hebrew: Shemen = 390 + Water (Yam) = 50 = Total of 440. 440 is "Met" in Hebrew (dead). This may be hinting to something America needs to worry about.

3) As Jews, we are compared to oil and the nations of the world to water. While the nations are plentiful, we are small. Oil and water don't mix. They may mix temporarily when shaken, but quickly separate when left alone. The oil spill can be hinting to the sorry state of intermarriage or even just the state of mingling with non-Jewish ideas. Both of which need to stop. The mention of "death" in #2 above may also be referring to the state of a Jew who so defiles himself.

When the Chafetz Chaim was asked about who will see the Mashiach and the redemption, he replied anybody who's an "Ehrliche Yid" - as he explained a Jew who has no non-Jewish ideas, behaviors, habits, music and even fashion. Not an easy feat, especially in the Galut.

With the news coming in about imminent war on Israel and Iran's current plans - it is just really frightening.

Rabbi Lazer Brody explains how a miracle this past Monday night prevented an Iranian attack on Israel. He also describes how there are concrete plans by our enemies to attempt to destroy us this coming summer. My guesstimate is during the "three-weeks". See interview with General Paul Vallely for the real verified military info.

Before Mashiach comes, everybody's Emunah in Hashem will be thoroughly shaken and tested. The one's who can hold strong will see the redemption. We're witnessing this "shaking" now and while it seems unbearable, it seems like it's only the beginning. Hold on tight!


  1. Oil + water = 440

    And Obama is the 44th president, dam (blood) is gematria 44, and the oil on the water looks like blood. Just like the first plague of water turning to blood.

  2. Please, in your elucidations, don't lead people astray from waiting for moshiach every day. He could come during the 3 weeks. He could come today.


  3. 2) Oil in Hebrew: Shemen = 390 + Water (Yam) = 50 = Total of 440. 440 is "Met" in Hebrew (dead). This may be hinting to something America needs to worry about.

    מם mem = water
    תו tav = mark

    oil painting = Belshazzar's Feast


  4. Kalman -
    I surely hope I'm not leading anyone astray from waiting for Mashiach. He can come any day- now or the three weeks or Yom Kippur or any time.

    What sounded like I was giving off that feeling?

  5. Hashem has saved us from countless attacks. Why don't we continue to have emunah that He will save us this time too? Man plans and Hashem foils their plans. Hashem could easily "shake" Iran in their earthquake zone country.

    Continue to do our mitzvos right and Hashem will do His share.

  6. True, we have been saved from countless attacks. We do have Emunah that we will be saved again. We need to understand that this saving is not like other times. We have been warned about our level of Emunah. If it is not up to par, then Chas Veshalom we will not see the Geulah, just as the 4/5ths in Egypt did not merit to go out.

    I'm not afraid of Iran or any of our enemies. They are proxies doing the work that Hashem ALLOWS them to do. However, I am deathly worried in regards to my own personal level of Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem especially in light of such rough patches in history. That is what I write about. I will try to make sure that the message is conveyed clearly in the future.