Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Weeks for Who?

When the "Three Weeks" comes along, I often find that we all dread it. Nobody looks forward to a time in the middle of the summer, where we are supposed to limit our summer "fun", stop listening to music, try to stay as safe as possible, etc...We often just want it to be over- and after Tisha B'av is over we find ourselves relieved of a "burden".

I believe we have it all backwards. Are we "suffering" by limiting our enjoyment? Is that suffering? Did we think about Hashem? Hashem's Shechina is suffering. It's in Exile with us too. Hashem promises that His Shechina did not ascend to its "home" as long as we are in Exile. I'm pretty sure we've got it all wrong. For a mere three weeks a year we feel a little less excitement and fun - as if those are the most important things in life. Then we go about our merry way and forget about it all.

Hashem is the one suffering here. We may forget that, especially when times are good. But Hashem is constantly suffering that we are in Exile. He wants us to beg and plead for it to be over. Even if we'll lose our own free choice in the process (once Mashiach comes) - we still need to beg Hashem to end this Exile for HIS sake. We need to stop being selfish and thinking of ourselves. These three weeks are a perfect time for self-introspection...Shabbat Shalom

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