Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Statue of Liberty Beheaded...

According to the NY Post, a replica of the Statue of Liberty was beheaded after being stolen from a Brooklyn NY coffee shop.

This eerily reminds me of a previous post - Stimulus and Loss of Liberty, where we discussed the Statue of Liberty being destroyed right before Mashiach arrives. Being that nothing is a coincidence, I feel that Hashem is clearly sending us a message to foreshadow and remind us of what's up ahead....

As we begin the Three Weeks of mourning for our Bet Hamikdash and exile, we should realize that the cause of this exile was baseless hatred amongst Jews. Until this is rectified, we will remain in exile. Unfortunately for us, Hashem will have His way regardless. So when the time comes, we will either have rectified it or will be Chas VeShalom forced into a predicament where it comes somewhat automatically. It's not Elul yet, but it's definitely time to start waking up before we cross the point of no return.

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