Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stimulus and Loss of Liberty

This past week, we saw the American Congress pass a stimulus package in the name of "saving America". While the Democrats claim that this time it will work, many economists are claiming the end of America if this becomes law. Last year they passed a trillion dollar stimulus package and it didn't save the economy, but the Democrats, sounding more like "Efron HaHitti" say 'what's another trillion between us?'

Not only does this package not really contain much in creating lasting jobs, it also contains provisions that will begin limitations on "freedoms" in America. There is a provision to begin nationalizing healthcare, where the government will decide what a doctor can/cannot provide to a patient, based on "cost effectiveness" determined by the government.

In addition, we are seeing Obama try to curb the liberties provided by the Constitution, with plans to limit free speech (first amendment), mostly to shut down conservatives who speak the truth about America's destruction as well as to give more strength to resha'im and muslims; limit permission to own a gun (second amendment); and change the census to the White House, where there will be less oversight (so much for the "transparency" of government he promised while campaigning). What is worrisome, is the issues that he has been presenting and the speed at which he is determined to get things done. It's as if the "ketz" is coming and he needs to work as fast as he can to bring it about.

In a rash PR stunt, without analyzing the situation beyond what the left media have reported, the first executive order he signed was to close the Guantanemo Bay prison, where some of the worst jihadists are locked up. The "great" liberals are so concerned about the possible violation of freedoms of the jihadists, while being so grossly negligent with the freedom to be an American (at least a living one). They are more concerned whether a terrorist's religious rights were violated, than risking their own lives and freedoms they so enjoy in America. They quickly forgot that jihad is to destroy America and all it represents. They pictures of the smoldering Twin Towers have vanished from their mind's eye and have been replaced with thoughts of the poor suffering jihadist, imprisoned for (quite seriously) trying to take over the world.

American liberty is truly at stake here. Not only is it at stake, it's not being defended, either. 17 US Servicemen were killed on the USS Cole and the President is not concerned about bringing their killers to justice, only for the freedom of said terrorist. To make sure that he is not tried in a military court, for a military action, rather a civilian court where he will may even be freed instead of killed. It is definitely a sad time for America and "liberty".

What does American liberty have to do with Mashiach? Well, it has been posited that the Statue of Liberty may possibly represent the "idol of Rhodes" in the prophecy of the 12 year old child prophet Nachman (around 1500 years ago). The child said that when the idol of Rhodes is destroyed, Rome will be destroyed and that means that Mashiach will be right around the corner. See Rabbi Pinchas Winston on this.

Well, the Statue of Liberty is still standing, but Americans' liberties are being quickly taken away by a president who's name just happens to appear hidden right on the Pasuk mentioning "Gog" in Yechezkel. On September 11th, two planes took down the Twin Towers not too far from the Statue of Liberty. Recently, a plane was miraculously saved by Hashem and landed in the Hudson River, in the same city as both the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty. Hmm.. Planes...New York....interesting....maybe a warning from above?

I have seen many propaganda pieces by jihadists (Iran included) portraying the destruction of the Statue of Liberty. It would be a major victory for them to be able to destroy the "icon" (idol) of America. To say that they are working on making their sick dream come true, would be an understatement. They are probably just waiting for the right moment. A moment that may be given to them by Obama's liberal policies and his suicidal policy of "extending a hand to muslims". Like his first phone call as President to Mahmoud Abbas of the PA - another rash decision. They interpret this as weakness and what better time to hit the "enemy" than when he is weak.

Had it not been for the Twin Towers coming down, it may have been said that it would be impossible to destroy the Statue of Liberty without a real all-out war. Hashem has shown us otherwise. Maybe to prepare or warn us.

Maybe the idol that Nachman was talking about is the freedom represented by the Statue of Liberty, which we are watching become threatened in America. Maybe it's even the tanking economy and Wall Street, which has been compared to another "idol" the Golden Calf. Or, maybe it is the physical Statue of Liberty which we can fairly assume is in danger as well.

One way or another, we're getting closer....We can get outta here, or we can be on the lookout for low-flying planes...It's our call!

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