Sunday, February 22, 2009

What would you do?

What would you do if you knew that today was the last "normal" day you would ever experience?

What if Mashiach came right now? Would you be happy with the person you have been up until now?

What if money wasn't worth anything tomorrow? Would you be happy knowing that you used your money to do Mitzvot; to help people; to support Torah; to spread the word of Hashem?

These are the questions I find myself thinking about these days. They are increasingly becoming more urgent. When it comes to dying, c"v, people tend to rely on the fact that 'most people live until X years, so I have time...'. When it comes to Mashiach coming, he can come at any time and surprise us (and he definitely will surprise us). We really have no answers.

We can rest assured that the economic situation is only to prevent people from using their money properly - giving charity and supporting Torah. As we approach the end, the Yetzer Hara will try to prevent us from doing good - as it will only lead to his own let's be all the wiser and realize what's really going on. After all, that's why WE live in this generation and time period - it's going to be up to US!

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