Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Money and Redemption

It's all about money. It really feels like that now. The economy is not doing good. Neither are businesses. People are being laid-off. What's it all about? Money. What's the news? Money.

Money is now the spiritual target. It's been in the cross hairs for a while and it has suffered major setbacks. Apparently, it's losing the battle.

Why is this so?

Our Rabbis tell us that prior to Mashiach's arrival, money and material value will be all but destroyed; Am Yisrael especially, would become poverty stricken (c"v); and food shortages and hunger would abound. All this in order to bring about the redemption. The Pasuk says "ki ata am ani toshiya" - for You (Hashem) will help (redeem) a poor nation.

If we do not merit the redemption through our actions, through our trust in Hashem, through our realization that He and only He is in charge of all matters; that there is no "nature"; there is no "normal"; everything is a complete miracle (Ramban on the Torah); then, G-d forbid, we will be forced to come to that realization when anything we previously relied upon, would be taken away from us. Money is what we all have come to rely on. Someone is considered "set", if they have money. The USA was considered the safest place physically, economically, politically. Yet all that has seemingly changed overnight.

As the economy continues to tank, and people are suffering tremendously, we need to first of all, thank Hashem for everything we have; ask Him to protect us and not make us suffer or become poverty-stricken; ask Him to help all of our fellow Jews who are suffering; and finally come to realize that it is all Hashem's master plan.

The redemption is underway. The Exile is ending. Our small minds will definitely have a hard time adjusting, so Hashem is helping us adjust ever so slowly. Let's not forget Who is doing it all. As we approach Purim, we are reminded that Hashem hides behind the "mask" of nature and directs it all - to save us and redeem us from the hands of the wicked. May we merit to experience the redemption, in all its glory, this year, Amen!

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  1. If you look at the interest rates dwindling down to almost 0, money is indeed losing its value to nothing. Complete EMUNA in HASHEM is necessary that He will redeem us.