Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grad - The Next Level

Just a quick thought here...When you rearrange the spelling of GRAD in Hebrew, it forms the word DaRGA - which means level in Aramaic. Not only has the Grad missile been the next "level" of rockets being used by the enemy, it surely represents that we are a level closer to the Geula!

ps - Speaking about the "next level"...Since we can clearly glean the direction that the Geula is headed in (which is looking more like a massive war, c"v); I feel that it would be beneficial for all, if I would discussing some important thoughts and topics of trust in Hashem. Our Rabbis tell us that our trust in Hashem is most important in our specific generation. I was thinking of doing this in a separate blog, which would be dedicated to discussing only thoughts on Emuna and Bitachon. I figure that it would all be coherent and organized that way. I would appreciate any comments from the dedicated and much more experienced readers/bloggers - whether I should open a separate blog for it, or just discuss it here.

Thanks everyone!


  1. >it surely represents that we are a level closer to the Geula!

    How can you say such things. People are dying from the rockets!

    Even if there IS a correlation to the increased armament of the sonei Yisrael and the time of our Geulah, still, it sounds like you are c'v rejoicing over the Grad rockets...

    or maybe I'm reading your words wrong? that's how I read them anyway.

  2. c"v!!! I am not rejoicing in the missiles or the death and destruction they are bringing. I a merely noting that their name may signal a Divine message that we have arrived one step closer to the Geula. The suffering Am Yisrael is undergoing is surely a loud and strong message (even alarm) from Hashem and we need to analyze it from all angles.

    We must also be aware that the increased power being obtained by Yishmael (arabs) has been foretold by our prophets as the final stage in the Geula process. Seeing that, I am wondering (out loud) and noting the possible correlation, even in the name of their weapons.

    May Hashem, the "Rock of Israel" continue to protect His nation from all our enemies, from within and without. May Hashem obliterate our enemies and their evil plans; and say "enough" to the suffering of Am Yisrael - and bring forth the Mashiach to establish the true Kingdom of Hashem on Earth speedily, Amen.

  3. Blessings. just my humble view. i feel you should keep to this blog. so when people read news thats more like a warning of difficult times to come, the good news is also there, teshuva and the rest. this also makes it convenient to those who are limited in time.
    For example, when you wrote of the grad and the meaning, then it would be nice if you quote from the holy scriptures, written or oral, the answers to the predicament and why its never too late to do teshuvah.

  4. I'm trying to keep showing the urgent need to do Teshuva. I've just been so overwhelmed and shocked over the past few weeks, with the news and the massive rise of Islam (I haven't even written 1% of it), that it's hard to ignore.