Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barack Obama - Armelius?

I've noticed Gematriot brought down regarding Obama...I just made a quick calculation and found that Barack Obama = Armelius (357). I have not yet seen this calculation brought down by anyone else.

Here's the spelling in Hebrew:
ברק אובאמה

I chose to use the spelling of Obama as was found in the Yechezkel 7-letter skip.

Armelius is the powerful force that will fight against Mashiach Ben Yosef. Obama's unbelievable rise to power is nothing short of a miracle. His immediate frenzy of crazy activity (some of which I've mentioned previously) points to a sinister underlying character. Who knows?


  1. There was no miracle concerning Obama's election. First, America was sick of George Bush's war on freedom and civil rights and America's neo-con ideology that was identical with Israel's foreign policy. Second, the corporate world and the Council on Foreign Relations manufactured a product with appeal for public concumption on the single platform called change. Those looking for miracles for explanations do so, because they do not understand how politics, corporations, and think tanks work in America.

  2. Unfortunately, it is people who believe they understand politics and everything else who are mistaken. Yes, there is truly a way that those things work, however everything is governed directly according to G-d's plan and for a specific reason. If He willed it to happen through the methods that it did, it still is Him in control - therefore making it miraculous.

    As far as seeing it from the "ground" - it is also miraculous that an inexperienced senator can suddenly rise to the highest position in the world because people were "sick of Bush". Shows how gullible America has become. They thought it was some infomercial for the best new president ever. They bought the shiny new president like everyone else for only 4 installments of one-year. The truth is coming out and it is only backfiring on obama. False promises will cause him and his party to lose control and badly.

    Whether America will survive the insanity until then is yet to be seen.