Friday, February 6, 2009

Somali Pirates & Ransom Lessons

Hashem is showing His interaction in the minute details of the world. I've realized very many examples over the past few months. The Somali pirates however are quite intriguing as well.

After pressuring Israel to concede territory, money and power to Arab terrorist; as well as restrain from normal self-defense, the world is getting a taste of its own medicine. (This is Hashem's way showing us measure for measure so that we realize His omnipresence). Country after country continues to have their ships overtaken by Somali pirates. Instead of capturing the pirates and preventing this from happening in the future, interestingly, the nations of the world are paying the ransom - teaching the pirates that crime does in fact pay. The result is obvious - pirates are taking over more ships, realizing that it's a good business.

Several weeks ago, I was happy to hear that after receiving their ransom, these Somali pirates proceeded to escape in their boats. The hand of Hashem showed them (and us) the truth, when most of them drowned with their bounty. In fact, a "ben Noach" is liable for the death penalty for stealing (even a penny). All the more so, these pirates who threatened lives with weapons and have killed or injured people as well.

Hashem's light is shining through the cracks. Ever so softly, ever so gently. If we look around, it's all there for us to see. It's getting brighter....daybreak is not too far away!

Shabbat Shalom


  1. Is it a 'coincidence" that the wicked were drowned; and that you 'just happened' to post it on your blog on Parashat Beshalach!?

  2. Interesting note. NOTHING is a coincidence. And NOTHING happens for a single reason alone...

    Thanks for pointing it out!