Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hashem's Signs in Numbers

I know I'm pushing this one a little...but I feel that it's the truth, either way. I was surprised to see the Dow Jones close at 7888.88, on a day that represented MAJOR changes in the world.

On this same exact day, a MASSIVE "stimulus" plan was passed by the Senate, preparing the course of changing America forever. Additionally, in Israel, elections were held, changing the course of government there. Not only that, but miraculously rain that has been so badly needed, fell in Israel today, too.

What interests me is the funny number that the Dow Jones closed at, and what it might mean. 7888.88 is really a funny number. It's too ordered to be left alone. It has to mean something.

Here's what I see in it. A 7 represents the finite "natural" world, just as the world we know was created in 7 days. 8 represents all that is supernatural, being that it is above 7. We also know that this world was created with the letter "Hey", which has the numerical value of 5. Seeing a 7 followed by five 8's, it really got me thinking. Maybe Hashem is showing us that the 7, the natural world, is not running as usually expected. Instead, the 5 (meaning the world, which was created with the 5th letter - "Hey") is now running on a supernatural level -- 8.

We are seeing so many things changing so rapidly. Things that just don't make sense. Things that are clearly supernatural are occurring all around us. We need to realize who is really behind it, and WHY He is doing it. Clearly, Hashem is showing us HIS hand directing everything in order to prepare us for a more stunning revelation - actually the most stunning revelation of Hashem's presence EVER.

Hashem is showing us that we need to realign our minds and hearts. We need to refocus on HIM. We need to change ourselves from natural to supernatural beings. He is always there for us and we need to rely on Him alone. The world is definitely in a downward spiral with no good ending in sight. Hashem will provide the good ending. We need to prepare ourselves in order to merit seeing it.

As we become closer to the Geula, it will become ever so clear that there is ONLY Hashem and He is directly controlling it all. My sincere wish is that we all get the message now, without the need for things to get worse, c"v. If we were ready, we wouldn't need these "wake-up calls". We clearly have more work to do...so let's get to it. Time is running out!


  1. We're waiting for him to show up...We can surely do more to hasten his arrival, however!

  2. I think you are right. Now, only those who are looking see how apparent His hand is. Slowly, it will become more and more apparent, until all will see.