Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Truth Shining Through

I've been noticing many trends with Hashem shining Truth into the world. The signs are clear and ever-present. As the "Giluy Shechina" continues, expect to see more of this:

I previously mentioned the Somali pirates drowning.

Today, a bus in Italy, plastered with a poster advertising atheism, "just happened" to break down on its first run. It had to be returned to the depot for repair.

Again, peeking through the darkness are the first rays of light...The atheists who put up the ad are in a tight spot now - especially since it was a quite uncommon problem. But like Pharoah, they are standing by their stance that it was "pure chance". Expect more "pure chancers" to have the light shine on them soon. It didn't fare well for Pharoah......

And how could we ignore the "moderate" Muslim who beheaded his wife, after she filed for protection from him for domestic violence. A guy who built a TV station to portray Muslims in a good light; to show that they aren't the 7th century barbarians of the Sahara - kills his wife for filing for divorce and protection. An honor killing. So much for the lies about "moderate" Muslims!

Last night, after robbing a woman on the subway, the robber's getaway car "just happened" to crash into a garbage truck instantly killing the robber and critically injuring the driver.

These events are not random. They are not being done in vain. They are direct messages for us to see. The world will probably not care that much, but we do. Hashem is showing us His direct involvement in everything, always. Falsehood (sheker) is being rooted out of the world to pave the way for the ultimate truth!

Seeing Hashem's hand must strengthen our Emunah in Him. I hope to begin writing about Emunah and Bitachon, being our final test in this Exile and the only to be saved. The ones who can hold strong will make it. Hashem wants us to make it and is giving us some help via clear signs that He is here. Let's not spoil the opportunity.

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