Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hope, Change & Yes we Can

Did anyone else realize the parallels between Obama and ahmadinejad? Especially with the 2 phrases "Hope" and "Yes we can"?

Obama kept mentioning "hope" during his campaign. His slogan was also "Yes we can". I find it amazing that the satellite just launched by Iran was also called "hope" in farsi. The slogan used by ahmadinejad during his campaign in Iran was "we can". While the latter claims that Obama stole it from him, it has been reported that Obama used it in his 2004 Senate campaign. And Obama mentioned "change" - that surely seems to be happening - on MANY fronts.

The connections are quite interesting to note. A parallel between Obama and ahmadinejad. And again, if we think into them just a little, we can start to notice a pattern. A pattern of signs telling us that America is not going to be there for the Jews. A pattern that should scare a Jew that has his eyes open. A pattern that begs to answer the question, 'when will we get the hint'?

We have a history of not getting the hints. As humans, we also become accustomed to changes happening around us. As these subtle changes keep occuring, we rarely take a step back and realize where we really are and question 'how did we get here?'

The pattern of Obama leaning over and attempting to befriend the arab terrorists is emerging rapidly. In his inauguration speech, he mentioned "we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-believers". This is in stark contrast to the norm of pairing Jews with, lehavdil Christians. Additionally, if one pays attention, the term "non-believer" is often used by Muslims in reference to Jews, Christians and all others, prompting one to ask: 'what influences are truly driving this man?'

The first interview he gave was with "Al Arabiya" tv. His first phone call to Mahmoud Abbas of the "moderate" Fatah, who's stated goal is to 'remove the Zionist entity from Palestine'. He is 'extending his hand' to Iran and Syria. He spent his first day in office signing an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, housing the most wanted jihadists in American captivity. He has pledged to meet with the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), a most anti-Semitic organization of Muslims within his first 100 days in office. His promise to speak with Hugo Chavez of Venezuelan [anti-Semitic and anti-American] infamy is stated to be upheld as well.

The direction of this new administration is shocking at best. The 'sweeping changes' that are occuring in only the first 2 weeks in office are something WE should be looking at. We learn from King Solomon that the first point mentioned in a person's claim [in court] is the one he most means. If we pay attention to the first speech made by Obama we can see his plans for America. If we look at his actions, we are even more assured of his direction for this country.

Nobody can predict what is going to happen or how, but the direction that America is headed is something that can clearly be interpreted. I cannot stress enough the importance of all Jews of America (and the world) to be prepared for major changes. We are slowly becoming accustomed to these changes, rendering us effectively numb to the big picture. The Geula is underway, and if we just sit by idly and do nothing about it, the ramifications are quite scary and dangerous.

We need to be proactive on as many fronts as possible. That means we need to repent and make Teshuva for our past sins; pray for our personal and collective future; give charity as much as possible; strengthen our learning Torah (even by just a few minutes a day); and basically storm the Heavens with good deeds. The suffering imposed on the world is only to wake US up. We don't need to wait until it's dangerously unbearable to wake up - we can wake up NOW. Let's do it before it's too late.

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