Thursday, February 12, 2009

Israel 18th Knesset

I would like to remind everyone of something that was said in the name of the famed Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri a"h, that Ariel Sharon's government would be the last government before Mashiach.

Due to Sharon's incapacitation, Olmert took over the "Sharon" government. Due to some complications, futher followed by Livni being unsuccessful in securing a coalition, the current elections were called for.

Let's also keep in mind that it's the 18th Knesset in the history of the "modern" Israel. 18 is "Chay", life - a good sign. Hopefully we will see the eternal "life" of Klal Yisrael when Melech HaMashiach arrives very soon!

What's interesting is that due to the close tie in this election, Kadima (Livni) with 28 seats and Likud (Netanyahu) with 27, things got a little complicated. It has been suggested by many that Livni will be unable to make a coalition (as she had previously failed to accomplish) and therefore the position of Prime Minister will be given to Netanyahu. It has been said that it may take up to 6 weeks to form the coalition and determine who will be Prime Minister.

It does not seem far-fetched to assume that there may be some type of legal dispute over the Prime Minister position, especially considering that BOTH Livni and Netanyahu have declared victory and given victory speeches (a most odd thing indeed, but a sign of the "chutzpah" in our times). Since officially, a new government has not been set up yet, Rabbi Kaduri's prediction is still in effect (and I truly believe it will be true).

As we get closer to Purim (I hope to write about this soon) and Pesah, It seems that we will be seeing the Geula continue to unfold even more clearly. Since the new government will likely take several weeks to form, it's date of "arrival" will possibly coincide with Purim or even later. A lot can happen by then, and I'm expecting it to.

We all need to believe that Mashiach can come TODAY, yet many may find it too hard to truly believe. If however, we look at the signs, it may become easier to feel the Geula coming and expect Mashiach at any time. Let's increase our "good behavior" and Teshuva. Let's ask ourselves - Are we doing enough?! What if today is the last day with a Yetzer Hara?

The popcorn is popping....we can hear the "pops" getting faster!
see Rabbi Pinchas Winston - on "microwave popcorn" - from several years ago, but even more pertinent now.

Li'shuatecha Kiviti Hashem - I hope (await) for your salvation, Hashem!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree on every point! Yasher koach!

  2. are u sure harav kaduri said that?

  3. I've heard it several times and recently saw it mentioned on another website (i have to find the url).