Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is a major earthquake imminent in NY?

Is Hashem trying to warn us? It sure seems like it.

Third Earthquake in NJ in 3 weeks

Major earthquake + NY = Major Catastrophe...We were promised earthquakes and floods (Australia) and major natural disasters before Mashiach comes.

These small earthquakes remind me of a person being woken up from his sleep. You shake them a bit. You need to intensify if they don't wake up. I hope we are all "awake".

When Hashem's presence comes closer, the earth trembles - as during Matan Torah. Apparently He is coming closer!


  1. ny cant have an earthquaks its impossible

  2. It was "impossible" for the Twin Towers to come down; for the Titanic to sink; and for America to be on its descent. But Hashem is in charge. There are no "impossible" things...

    Nobody knows how things will play out, but we must realize who is really in charge. Something that Hashem is trying to show us more and more.

  3. I am also watching the earthquakes in New Jersey. Here are my thoughts. It could possibly be connected to the "fall" of the Statue of Liberty, based on this movie:

    Perhaps, then we will all be redeemed.
    Because if a major earthquake were to happen in that area, then the major international airport in Newark which flies everyone on every major airline to Israel, will be affected. I cannot imagine the disastrous results it would bring to American Jews who want to make aliyah or visit Israel.

    Perhaps then, we will really make teshuvah, those of us who want to come home, and stuck, and then Moshiach will be revealed.


    When I was a teacher, I once walked in on a science class that was watching a video in the library. This video discussed a fault line that goes right through central park under Manhattan. The video showed siezmologists studying the fault through caverns or tunnels. There is an earthquake in NY about every 100 years, and we are due for another one, the video said. I have been fearing this for a long time.