Friday, February 13, 2009

Satellite Crash - Chess

A few days ago, an out of control, 2-ton Russian military satellite crashed into a commercial US satellite about 500 miles above Earth. Experts are now concerned about the debris that will be flying around at high speed in that very crowded area of space. There are many satellites orbiting at that height and many of them are communications and navigation satellites.

Chess- that's what it all is. As Rabbi Pinchas Winston explains so wonderfully: In a game of chess, the player can see all the moves of his opponent. He knows that his opponent wants to win the game and even watches as his opponent moves his pieces around the board. Yet, he has no idea what his opponent's precise plan is. He doesn't know what each move means in the scheme of things. Soon enough however, he finds himself checkmated and the game over.

So too, Hashem is "playing chess" with the world. He, in His ultimate wisdom is preparing events to seem "natural" and sometimes even insignificant to us. We all watch as He unfolds His master plan, yet we cannot fathom the depth and significance of any single event. Yet, we know that it is all part of the plan. The plan for Hashem to reveal himself as the Master of The Universe. The plan for the final redemption, may we merit it soon.

The ramifications of space debris flying with unbelievable velocity can be catastrophic. Who knows if this is Hashem's plan to set off a massive chain of events that can alter the face of modern communication, maybe at a time that the world would be relying on those communications against Hashem or His people! We have no idea. We only know one thing. That Hashem loves us and will always take care of us and will never ever forsake us. We must ensure that we rely on Him, completely and constantly. Not on anything else. He's making that very clear. Let's make sure that we are still "communicating" with Him and stay in constant contact. Especially since this week, we received the ultimate communication ever received on Earth - our Holy Torah.

Shabbat Shalom!

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