Thursday, February 26, 2009

Israel Northern Front on Alert

As reported by debka:

"Washington and Jerusalem are bracing for a flareup on the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Israel"
This is due to the international tribunal, slated to begin proceedings regarding Syria's role in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

As we get closer to Purim and Pesach, the situation becomes more tense. Our enemies are surrounding us from all sides, from within and without. The rabid pack of wolves has begun to circle and we are starting to feel the pressure - at least for the people who are watching for it.

I'm not predicting anything here, but I recall reading here, that according to "a mekubal", it will all begin when an arab king is killed. Although, one can argue that Hariri was not an "arab king", one never knows. Syria has been looking for a fight for a while. Hizbullah has only strengthened themselves in preparation for the next "battle". Iran is on a crash course with the world. Especially of interest is their "good nuclear news" for the first day of Pesach.

Our Rabbis teach us "Ba'avod Reshaim Rina" - when the wicked are destroyed, we should sing and be happy. In contrast, we must understand that when the wicked are happy (or when they have "good" news), it must only mean that there is an evil plan hatching. As all things in life, we are in the dark about what the enemies of Am Yisrael are planning. We only know their general mission is to destroy us. Whether physically, spiritually or both, it's all the same.

We should all be familiar with the prophecies regarding the end of days. At the most basic level, it is definitely not something to look forward to. Since it did not happen yet, we still have the option on preventing it with our fervent prayers and good deeds. Torah learning and doing Chesed with our brethren are the only things that can save a person from "Chevle Mashiach" - the birthpangs of Mashiach, which is what the world is experiencing now. If we focus on becoming better, we will affect the entire creation. Hopefully, if we do enough, we can prevent the apocalyptic prophecies and instead greet Mashiach out of happiness and closeness to Hashem.

The basic rule we should focus on, is that the end is drawing near for the forces of evil, who manifest in both physical and spiritual forms. As they near their destruction, they increase their pressure to destroy us and prevent the Geulah (which means their own demise). That is why we are seeing Yeshivot and Kollelim unable to keep up; people becoming depressed from lack of work and income; people afraid to give charity for fear of the future; children falling prey to the worst of elements, etc.

If we know the rules of the game, we're one step ahead. These forces are all trying to hide the truth from us, to prevent us from trusting that this is all from Hashem. They want us to get so involved in the hullabaloo of what's going on, that we have no time or patience to focus on true soul searching and self-improvement. Therein lies all the danger. We're fighting for our survival. We're guaranteed not to lose - but we need to put in the effort.

May Hashem grant us the light of Truth, to shine on our paths - illuminating the proper way we should be headed. May He open our eyes, ears and hearts to realize and understand the gravity of the situation and what we must engage ourselves in. May He give us the strength to fight the forces of evil encircling us from all sides. Only He knows what's best for us. If we trust Him, we will only know good, Amen.

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