Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are World Leaders Crazy?

We're continuing to watch as world leaders kow-tow to islam, giving it more power and rights than ever before. The threat of islam is being ignored even covered-up by almost every "democratic" country. Even worse is the crazy policies being supported by the Obama-led government in the US, effectively mortgaging the next several generations as a gamble that it will fix the economy. (Prediction: it will not fix anything, rather it will spiral out of control until America is destroyed)

We were foretold that islam would take over the world for 12 months prior to Mashiach's arrival. We were foretold that poverty will precede Mashiach's arrival. We were told that Iran would have a major part in destroying the world; that 2/3 of the world would be killed; that major earthquakes and natural disasters will signal Mashiach's imminent arrival. We have seen most of these events come to fruition and the rest are clearly in motion.

Now, what's interesting is that most people will blame one person or another for all these "crazy policies" or for the economic situation. But we all know that the "hearts of kings and princes are in the hands of Hashem". So while we see the out-of-control situation in the world, we need to understand what is truly going on. It's not the people themseleves, even though they are in the positions of leadership. Hashem Himself has organized, planned and is now executing the biggest coup in history. Right under everyone's noses, the entire planet's future is being altered.

Indeed, Hashem plans massive world shakedowns in order to bring about His plans. Egypt was the biggest world power at the time. How? Hashem planned it that way - with all the events of Yosef ending up in Egypt, to Pharoah's dream and Yosef's ascent to power. It continued with the years of plenty, which Yosef saved massive amounts of food and the ensuing worldwide hunger allowed Egypt to take over all the world's wealth in return for food.

World events, especially of a massive scale are all manifestations of Hashem's direct involvement in even the most minute of day-to-day details. When we see them happening under our noses, let us be reminded of Egypt. That time, there was an exile that had to begin and finally end - to establish our nation. Now, we are already exiled. The events we are watching unfold are clearly leading up to the final "coup" - when Mashiach will establish Hashem's kingdom on earth once and for all. Let's not forget, if a tornado lands and destroys a field in some third-world country - the lesson and goal of that event (we may never understand how) is for Am Yisrael. All the more so, shifts in the entire world economy and government. The plan is underway. May we all merit to see it executed fully and without any suffering, Amen!

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