Friday, March 6, 2009

On Dividing Jerusalem

Today, Olmert said that dividing Jerusalem is inevitable if true peace is ever to be achieved with the palestinians (link). He says "a significant part of Jerusalem" would have to be given up. I suppose that means the Kotel too, as Har Habayit it already in their hands and Jews cannot even pray there. As Aaron Klein writes in Schmoozing with Terrorists, he was even asked to remove his Kipa before going up to Har Habayit. Anyone who truly understands the arab agenda will realize that there can never be peace. Not for any price.

Olmert's on his way out, but it's still a sign from up above. The issue of Jerusalem has been around for a while. It will be the central focus of the assembly of nations coming up to divide it forcefully - as we have read in our Nevi'im. Maybe the time is rapidly approaching. It sure seems that way. If we look at the Pasuk, we can see it already happening. "And the house of Yaakov will be fire, and Yosef's house, a flame, and Esav's house, straw and they will light them and destroy them". America is on the brink of self-destruction. Europe has all but become an arab nation. The Durban Anti-Semite conference is in Geneva. Britain is planning talks with Hizbullah. Iran's got fuel for a bomb. North Korea has readied a long range missile possibly pointed at US or South Korea. Sounds like a keg of gunpowder to me.

It's all ready and waiting for something. Something that seems more like a date and time at this point - a "ketz". We are fast approching Purim - the holiday of miracles - ones hidden in plain sight. We have no idea what our enemies' exact plans are, just their ultimate goals stated openly in their charters and speeches - to rid the world of the State of Israel and all Jews. It's been tried before and it failed. They are trying it again, we can be sure of that, but this time will be the last. Hashem will directly and openly intervene and make the miracles of Egypt pale in comparison.

Life as we know it, is about to change. If we aren't getting the message - and I'm afraid too many are not - we may be in for some major surprises. I am hoping and praying that this all goes quickly and mercifully, because the prophecies make the Holocaust seem like a field day. We need to do something about it, before it's too late.

I've been trying to get the message out in many ways. I urge everyone to send their friends and family links to this blog and the others like it; to Rabbi Winston's website at and raise awareness of the impending Geulah, and the effects of not properly preparing for it. It doesn't have to end as the prophets have told us. We can bring it about through Teshuva, strong Emunah in Hashem, mass Aliyah and several other very important things.

At bare minimum, we need to yearn to be redeemed; make Teshuva as best we can and pray strongly for all of our brethren. Hashem loves us and does not want to threaten us with these things. But He will do what is necessary to bring us to Teshuva, even if that means some pretty scary things. Nobody expected the Twin Towers to come down. It sure seems like whatever's about to happen is going to be completely unexpected too. Hold on tight!


  1. I was just wondering if you are related to Rav Winston in any way? You don't have to publish this comment. I'm just curious. Thanks.

  2. No related at all. Just happened to be introduced to his works several months ago. They have changed my life dramatically!