Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashrehem Yisrael

I saw this story and just had to write about it:

Call us naive - we trust a fellow Jew. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Can we be fooled? Surely. But what nation in the world can boast of such a brotherly love? None!

As the old story goes - a Jewish guy driving down the road sees someone wearing a Kipa having some car trouble. He pulls over and helps him. They talked, and the Jew realized that the other guy was not a Jew. He asked him why are you wearing a Kipa, then? To which he replied - someone told me to keep it in my glove compartment and put it on, in case I need help on the road.

Unfortunately, some take advantage of our naivete. But just because there are a few swindlers, doesn't mean we need to stop loving our fellow Jews. Almost everyone needs help now, in one way or another. Hashem is putting us into a predicament that we need to help each other - like in Egypt. As we help and show compassion to one another, Hashem will respond in kind - with our complete and SAFE redemption, quickly, Amen!

Chodesh Tov!


  1. Anyone who truly believes their income is determined on Rosh Hashanah, does not have to invest in stupid "get rich quick" schemes anyway. What you win on the roundabout, you will lose on the swings....

  2. Sometimes, it may fall under "hishtadlus", other times, not. As long as Mashiach still hasn't come, we'll have free choice to try and figure it out...