Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seeing through it all

I just read Shirat Devorah's quote of Rabbi Eli Mansour. The Rabbi explained the Ben Ish Hai's discussion of how saying Shema in the morning and night are able to counteract the evil forces that are always vying for our destruction. (Read it here, it's unbelievable)

The Ben Ish Hai brought down that Goliath tried to prevent the Jews from saying Shema by startling and threatening them in the morning and evening, just at the times they were supposed to be saying Shema. Aren't we all familiar with this? Don't they call it "Murphy's Law"? We just decided to take a new Mitzvah or time learning or whatever upon ourselves and suddenly something happens -- it becomes too hard or whatever. Everyone is familiar with these kinds of things ocurring in their daily lives.

If we realize what's really happening, its just a giant illusion, to protect our free-will and to reward us for our choices. It separates (as they say) "the men from the boys". We are winding down the final [days?!] of history. We are all faced with daily choices. Among the most powerful, are our tests of faith and reliance on Hashem. The economy's downfall directly precedes the Geula and will ultimately cause it. It therefore is a very "on-time" challenge and test. Just as Goliath threatened our ancestors precisely at the most important time of the day, Hashem is using the economy (among MANY other things) to see where our faith really lies.

Our reliance on "other" forces has been shattered. We are now (hopefully) realizing that it is only Hashem in charge. Are we getting caught up with it and becoming shaken-up? Or are we strengthening our faith in Hashem, realizing that only He is orchestrating this plan, for our benefit and redemption?

The fiftieth level of spiritual impurity has far set in. It is a lack of faith G-d and His constant, ever-present directing of even the most miniscule of events. We have long been challenged with it, and dare I say, it is waking up again. The tests of Parnassa are frightful and can bring one immensely closer to Hashem or c"v the opposite.

I dare posit that we are at a critical moment of history where that choice will make all the difference. The redemption from Egypt happened before we entered into battle with this lowest form of impurity. We couldn't survive it without the Torah. Now that we have been granted the most wonderful gift of the Torah, we are expected to fight it and come out winning.

We must also not forget that the redemption from Egypt was preceded by 4/5th of our nation dying in the plague of darkness, because they did not want to leave. We do not want that to reoccur and hence we need to really ready ourselves [mentally and phyically] to be redeemed. The days are winding down. Let's make them count!

I urge you to visit for inspiring articles and essays that help us see through it all and clarify our mind's perception in these final days.

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