Sunday, March 15, 2009

Durban - Churban

I've been thinking about the "Durban" Conference that is coming up. Several thoughts came up, but they were not so "powerful", so I was reluctant to write about it. Until now... Chasdei Hashem, He sent me an unbelievable insight:

The only difference (as the letters are written) between Durban (דורבן) and Churban (חורבן) is the additional Vav on the Dalet of Durban.

Vav = 6 = Yesod. We are here to fix the Yesod - in the 6th Millennium

Not sure what it means, but it sure is interesting. A conference where they want to make a Churban of us once again....Maybe Hashem is showing us that they can't -- He won't let them. The Vav is missing!

Other thoughts:
רדו בנ = They descended into the Nun (50) - meaning the 50th level of Tumah

דור בנ = The generation is in the Nun (50) - again the 50th level of Tumah

There may also be significance in the fact that רדו was the words used to calculate the years in exile in Egypt = 210 years. I would definitely appreciate any thoughts you guys might have in the comments. Thanks!


  1. My first thought was "Dor Ben" - the generation of the Son (Moshiach)