Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Asteroid #2 - Another Warning?

Today, another "newly discovered" asteroid whizzed past earth at a close distance. On another occasion several weeks ago, a different asteroid had a close call as well.

Hashem is in charge of the entire creation and all that occurs within it. Whether the world is aware or not doesn't matter - it is the fact. The asteroids remind us of what the scientists "believe" happened once before. While I don't want to go into detail of their "beliefs", suffice it to say that the world has never been the same since. (hint,hint)

The world has long been showing us major changes. We have now reached a point where these changes are no longer only coming from the earth itself, rather from the celstial beings as well. Hashem directs and controls those too. In fact, if I understand the RaMBaM's words correctly, they are closer to Hashem than us and all sing His praise constantly. When the sun stood still during the war Yehoshua was fighting, our Rabbis tell us it stopped singing praise and therefore stood still instead of continuing its orbit.

I find it reasonable for us all to assume we will be expecting more "fly-bys" and "chance" encounters of different sorts over the next short while. Hashem is showing us that it is high-time to realize WHO is really running the show. He is using "nature" to show it to the world. For nature becomes supernatural when Hashem steps out of hiding and makes it harder and harder to believe it was actually just chance.

The approach to the final redemption will be filled with miracles. In all likelihood, they will seem natural and less so and less so as it goes on. Amalek will be there throughout, to sow the seeds of doubt, citing numerous statistics and calculations to attempt to throw us off course. By fighting those attempts, we will be erasing amalek and allowing Hashem's reign to be recognized clearly. That is our job until Hashem's Name will be One on that day. As it says "...On that day, Hashem will be One and His Name One." We all have a chance to bring it forth and see it happen.

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