Friday, March 20, 2009

Still no Israeli Government

Still no government in Israel. The 2-week extension narrowly misses Pesach. It just makes me wonder, because according to several accounts, Rabbi Kaduri zt"l was quoted as saying that Ariel Sharon's government would be the last one before Mashiach.

We're coming close to the deadline. We are all hoping and praying for Mashiach to come solve all our problems. But with his arrival we will lose our free choice, making it impossible to rectify our past mistakes on our own, or to attain a higher spiritual level of our own accord.

While we should be expecting Mashiach every day, nothing motivates people like pressure (as much as we hate it). Loss of our free choice may be discouraging, but Hashem's Shechina being exiled for 1942 years is much worse. Our own wants and desires, even righteous and proper spiritual attainments, must be put aside for the real purpose - Hashem clearly showing His sole rulership of everything. This will be established through the arrival of Mashiach.

We all hope that it will be soon. Sometimes it feels like we're chasing the horizon, but we are guaranteed that he will come. He's gotta come one day. Pesach is the "time" he's supposed to come. Hopefully it will be this Pesach. If it is, we have very little time. Let's make it count!

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