Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Listen...

I'm a big fan of "listening" to the signs all around. While there are no doubt many, many signs to listen to, I try to mention the "big" ones.

Take for example, Israel's announcement that they will be holding a country-wide missile attack drill. This would be a practice drill, in case, c"v there would be an attack on the entire country. This takes into account that the entire country is within range of missiles.

Why does it matter? I feel that when things are totally ignored or done secretly, they may be important, but not as important for everyone. But when things are loud and published and involve the entire country, it means a lot. It's Hashem's message - hey, are you guys thinking about this? It's apparently important enough to involve a whole country.

It reminds me of haman's decree. When things affect everyone, it's time to act. Now is no different. If the goverment of Israel is feeling it so important to make a country-wide drill simulating a missile attack, Hashem is basically getting us used to the idea. It's His way of being kind and compassionate to us, so we can never say 'this came out of nowhere' or 'we would have acted differently if we were warned'.

We have been warned. Over and over and over. I don't know if it could get much "louder" or clearer without the real thing. There isn't much more to say. Just "listen"

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