Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning from History

We're reaching the final countdown to the world as we know it. We're about to witness changes so profound that our heads will spin. It pays for us to take a look back at history to help us realize what's going on.

In Egypt, as Hashem constantly hit the Egyptians with plagues, there was always an argument (at least for Pharaoh) that it was just a random, "natural" event. Even when the plagues were clearly not affecting the Bnei Yisrael, Pharaoh refused to believe it was Hashem. That lasted for nine plagues. And then, Hashem had us prepare for our redemption and wait.

In one swift blow, exactly at midnight, all the firstborns of Egypt died. People, animals, slaves, etc. all died. Except for Bnei Yisrael - none were affected. There were 9 plagues in which to see the hand of Hashem, but Pharoah refused (and as punishment, lost his free choice in the matter earlier on). But it only took a split second to prove that it was Hashem all along. And that was the start of the Geulah.

We've all been talking about the sweeping changes in the world. The political, economic and social changes that have taken the world by storm, especially in the past few months. The natural disasters that have not stopped, asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes, raging rivers and many others, have literally been proclaiming that something is wrong. But most of us are still asleep. We are immune to it. We forget who's in charge and what He's telling us.

But if history can teach us anything, it's that it's about to change. Big change. Up until now, we've still been able to attribute everything to "nature". That's how everyone gets away with ignoring Hashem. But just like in Egypt, something will happen, suddenly and quickly that will change everything.

We're all unprepared. The changes will be unprecedented, but there will no longer be any doubt as to WHO is doing it. There will be no "nature" to attribute it to. Statistically, it will be impossible - just like every Egyptian firstborn person, child, slave or animal were hand-picked to die instantly while the Bnei Yisrael were completely immune. We will all know who's doing it and whoever is left from the goyim (2/3 of the world will perish) will be forced to admit it.

Buy Mitzvot, Torah and anything else in the permanent stock market. The one who's value is never depleted, who's interest is guaranteed and the investment completely insured. Trust me, [very] soon nothing else is going to count.

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