Sunday, April 5, 2009

What do you think?

I think it's almost time....Something major is going to happen within the next week or two. Surely before Nisan is over.

While, c"v things can get MUCH worse, the situation right now is hot enough. We have Alaska's Mt. Redoubt with major eruptions. North Korea just test-launched an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. Iran has "good news" for the first day of Pesach. Etc...

I don't know... but with Birkat HaChama approaching, and all the predictions for this year, I'm bracing for something. Most likely, all of what we think is going to happen will not. That's just how it usually is - there's always something to distract the world from the real issue - just like a magic trick.

Regarding Obama's nationality, there is still raging controversy. Over 20 states have filed lawsuits. This past week, a federal grand jury in Georgia decided that there was enough evidence to try Obama criminally in court. Why won't he just release his real birth certificate? Why are lawyers being threatened? Why are cases that are supposed to be on the Supreme Court docket disappearing? Maybe because GOG will hold on to his power through deceit, as mentioned by the Zohar.

I can't help wonder if this past Shabbat was the last Shabbat as we know it. I guess we'll see...

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