Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bibi Government?

Mashiach has not yet arrived, but Bibi and his government was sworn in last night. I'm not sure what that means for the Mashiach government being next. I was hoping we'd deserve it. I guess we still need work, so let's not despair.

I did notice that the government majority was 69 - the same ending as our current year - 5769. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the relationship.

I still have a very strong feeling that Mashiach's arrival will be preceded by some heavy-duty changes in things we are used to. It has already begun to a large extent and is only getting worse. The dollar is now being questioned if it should remain the world currency. After starting off the new administration with the purchase of failing insurance companies and banks, yesterday the US government officially got involved in the auto warranty business as well. Uncle Sam has been snooping through people's wallets lately and seeing if there's anything more they can take. It has also been reported that they are now eyeing private sector businesses for takeover should they believe that they may hurt the economy.

No, it's not Purim - that's the truth. If we had fallen asleep and woken up to the current reality, we'd be in complete shock. I'm in shock and I haven't been sleeping. Anyone else starting to notice Uncle Sam's striking resemblance to Stalin lately?

It's time to wake up from our slumber. Once the "west" goes down, Mashiach will arrive. The west is going down fast. Some are helping it by accelerating downhill as well. Apparently, that's Hashem's plan. It is not going to be easy for anyone, so we need to at least be aware of what's going on.

(o) (o) - open your eyes wide. The world is not the same...."Change" has indeed begun.


  1. what happened to what rav kaduri said about sharon being the last gov

  2. I'm also a bit shocked about Bibi because of Rabbi Kaduri zt'L 's comments that the Sharon government was the last one before Moshiach.
    As for the US and the Obama changes..... no surprises there.

  3. No one has a video or audio presentation of Rav Kaduri saying this himself.

  4. blessings. Rav Kadouri told very clearly in the A7 newspaper that the sharon gov would be the last *stable* gov the nation will see.
    which means ofcourse that no gov will last the full term, it will be messy and with changes everynow and then, lots of uncertainity.

  5. Kaduri did not say that. According to the quotes presented in Arutz 7 he said that the gov't after Sharon would be the gov't during the leadership of Moshiach. It very well could be that this exactly what he had in mine. A zionistic gov't that stands up for in its own for the good of Am Yisrael allowing the world to choose to come against us or not. Either way Moshiach's leadership will be revealed during B"H

  6. I clearly remember that Rav Kaduri zt'l said that the Sharon government will be the last government before Moshiach. Anonymous #3 can you provide a link to back up your claims?


    See this link for Rav kaduri's quote

  8. I am an American and I would like to respond April 2, 2009 8:21 PM
    I am an American and I would like to respond to this if I may. There is a difference between prophecies and forecasts. The Sharon government made a forecast of what they believed was going to happen. Forecasts aren't always right but prophecies are never wrong. The world is about to witness miracles in Israel - and soon. You have a special and very significant date coming on April 8. Birkat HaChama falls on the eve of Passover and this will be the last time ever that this will happen. Never again will they fall on the same day. Two other times that these 2 events happened at the same time, they both led to Redemption for Israel. The first time was prior to being redeemed from Egypt - the second time was prior to the miracle of Purim, which also led to redemption and 14 Nissan 5769 will be the third and last time that this can happen. Birkat HaChama and 14 Nissan have fallen on the same day 11 times but only led to redemption twice. Since this is the last time this can be possible then it has some major significance attached to it. If anybody wants more info on this then let me know. I am praying for the people of Israel. Israel is the safest place on earth even though it doesn't look like it.

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  9. Blessings. i stand corrected. according to my search Rav Kadouri said the sharon gov will be the last and not the last stable gov. speaking for myself i dont feel let down, as perhaps our merits are not enough or we did not pray and work hard to bring mosiach. G-d spoke through prophet jonah and later when the people repented he rescinded His punishment. Likewise, perhaps we are not putting our whole heart and soul into wishing and praying for the mosiach. We do know he will come, we do know G-d will save His People and the Hland, G-d Willing the repentant of the 70 nations will be saved in israel's merits.