Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu

What a weird "coincidence"...Last week, Ari Goldwag wrote about the Pig representing Edom and the relationship between Chazir and Machzir. Suddenly, we're hearing about a swine flu that's spreading like crazy and could reach "pandemic" proportions according to the CDC...



  1. its not spreading like crazy and its probably already contained if ure gonna say something say the truth

  2. I would hope it's contained, but every few hours more are confirmed with the disease...maybe the news is hyping it.

  3. My thoughts are that this is the third plague. 1) Bringing down the Golden Calf, i.e. worshipping materialism, 2) The earthquake in Italy. L'Aquila means "The Eagle," symbol of the Roman Empire and the U.S., 3) the Swine flu, a sign of the last Galut.

    Any comments on my comments?

  4. To Anonymous #1 - he is writing the truth.
    to Anonymous #2 - yes I agree