Monday, June 22, 2009

Is it starting?

While the world has been one big flammable situation for quite a while, it has been only getting worse. It is really getting hot. Everything from North Korea to Iran to the economy is in flames. Just like it says - 'and the house of Esav [will be] straw'. Mashiach ben Yosef is the flame that lights it all up...

Connect all of what is going on right now, with what Ari Goldwag said last week about Tamuz and Av being the months given to Esav; it is pretty scary that all these things are starting to flame up just as we begin to enter into Tamuz.

While last week I wrote about Iran being vulnerable to outside attack due to the internal instability, I was reminded in the comments about Iran destroying the world. It may be time for us to watch and see a certain "king of Arab" coming to America or Europe to get advice (due to the situation in Iran). When that happens, we can expect Iran to do something crazy that will destroy the world. It is not unfeasible to imagine a power-crazed megalomaniac dictator like ahmadinejad launching even crude weapons in a last ditch effort before he is dethroned or killed.

Understandably, we need to focus on our Teshuva continuously. While we cannot predict the future, we can only be certain that we will be redeemed (hopefully, very soon). Chesed and Torah are very important as is modesty for women, as that is considered their learning Torah.

What I cannot stress enough is the need to stay away from all kinds of Machloket - dissent and fighting. The on-time presentation of the Perasha of Korach reminds of the importance of staying away from arguments. It is not hard to see that at this moment, the Satan is working very hard to try to increase arguments all over Am Yisrael - from the national level all the way down to individual households. Be especially weary of this tactic and try to avoid all conflicts. He's trying to ambush out!


  1. I agree, this is our oppertunity right now to do what we need to. It's friday on the world calendar and we need to prepare for shabbos --
    We can all think of something to work on whether it is our middos, shmiras haloshon, prayer, spend more time with family, improve our shabbos, be tznius, continue doing chesed and strengthen our emunah.
    May we be redeemed with compassion soon

  2. The situation in the world is going to get worse and worse everyday. The purpose is to squeeze everyone's guts, so that people lose their vanity and surrender to God and to His servant Moshiach. The question is, till where does it need to go? Will just psychological pressure be enough, or will destruction be needed?