Monday, June 1, 2009

Esav and Amalek

I was pondering the forced conversions at the hand of the inquisition. As a man stood there at the stake, about to be burned alive, they offered him a final chance - embrace the cross and be saved. The funny thing is, as we all know, what kind of feeble religion needs the forced conversion of a Jew? How much could it possibly mean, when a person facing death chooses to become baptized to save their life? Apparently - enough.

On the other hand, amalek didn't care for conversions. Real or fake, they meant nothing. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust, even though they were "christians" for several generations? Nobody cared. A Jew is a Jew. No way to erase that. No conversion can change it.

Today, we still have both elements. Some more open than others. But they are still out and about, all vying for the Jewish soul. That's their nourishment. The holiness that a Jew contains, is what they need to live off as Tumah, has no root in creation. It's existence is based on living off holiness.

If we only realized how special we all are and how much power we contain...

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