Monday, June 1, 2009

Forcing our hand

It's quite clear what obama's objectives are. Lehavdil, we are also quite sure of Hashem's objectives. The question is how do the 2 reconcile?

I believe that the hand of Am Yisrael is being forced. Sometimes that's actually a good thing. By forcing us into a position where we MUST say no to America and defend ourselves, we will be forced to rely on Hashem. There really is nobody behind us. America has never been, either. Even the facade that made it seem that it was America, was only Hashem. Therefore the facade is being removed, so we can trust in THE true cause...

As the demands pile up and we see how stupid they are, it is becoming clearer what will need to take place. Territory for terror as someone put it...That's the trend. Apparently the world just wants us to leave the land once again. As the pictures from the Israel Day Parade yesterday in Manhattan showed 'Close Gitmo, Re-Open Auschwitz' - That's what they want from us.

We're entering a period of time where what will directly determine our fate, is our trust in Hashem. There is nothing else to trust in. Hashem is exposing the false gods for what they are. Time to open our eyes.

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  1. America: in the middle of things: Jer-USA-lem