Monday, June 15, 2009

The beginning of the end for Iran

As I've written previously in ahmedinejad - learning from haman, it seems like it has indeed begun. That is, the downfall of the wicked haman in Iran.

A look at the pictures coming out of Iran, despite the ban on text messaging and internet, is a lesson in the power of sheer numbers of people. The government in Iran is clearly very afraid of those people. It also gives me chills to realize that NO government can stop anything from happening if the people desire it enough. Not even America....hint, hint.

Has the rasha's merits run out? It seems like it has...The footsteps are getting louder.

ps...When a country is dealing with such a massive internal problem, it is a perfect time for them to be attacked from external forces...I just hope those plans are ready....and that we're all ready for what comes with it.


  1. Don't count on it. Edom is supposed to fall to Persia, is it not?

  2. I've been thinking about it last night. Iran seemingly will not be knocked out of the arena. They haven't done what they are supposed to do.

    My fervent hope is that we made/will make enough Teshuva to change those prophecies...