Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Listen...

I'm a big fan of "listening" to the signs all around. While there are no doubt many, many signs to listen to, I try to mention the "big" ones.

Take for example, Israel's announcement that they will be holding a country-wide missile attack drill. This would be a practice drill, in case, c"v there would be an attack on the entire country. This takes into account that the entire country is within range of missiles.

Why does it matter? I feel that when things are totally ignored or done secretly, they may be important, but not as important for everyone. But when things are loud and published and involve the entire country, it means a lot. It's Hashem's message - hey, are you guys thinking about this? It's apparently important enough to involve a whole country.

It reminds me of haman's decree. When things affect everyone, it's time to act. Now is no different. If the goverment of Israel is feeling it so important to make a country-wide drill simulating a missile attack, Hashem is basically getting us used to the idea. It's His way of being kind and compassionate to us, so we can never say 'this came out of nowhere' or 'we would have acted differently if we were warned'.

We have been warned. Over and over and over. I don't know if it could get much "louder" or clearer without the real thing. There isn't much more to say. Just "listen"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking Deeper Into the Words

More on Chapter 104 of Tehillim:
If we look into the words a little deeper, we may be able to see some interesting things. I think they may allude to some things that have happened and are about to happen.

Starting from verse 19, it seems that the concepts can be stretched to mean more. "He made the moon for festivals, the sun knows where to set". We've mentioned before that the sun represents the nations of the world who seem to be most powerful always. But the sun knows where to set- meaning, its time comes to set too - and the downward spiral of the world may be signaling that.

20 - "You made darkness and there was night, in which all the beasts of the forest stir." That's where we seem to be headed. The sun of the nations is setting (or has already) and now, the beasts of the forest are stirring - the anti-Semites and the rest of our enemies are trying to prepare their attacks. The leaders of the nations are running in circles trying to prevent the sun from setting and failing miserably.

21 - "Young lions roar after their prey, and seek their food from G-d". This can mean that they are suffering economically and turning to G-d for help (which many are). It may also mean that they are preying on Am Yisrael and seeking c"v that Hashem should punish us and feed us to them as has happened countless times over history in one way or another.

At this point we are basically left with an understanding that it is quite chaotic due to the "setting of the sun" and people are looking for help or a scapegoat.

22 - "When the sun rises, they gather themseleves in; they crouch in their dens". Possibly alluding to Birkat HaChama - when the sun gets into its original position at the time of creation - a renewed position, they might feel or become strengthened and gather c"v against us.

23 - "Man goes forth to his work, to his labor until the evening." Am Yisrael seeing the enemies gathering around us, goes to do its work - prayer and learning until the evening, where the sun will set on the nations of the world with the final redemption.

We're seeing many events that are signaling the Geulah. We may understand them correctly, we may misinterpret their exact meaning, but they are signals nonetheless. When will it happen? Nobody knows. How will it happen? That's up to us.

What we do know is that it will come. All signs are seeming to point at the very near future. How near? We should expect Mashiach every day. So anything later is somewhat of a let-down. But we're not allowed to feel down about it - 'for even if he tarries, even so, I shall wait for him every day'.

If we really believed what we say (myself included), our actions would be a lot bolder. Let's realize that we are not relying on some soft reed in the river, rather on the Rock of Worlds - Hashem Yitbarach Himself. Part of the Geulah is our coming to that realization. If it comes through logic and reason of Torah and Mussar we have nothing to fear......

Hidden in Plain Sight

Today is Rosh Chodesh Nisan. On every Rosh Chodesh, we say chapter 104 in Tehillim. There are many things that we can learn from it. Chiefly, that Hashem's miracles are hidden in plain sight.

The chapter mostly discusses nature - the earth, oceans, wind, creatures, humans. Nature, being the handiwork of Hashem himself. He is directing it and running it all, not as the fools may tell us that it just runs on its own.

As we mentioned many times, the natural disasters and out-of-ordinary things that are occuring in nature, are signals of Hashem's closeness and I believe the imminent Geulah. Take verse 34 for example - discussing Hashem: "The One who gazes at the land and it shakes, Who touches [momentarily] the mountains and they smoke". These are two things that we have seen happening specifically over the past few weeks - earthquakes and volcanos erupting. While these things often happen "naturally", their juxtaposition with the rest of the current world events, is what makes them meaningful. Specifically "random events" that happen at a close proximity to other events, is how Hashem dresses up His miracles (just like in the Megillah).

We're witnessing worldwide disasters on a daily basis - wildfires in Australia, an overflowing river in North Dakota causing the whole city of Fargo to be evacuated, and lots more. If we listen to the sound of the world, it's giving us a message. One hidden in plain sight - Hashem is coming close!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashrehem Yisrael

I saw this story and just had to write about it:

Call us naive - we trust a fellow Jew. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Can we be fooled? Surely. But what nation in the world can boast of such a brotherly love? None!

As the old story goes - a Jewish guy driving down the road sees someone wearing a Kipa having some car trouble. He pulls over and helps him. They talked, and the Jew realized that the other guy was not a Jew. He asked him why are you wearing a Kipa, then? To which he replied - someone told me to keep it in my glove compartment and put it on, in case I need help on the road.

Unfortunately, some take advantage of our naivete. But just because there are a few swindlers, doesn't mean we need to stop loving our fellow Jews. Almost everyone needs help now, in one way or another. Hashem is putting us into a predicament that we need to help each other - like in Egypt. As we help and show compassion to one another, Hashem will respond in kind - with our complete and SAFE redemption, quickly, Amen!

Chodesh Tov!

Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5769

...reprinted from email


“You shall observe the month of Springtime (aviv) and perform the Pesach offering for Hashem, your

G-d, for in the month of Springtime Hashem your G-d, took you out of Egypt at night” (Devarim 16:1)

Now I am going to tell you what the Alter of Slabodka, R’ Noson Zvi Finkel, said on this pasuk.

The Alter asked, “why does the Torah tell us that we left Egypt in the spring?” It is true that in springtime the land is beautiful as all of nature begins to bloom. But wouldn’t we have been just as happy if it were pouring rain or even hailing when we left Egypt? After being enslaved there for 210 years we would have been overjoyed to leave in any kind of weather.

The spring month of grain ripening was chosen by Hashem in order to enhance the happiness of the occasion. Thus, even in a mountain –heap of joy of liberation when we were loaded with the wealth of Egypt, yet we were expected not to overlook the fact that the spring season was a time of happiness and the weather was enjoyable.

Therefore, just as we must thank Hashem for all the Hesed He does for us, so also we must thank Him for

every extra detail of that Hesed. Hashem wanted to shower kindness upon us so He made it a beautiful spring day when He redeemed us from Egypt. It was the time of splendor (ziv). Therefore , our gratitude to Him was even more emotional and exhuberant that it would otherwise have been.

When someone does us a kindness we should also examine all the details of that Hesed.

This will bring us to a further and deeper appreciation of that person. Which will bring out strong

emotions of love for this person.

This should all lead to our profuse and boundless Gratitude/Hakarat Hatob. Which is one of the

most important reasons why Hashem has sent us any good fortune, in order to afford us the glorious

opportunity to show our Gratitude, which is our perfection.

Adapted from "A Nation Is Born" by Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT’L


I know that often I write about things that are quite scary. There are those who, when dealing with truly fearful situations will get fired up and make major changes in their lives and thoughts. Others cannot deal with the fear. Even if the fear is prudent and proper, that just doesn't get them going. It might make them feel like giving up or otherwise make them feel hopeless.

I believe that we need to approach the forthcoming Geulah with truth. We need to be honest with ourselves and understand that we are at a major threshold in history. As Eliyahu Hanavi told the false prophets of Baal on Har HaCarmel - you cannot be on both sides of the fence. We are at a point in time where our closeness to Hashem or lack thereof will determine our immediate future.

The Torah is complete truth. There is not a sentence, word, letter, dagesh or even a crown on top of a letter that is without purpose or meaning. Therefore, we cannot honestly believe that entire chapters (and there are many) mentioned by the prophets are purposeless. Their prophecies of the coming days will strike fear in the heart of the reader. Again, I am not trying to be a fear monger. The words speak for themselves. They are not purposeless. To me, they seem to predict a situation that way overshadows even the Holocaust. So for people to ignore these predictions and act like nothing is about to happen is complete insanity.

I cannot say this enough. I don't know where else to say this either. I tell this to everyone I speak to. WAKE UP. Hashem's kindness is unsurpassed. However, for our own good, HE will limit that kindness to provide us with REAL kindness. History is replete with suffering for Jew and gentile alike. Hashem still directed those events, even though HE is only kind. So to think that it cannot possibly happen is a to deny the Holocaust ever happened.

Hashem is providing us with warnings, signs, everything that we should be paying attention to. Our enemies statements are to be regarded as prophecy when we are holding without true prophets. If we open our eyes and ears we cannot deny what is happening. The world is on a crash course with itself. The Earth is showing us major signs - earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids -- all kinds of crazy things are happening. To deny that they are signs is to say as the generation of the flood of Noah, that the rain was just a usual storm.

Noah built the ark in the public square for 120 years. They though he was out of his mind. People might think I am too. He didn't care and you can realize I don't either. Whether we are only watching Noah build the ark, feeling the raindrops, or starting to swim -- it's time to deal with the facts staring us in the face. Call me a fear-monger, call me whatever you want. It's time for us to deal with the facts. Are we going to help this redemption come mercifully by changing our ways or are we going to sit back and watch the water rise up around us until.....

You decide.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mt. Redoubt Erupts

Last night Mt. Redoubt in Alaska erupted. Interestingly, it was smoldering a few weeks ago and then it quieted down. Now, it suddenly erupted.

We have been watching the ups and downs lately. The world is going through tough times. Most people, like to live in denial, never really realizing what's happening until it's too late. That's just the way it goes usually.

The point that needs to be driven home, is that Mashiach is going to come "Pit'om"- suddenly. For the most part, we will be totally unprepared. Like if he came right now, we will (for the most part) be completely unprepared. That probably won't change, but it's good to keep note of it. For when the world begins to act in the same way - sort of playing peek-a-boo with us, Hashem is definitely telling us something.

The "big news" keeps shifting. It keeps us out of focus. It makes us forget what's really happening and doesn't let us prepare. That's part of the plan to keep Mashiach a surprise. If we knew for a fact when he was coming, we would act differently. Hashem is planning a major surprise, but we need to make sure we don't get knocked off our feet.

This past weekend, I saw something printed in Hebrew about Mashiach. It roughly said, 'when Mashiach comes, there will not be any more "Baalei Teshuva" - there will be those who have already gotten on the train, and those who have missed it forever, for it will never return to their stop again.' Let's become more Mashiach-aware so we don't miss the train.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still no Israeli Government

Still no government in Israel. The 2-week extension narrowly misses Pesach. It just makes me wonder, because according to several accounts, Rabbi Kaduri zt"l was quoted as saying that Ariel Sharon's government would be the last one before Mashiach.

We're coming close to the deadline. We are all hoping and praying for Mashiach to come solve all our problems. But with his arrival we will lose our free choice, making it impossible to rectify our past mistakes on our own, or to attain a higher spiritual level of our own accord.

While we should be expecting Mashiach every day, nothing motivates people like pressure (as much as we hate it). Loss of our free choice may be discouraging, but Hashem's Shechina being exiled for 1942 years is much worse. Our own wants and desires, even righteous and proper spiritual attainments, must be put aside for the real purpose - Hashem clearly showing His sole rulership of everything. This will be established through the arrival of Mashiach.

We all hope that it will be soon. Sometimes it feels like we're chasing the horizon, but we are guaranteed that he will come. He's gotta come one day. Pesach is the "time" he's supposed to come. Hopefully it will be this Pesach. If it is, we have very little time. Let's make it count!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Praying for Mashiach ben Yosef

Our Siddurim have a note on the Beracha of "Tishkon Betoch Yerushalayim Ircha", reminding us to have Mashiach ben Yosef in mind, that he should not be killed by armelus during the war of Gog and Magog. It is a little hard to comprehend, especially being that it has already been prophecized to occur. Yet, we still pray to prevent it, like any prophecy of bad events.

Apparently, our prayers, yes - yours and mine can change the entire course of history. Forget the fact that we're talking about events already prophecized by prophets of Hashem - prophetic revelations written and wholly part of our TaNaCH's 24 Sefarim.

The Gemara in Makkot 11b discusses the case of a person who is on trial in Bet Din for killing someone by mistake. The case has 3 possible outcomes - guilty (death penalty), guilty of mistaken murder (punishment is exile) or innocent. The exiled man, whom we are discussing, would become free upon the death of the Kohen Gadol. An interesting case is discussed - what if the Kohen Gadol died during the trial and a new Kohen Gadol was appointed before the trial ended? In that case, the exiled man must await the death of the newly appointed Kohen Gadol before becoming free.

Previously, on page 11a, the Gemara asked why the man's freedom hinged on the death of the Kohen Gadol - what did he do? And the Gemara answers, he should have asked for mercy on his generation. So in our case, where the newly appointed Kohen Gadol's death will free the exiled man - the question is even stronger: what did he do to deserve that? He wasn't even appointed until recently, possibly even moments before the trial's end? And isn't it reasonable that with dealing with the prior Kohen Gadol's death and his own appointment as a replacement, he is quite busy? Why then does the Gemara say that he should have prayed for the exiled man to be deemed innocent in Bet Din?!

Apparently, a Kohen Gadol is an emissary of all the Jewish Nation. His job to enter the Kodesh HaKodashim on Yom Kippur is unique to him in his capacity as sole representative of Am Yisrael. It seems that his responsibilty lies completely to the nation he represents. He does not exist on his own account - rather only for the people. His prayers, thoughts and actions must all be for the people. That is his job and any deficiency, however fine that may be, is judged sternly.

So, a Kohen Gadol must remember to pray for a man on trial - a man that could possibly be judged as a murderer and killed by Bet Din. Such a man needs to be on the Kohen Gadol's mind, even at a time where the previous Kohen Gadol has just died. Had he prayed, the man on trial would have been innocent. There is no other way - otherwise the exiled man's freedom would not hinge on the Kohen Gadol's death.

What about us? What will we say? Do we pray for Mashiach ben Yosef? Do we care that he will risk his life to save us? Can we even imagine what that means? What that final battle will entail?

We see clearly, that although the script is written in the Neviim, the play has not yet finished. The outcome can be entirely different - it's up to us and our prayers. The Kohen Gadol was held responsible for not praying for the man on trial for possible murder. We're not the Kohen Gadol, but our prayers can move mountains and definitely will alter history. There's still some time for us to realize that and pray like it counts. If we truly realized the power of prayer, we would never stop praying - as the Gemara says "...[we] wish that a person would pray all day long"

Getting the Big Picture

Often, when we take a look back at old photos or videos of ourselves, we wonder "what was I thinking?" We are ashamed of how we looked, acted, spoke, whatever. Many of us wonder at times, what will happen "upstairs" after 120 years. How will my life be judged?

For one, we can take a look at our own home videos and photos and see for ourselves. Are we satisfied with how we behaved or even looked back then? Most often the answer is an astounding NO. Most of us are critical of ourselves, extremely so. Does our criticism help us become better, is what we need to be asking ourselves.

When we look back at the life we've lived, can we say we've improved? Were we able to eradicate old habits or are we still fighting them, years later? Is our spiritual standing better off? Do we pray better? Are we better people? Do we feel closer to Hashem? Are we good and faithful representatives of the Master of the Universe and His Torah?

Hard questions to ask ourselves. But when we look over our lives - all it is, is a sum total of our actions or inaction; our speech or silence; our acts of kindness; our good words and everything in between. If we want to honestly prepare for the change that is coming with the redemption, we should take a look at ourselves and ask these, albeit difficult questions. They will need to be answered one day. If they serve as a catalyst for our betterment today, they will stand in our merit tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natural Disasters

Just a few hours since my last post, I got an email about an undersea volcano eruption. If we want to gauge how close we are to a "ketz-type" final Geulah, we should analyze several factors:
- World leaders and their actions/words
- "Natural" disasters
- Major economic problems

Among many other signs, these stand out, as they are constantly happening. Anyone can plainly see that the world entities are headed towards a major confrontation - whether that be Iran, North Korea, China, Russia or anyone else.

The natural disasters have been getting progressively worse in the last few years. The asteroids I wrote about earlier, should make us wonder if we have reached a new plateau. Today's undersea volcano speaks of the power of Hashem in the hidden realm, under the ocean. Together with the asteroid, Hashem is letting it be known His supreme rulership over all aspects of creation. With the sun aligning for Birkat HaChama on Erev Pesach, we can be left to wonder what else to expect.....

The economic problems gripping every country is a clear sign that the redemption is nearing the final stage. We've mentioned previously, that our false belief in money as a form of solace and protection will be shattered prior to Mashiach's arrival. In addition, the Rabbis tell us of Mashiach not coming " she'tich'le peruta min hakis" - until the [final] penny is gone from our pocket/wallet. This may have happened in a figurative sense already, with our almost complete reliance on credit cards and other forms of "virtual" money.

While the fact that the redemption is under way is reassuring, we must do what we can to prevent it from coming under the harsh conditions mentioned in Tanach. This requires us to get more involved in prayer, learning and chesed. Especially in these tough economic times, Hashem is giving us all a final chance to do permanent Mitzvot with our transient money (whatever's left of it).

I feel responsible to remind everyone that while the date of the "ketz" is set, Mashiach can come at any time. That is something we must firmly believe, even if dates and predictions for the Ketz or Mashiach are being spread like wildfire. While we know Mashiach should arrive on Pesach, he can still come today. Let's not forget that. And while we're at it, let's pray for his safe and peaceful arrival!

Asteroid #2 - Another Warning?

Today, another "newly discovered" asteroid whizzed past earth at a close distance. On another occasion several weeks ago, a different asteroid had a close call as well.

Hashem is in charge of the entire creation and all that occurs within it. Whether the world is aware or not doesn't matter - it is the fact. The asteroids remind us of what the scientists "believe" happened once before. While I don't want to go into detail of their "beliefs", suffice it to say that the world has never been the same since. (hint,hint)

The world has long been showing us major changes. We have now reached a point where these changes are no longer only coming from the earth itself, rather from the celstial beings as well. Hashem directs and controls those too. In fact, if I understand the RaMBaM's words correctly, they are closer to Hashem than us and all sing His praise constantly. When the sun stood still during the war Yehoshua was fighting, our Rabbis tell us it stopped singing praise and therefore stood still instead of continuing its orbit.

I find it reasonable for us all to assume we will be expecting more "fly-bys" and "chance" encounters of different sorts over the next short while. Hashem is showing us that it is high-time to realize WHO is really running the show. He is using "nature" to show it to the world. For nature becomes supernatural when Hashem steps out of hiding and makes it harder and harder to believe it was actually just chance.

The approach to the final redemption will be filled with miracles. In all likelihood, they will seem natural and less so and less so as it goes on. Amalek will be there throughout, to sow the seeds of doubt, citing numerous statistics and calculations to attempt to throw us off course. By fighting those attempts, we will be erasing amalek and allowing Hashem's reign to be recognized clearly. That is our job until Hashem's Name will be One on that day. As it says "...On that day, Hashem will be One and His Name One." We all have a chance to bring it forth and see it happen.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Durban - Churban

I've been thinking about the "Durban" Conference that is coming up. Several thoughts came up, but they were not so "powerful", so I was reluctant to write about it. Until now... Chasdei Hashem, He sent me an unbelievable insight:

The only difference (as the letters are written) between Durban (דורבן) and Churban (חורבן) is the additional Vav on the Dalet of Durban.

Vav = 6 = Yesod. We are here to fix the Yesod - in the 6th Millennium

Not sure what it means, but it sure is interesting. A conference where they want to make a Churban of us once again....Maybe Hashem is showing us that they can't -- He won't let them. The Vav is missing!

Other thoughts:
רדו בנ = They descended into the Nun (50) - meaning the 50th level of Tumah

דור בנ = The generation is in the Nun (50) - again the 50th level of Tumah

There may also be significance in the fact that רדו was the words used to calculate the years in exile in Egypt = 210 years. I would definitely appreciate any thoughts you guys might have in the comments. Thanks!

Friday, March 6, 2009

On Dividing Jerusalem

Today, Olmert said that dividing Jerusalem is inevitable if true peace is ever to be achieved with the palestinians (link). He says "a significant part of Jerusalem" would have to be given up. I suppose that means the Kotel too, as Har Habayit it already in their hands and Jews cannot even pray there. As Aaron Klein writes in Schmoozing with Terrorists, he was even asked to remove his Kipa before going up to Har Habayit. Anyone who truly understands the arab agenda will realize that there can never be peace. Not for any price.

Olmert's on his way out, but it's still a sign from up above. The issue of Jerusalem has been around for a while. It will be the central focus of the assembly of nations coming up to divide it forcefully - as we have read in our Nevi'im. Maybe the time is rapidly approaching. It sure seems that way. If we look at the Pasuk, we can see it already happening. "And the house of Yaakov will be fire, and Yosef's house, a flame, and Esav's house, straw and they will light them and destroy them". America is on the brink of self-destruction. Europe has all but become an arab nation. The Durban Anti-Semite conference is in Geneva. Britain is planning talks with Hizbullah. Iran's got fuel for a bomb. North Korea has readied a long range missile possibly pointed at US or South Korea. Sounds like a keg of gunpowder to me.

It's all ready and waiting for something. Something that seems more like a date and time at this point - a "ketz". We are fast approching Purim - the holiday of miracles - ones hidden in plain sight. We have no idea what our enemies' exact plans are, just their ultimate goals stated openly in their charters and speeches - to rid the world of the State of Israel and all Jews. It's been tried before and it failed. They are trying it again, we can be sure of that, but this time will be the last. Hashem will directly and openly intervene and make the miracles of Egypt pale in comparison.

Life as we know it, is about to change. If we aren't getting the message - and I'm afraid too many are not - we may be in for some major surprises. I am hoping and praying that this all goes quickly and mercifully, because the prophecies make the Holocaust seem like a field day. We need to do something about it, before it's too late.

I've been trying to get the message out in many ways. I urge everyone to send their friends and family links to this blog and the others like it; to Rabbi Winston's website at and raise awareness of the impending Geulah, and the effects of not properly preparing for it. It doesn't have to end as the prophets have told us. We can bring it about through Teshuva, strong Emunah in Hashem, mass Aliyah and several other very important things.

At bare minimum, we need to yearn to be redeemed; make Teshuva as best we can and pray strongly for all of our brethren. Hashem loves us and does not want to threaten us with these things. But He will do what is necessary to bring us to Teshuva, even if that means some pretty scary things. Nobody expected the Twin Towers to come down. It sure seems like whatever's about to happen is going to be completely unexpected too. Hold on tight!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seeing through it all

I just read Shirat Devorah's quote of Rabbi Eli Mansour. The Rabbi explained the Ben Ish Hai's discussion of how saying Shema in the morning and night are able to counteract the evil forces that are always vying for our destruction. (Read it here, it's unbelievable)

The Ben Ish Hai brought down that Goliath tried to prevent the Jews from saying Shema by startling and threatening them in the morning and evening, just at the times they were supposed to be saying Shema. Aren't we all familiar with this? Don't they call it "Murphy's Law"? We just decided to take a new Mitzvah or time learning or whatever upon ourselves and suddenly something happens -- it becomes too hard or whatever. Everyone is familiar with these kinds of things ocurring in their daily lives.

If we realize what's really happening, its just a giant illusion, to protect our free-will and to reward us for our choices. It separates (as they say) "the men from the boys". We are winding down the final [days?!] of history. We are all faced with daily choices. Among the most powerful, are our tests of faith and reliance on Hashem. The economy's downfall directly precedes the Geula and will ultimately cause it. It therefore is a very "on-time" challenge and test. Just as Goliath threatened our ancestors precisely at the most important time of the day, Hashem is using the economy (among MANY other things) to see where our faith really lies.

Our reliance on "other" forces has been shattered. We are now (hopefully) realizing that it is only Hashem in charge. Are we getting caught up with it and becoming shaken-up? Or are we strengthening our faith in Hashem, realizing that only He is orchestrating this plan, for our benefit and redemption?

The fiftieth level of spiritual impurity has far set in. It is a lack of faith G-d and His constant, ever-present directing of even the most miniscule of events. We have long been challenged with it, and dare I say, it is waking up again. The tests of Parnassa are frightful and can bring one immensely closer to Hashem or c"v the opposite.

I dare posit that we are at a critical moment of history where that choice will make all the difference. The redemption from Egypt happened before we entered into battle with this lowest form of impurity. We couldn't survive it without the Torah. Now that we have been granted the most wonderful gift of the Torah, we are expected to fight it and come out winning.

We must also not forget that the redemption from Egypt was preceded by 4/5th of our nation dying in the plague of darkness, because they did not want to leave. We do not want that to reoccur and hence we need to really ready ourselves [mentally and phyically] to be redeemed. The days are winding down. Let's make them count!

I urge you to visit for inspiring articles and essays that help us see through it all and clarify our mind's perception in these final days.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spectacular Geulah in motion...

The current economic situation worldwide seems like a wonderful prelude to a spectacular Geulah.


Well, even with the world scrambling to figure out any way to curb the massive downfall of the economy, it's clear they are going to fail. The best predictions are saying this is going to last no less than 3-5 years (which I'm pretty sure we don't have). And that's from a "this world" perspective.

The socialist programs being written into law are not helping. The market just keeps going down. It's amazing - the more they try to fix it, the worse it gets. Maybe rewarding people for doing nothing, isn't exactly the way to stimulate the economy, especially when the people paying the bills are the only ones who can "stimulate" the economy. Punishing them for being richer doesn't do any good, does it?

And while we're at it, let's realize why that doesn't work. Oh, right, because it's unjust, unfair - a.k.a. "Sheker". Well, Sheker is on its way out these days - Hashem's truth is just too powerful. It's burning up Sheker everywhere.

It all sets a wonderful stage for what's coming. It's going to be a shocker for everyone. Even the ones who anticipate it the most, cannot possibly fathom what's coming. And that's why it's all so hopeless now - so that there will be a massive and clear distinction when we finally see the Truth.

The situation cannot be solved by anyone! Nobody! That's the point. We should have realized that by now - the rest of the world will realize in time. It's time to buy some "hard assets" - while money is still worth something. Torah, Mitzvot, Chesed - they're the only things worth the investment. Let's stimulate the spiritual "economy", with our physical money and our spiritual actions. It may be our last chance!

Spare the Rod Spoil the Child, or Not?

I happened to think about a very interesting phenomenon today. We find that the Gemara (Sota 49b), while discussing the end of days and things that will occur at that time, specifically mentions "Chutzpa Yisge". Translated, it means that audacity (disrespect) will rise. While this is definitely true on a worldwide sense, it very specifically can be noticed in children.

Children are not supposed to be "chutzpadik". But today we are seeing their disrespect reach new heights. Anyone involved in Chinuch - education can testify that the disrespect shown by children today is out of hand. Parents (and especially grandparents) are often appalled at what children are behaving like. All too often they remember getting a good spanking for acting similarly.

It's really great and comforting to know that this is part and parcel of Mashiach's arrival. But what's really going on?

The most seemingly absurd part of this whole deal is the Rabbis' answers to the problem. One can almost not find a Rabbi today who condones punishment (especially physical). It's like all of a sudden, what was tried-and-true, is 'totally wrong' and 'will destroy the child'. And what's even more baffling is that their response comes at a time when chutzpah is totally out of hand!

I wonder if this has to do with us, as a nation. Maybe we too are chutzpadik. Maybe we've strayed far from Hashem (even though we may think we're close). Maybe we say to Hashem - I'll do it later, I'm busy now. Maybe we ignore certain Mitzvot and make "like we didn't hear". Maybe we "answer back" when things don't go our way. Maybe we are just the same as the children. We do happen to be living at the right time -- that is the end of times.

It appears as if Hashem in His loving-kindness is showing us that, no, He will not hit us and punish us. He will have extra love and patience for us. He will go the extra mile and give us another chance and another and another....and that's why the Rabbis (albeit unbeknown to them) are precisely directing parents to do the same to their children. After all, the world does run "Midda Keneged Midda" - measure for measure.

While Hashem is infinitely patient, there does come a time - a "ketz" - where it all must end. Whether we merit it or not, the Redemption will come. That is clear. Do we want to be that child who makes their parents bask in delight, or something else? We still have a chance. I can't say how long that will last for, but time is definitely running out.

Are we Yaakov or Esav?

This video says it all:

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are World Leaders Crazy?

We're continuing to watch as world leaders kow-tow to islam, giving it more power and rights than ever before. The threat of islam is being ignored even covered-up by almost every "democratic" country. Even worse is the crazy policies being supported by the Obama-led government in the US, effectively mortgaging the next several generations as a gamble that it will fix the economy. (Prediction: it will not fix anything, rather it will spiral out of control until America is destroyed)

We were foretold that islam would take over the world for 12 months prior to Mashiach's arrival. We were foretold that poverty will precede Mashiach's arrival. We were told that Iran would have a major part in destroying the world; that 2/3 of the world would be killed; that major earthquakes and natural disasters will signal Mashiach's imminent arrival. We have seen most of these events come to fruition and the rest are clearly in motion.

Now, what's interesting is that most people will blame one person or another for all these "crazy policies" or for the economic situation. But we all know that the "hearts of kings and princes are in the hands of Hashem". So while we see the out-of-control situation in the world, we need to understand what is truly going on. It's not the people themseleves, even though they are in the positions of leadership. Hashem Himself has organized, planned and is now executing the biggest coup in history. Right under everyone's noses, the entire planet's future is being altered.

Indeed, Hashem plans massive world shakedowns in order to bring about His plans. Egypt was the biggest world power at the time. How? Hashem planned it that way - with all the events of Yosef ending up in Egypt, to Pharoah's dream and Yosef's ascent to power. It continued with the years of plenty, which Yosef saved massive amounts of food and the ensuing worldwide hunger allowed Egypt to take over all the world's wealth in return for food.

World events, especially of a massive scale are all manifestations of Hashem's direct involvement in even the most minute of day-to-day details. When we see them happening under our noses, let us be reminded of Egypt. That time, there was an exile that had to begin and finally end - to establish our nation. Now, we are already exiled. The events we are watching unfold are clearly leading up to the final "coup" - when Mashiach will establish Hashem's kingdom on earth once and for all. Let's not forget, if a tornado lands and destroys a field in some third-world country - the lesson and goal of that event (we may never understand how) is for Am Yisrael. All the more so, shifts in the entire world economy and government. The plan is underway. May we all merit to see it executed fully and without any suffering, Amen!