Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahmedinejad escapes a bomb

We have seen several downward trends of the modern day 'haman' (ahmedinejad). He just escaped a bomb in the city that is most likely "Shushan" from the story of Purim. I wonder if this can be compared to the first drinking party that haman was invited to with Esther. Esther could have given him up during that party, but chose to wait it out. The following day was full of embarrassment and downfall for the arrogant haman and culminated in his being hanged.

Maybe today's escape of a bomb was like haman's escape during the first party. I am hoping that this means his end is very near and hopefully the same tree (nuclear weapons) he planned to use against Mordechai (Israel) will be used upon him very soon.

(On another note, there are still Jews in Iran - apparently there is still spiritual work for them to do there. As far as I understand, they have no way to get out. We can all pray for them and hope that Hashem has mercy upon them and rescues them from their wicked country, Amen.)