Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeing Hashem's Hand

It's not only us, the goyim are seeing it too. We must take a lesson to make sure we don't c"v act like Pharaoh, trying to make everything seem like "nature".

Here's two quotes from Mexico (which just suffered a magnitude 5.8 earthquake today)

"I'm scared," said Sarai Luna Pajas, a 22-year-old social services worker standing outside her office building moments after it hit. "We Mexicans are not used to living with so much fear, but all that is happening — the economic crisis, the illnesses and now this — it feels like the Apocalypse."

Co-worker Harold Gutierrez, 21, said the country was taking comfort from its religious faith, but he too was gripped by the sensation that the world might be coming to an end.

"If it is, it is God's plan," Gutierrez said, speaking over a green mask he wore to ward off swine flu. (foxnews)

Reminds me of the Plagues in Mitzrayim. At first they all believed it was "natural phenomena", but by the end, even some of Pharoah's servants brought their animals inside to protect them, just as Moshe warned them. If the goyim are realizing Hashem's Hand - all the more so for us...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu

What a weird "coincidence"...Last week, Ari Goldwag wrote about the Pig representing Edom and the relationship between Chazir and Machzir. Suddenly, we're hearing about a swine flu that's spreading like crazy and could reach "pandemic" proportions according to the CDC...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When Hashem Warns Us...

As you all know, I'm a big fan of reading into the news. I strongly believe they are Hashem's messages to us, especially when they concern our very near future. So when we get a headline such as "Iran can produce a nuclear weapon within 60 days" - that should be like a shot of ice-water on someone sleeping.

Hashem is not sending us messages because He wants us to get all excited and start coming up with theories of what will happen. The goal is not for us to say "the IDF/Mossad/Shin Bet will get them". Sadly, that is the response some people have. These messages are talking to our heart. They raise our blood pressure and turn on the adrenaline. They are fuel for prayer, supplication and action.

This news coming out the day after Yom HaShoah - Holocaust rememberance day, is a specific juxtaposition for us to realize that we are facing it again. It happened once before and it CAN happen again. It may be a little different this time, since we have a large population of Am Yisrael on Eretz Yisrael - (so they don't need trains). We all understand the implications of Iran having nuclear weapons. But are we going to act?

My fellow Jews, we are being warned. We have been warned again and again. If we don't heed the message, they will get louder. It's just that the volume knob has just a tiny bit room left and it's pretty clear what that means. Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak has been saying it for years. "Kol Dodi Dofek" - the sound of my beloved is knocking - it started with rocks, then molitov cocktails, guns, it further escalated with bombs, mortars, Qassams, then Katyushas, Grad. We have apparently not received (or acted upon) Hashem's message.

Hashem wants us to make Teshuva - for us! He needs nothing from us and derives no benefit at all from anything we do (but He is "proud" of what we did for our sake). He wants us to become better to refine ourselves, for our own sake. We are too stuck in the mud of our daily lives and routines to realize that. But Hashem has provided us with ample reason to wake up and get into action. He's giving us a chance before it's all over. That's what all this is about. The time has come. It may take a while to complete, or it may rush like a raging river - but it is definitely here.

If we wish to help ourselves, we will commit to change - quick. We'll soon see that everything else is worthless. All that will exist is truth and closeness to Hashem. If we want to see it, we better make sure we've been on our best behavior. Close your eyes and imagine the Third Bet Hamikdash, may we all merit to see it THIS YEAR Amen!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahmedinejad - Learning from Haman

It seems to many that Ahmedinejad is Haman. He certainly is in the right country for the part. He certainly has been threatening to annihilate Israel and is working steadfastly to accomplish that goal - sort of like building the tree 50 Amot high and going to the king early in the morning.

In fact, the Rabbis tell us that we had already broken through the heavens earlier during the night he arrived at the king (first night of Pesah) and subsequently Haman's downfall began. It is interesting that we made Birkat HaChama just 1 day before Haman announced to the world that Iran is now a nuclear nation. Always, the Refuah (medicine) comes before the Makah (disease).

But if we can learn anything from the story of Haman, is that his wife and family were in on the secret - that is, it's fine to attack Jews and be on top, but once you begin to fall, it all ends quickly in the Jews' favor.

Haman still is second in command in his country just as in the days of Shushan. But as he spoke today at the Durban II anti-Israel conference, a mass of people exited during his speech, causing him to pause his rant and surely embarrassing him. This comes on the heels of Israel releasing word that they are ready to strike Iran within several hours or days of getting the "green light". All adding up to at least the beginnings of a downfall.

But once it starts, it goes really fast....hold on!

Returing to Israel

It has been brought down by many, including Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak that the RaAVaD said that our year - 5769 is Yovel Rabati (the 50th Jubilee). He brings down the Pasuk regarding the Yovel - on that year "Tashuvu Ish El Achuzato..." - each man shall return to his rightful piece of land. Meaning to say that on this year (being that it is the Grand Jubilee) we shall all return to Eretz Yisrael with the coming of Mashiach.

On the other hand, we know that the Rambam establishes Halacha that Am Yisrael will not be redeemed unless we [all] make Teshuva. A very hard thing to imagine under current circumstances.

What came to mind is the word connection. The two words - Tashuvu and Teshuva are spelled almost the same and are actually only one numerical value apart. (תשובו, תשובה)

In fact, the meaning of the word is the really the same - both discussing return. Return to Hashem or return to a piece of land. It just makes me wonder if we can learn the Rambam as saying - if we all return to Eretz Yisrael, we will merit the Geula.

Getting used to things

Just a quick perusal of the headlines on any given day, a staggering number of headlines about Jews and Israel are seen. We all know the phenomenon, but we're used to it. Getting used to things has a numbing effect on our minds. Only when things quickly depart from what we're used to, we say 'hey, what's going on here?'.

Today's news about Israel, durban, ahmedinejad's speech, etc. are something we're used to. It's something we've all come to expect from the world. The shock that should come at a tiny nation's constant position in the limelight is nothing new for us. A people whose number is so small, we should expect to be in the news once or twice a year at most, winds up being mentioned numerous times a day -- and is commonly the feature article.

I'm not saying anything new, this is all known to us already. What I am discussing is our numbness to it. When things happen slowly, we tend to not realize. As the old saying goes 'a watched pot never boils', because the effects are so slow nobody realizes. As we see the blossoming spring outside, it is exactly the same. We don't notice the tiny activity on the tree until it's a big bright-colored green or pink. Maybe that is why Hashem precisely asks of us to say "Birkat HaIlanot" at this time of year. He wants us to notice the new blossoms, but more precisely to pay attention and ask ourselves, 'when/how did this happen?'.

We were taken out of Egypt in Nisan. I quoted an article by Rabbi Avigdor Miller (whose Yahrtzeit is today) several weeks ago discussing how Hashem purposely took us out during the spring-time to increase our joy and happiness - something that we need to still thank Him for even though we would have gladly come out in the rain.

We pray thrice daily 'Et Tzemach David Avdecha Mehera Tatzmiach" - the seed of David Your servant - please make sprout quickly. Our Rabbis explain that the Geula is exactly that, a sprouting. It's hardly noticed. It slowly creeps out of the ground at a rate that the subtle changes are not realized. Nobody pays attention, since it basically looks the same as yesterday. But before long, it is fully grown and blossoming.

We're living it today. It has begun blossoming. We're just too used to it to realize it. If we take a step back and look at the overall picture, it suddenly becomes clear to us. But to everyone who is not paying attention it will come as a complete shock - where did this come from? That's what I think it means when our Rabbis tell us that Mashiach will only come when we are not paying attention (HeSeach HaDaat). Let's learn from Birkat HaIlanot - and be aware of what's transpiring under the surface.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tricking Ourselves

I strongly believe that we will be greeting Mashiach very soon. It's very clear to me. It's clear to many readers of this blog and others. It's clear to the autistic children, the rabbis [who know a little more than us], the people dreaming about it, the malachim, the universe and the earth (earthquakes?!)...

I just finished reading "Death Train", describing the beginning of one holocaust-survivors' story. The following quote sparked this article:

"This is too incredible, too bizarre to believe!" I argued. "Why would they tell us that we were being sent to a work camp and then send us somewhere else?"
"They lied to us and we all fell for it, perhaps because we wanted to believe we were not in such imminent danger," my husband explained.

It perfectly described the quandary I find myself and others in. We find it too difficult to deal with the truth staring us in the face. We find excuses to calm our minds down, basically just numbing the true feelings inside.

If c"v the situation suddenly turns bad and we find it impossible to escape from exile and get to Eretz Yisrael, we'll truly be kicking ourselves for our inaction. All excuses would be null and void. It wouldn't make a difference to blame the Rabbis or anyone else for not urging us to get out. It would simply c"v be too late.

Lack of funds/job ranks at the top of the list of excuses for not moving to Israel. I say, if it were c"v a life-and-death choice, would that stop us? And what's with the lack of trust in Hashem? Is Hashem only providing jobs or Parnassa in America? Isn't Eretz Yisrael the first stop for delivery before the blessings go out to the world? Why are we so stuck in the quicksand [of modern Egypt]?

This week, as we remember the Holocaust and everyone says "never again", realize that just saying those words does nothing at all. There is no way for us to prevent it from happening again. If that is the will of Hashem, we can do nothing about it. We can only prevent the nightmare of Gog Umagog by getting to Eretz Yisrael with as many Jews as we can bring along with us and holding on to our Emuna with iron fists. Uttering false hopes really does nothing. Action is what Hashem is demanding from us at this time in history.

Final Preparations

Hi !
I hope everyone's Pesach was able to be a catalyst to help us realize how close to Hashem we need to be and how much we need to realize His closeness to us and how much He cares about us. If we grabbed hold of the Kedusha of the holiday, it was a quick elevator. If not, we are on the escalator to Shavuot now, so jump right on.

Baruch Hashem, we managed to say Birkat HaChama this Erev Pesach. As the Meir Enei Chachamim says, we should be expecting the Geula shortly (even though Mashiach has not come yet...). We should definitely not despair, as Hashem has provided us with enough reasons to realize that the final preparations for our Redemption are actually heavily under-way.

It's definitely not me alone anymore. I am sure that everyone is realizing that several key "chess" moves on the world stage have taken place over the past few weeks. It doesn't take a genius to realize the rapid rate of descent the world is spiraling down. Whether it's one crazed leader or another, they each have had their share of airtime in the past several weeks. I definitely don't need to summarize the news -- I'm sure everyone is aware of the major events that have taken place.

I strongly feel that we are at the threshold of THE major event. I truly hope and pray that we all feel this seriously and take it to heart. There will probably be no second chances. Things have not been so hot in the world in a long time. Hashem is giving us the warnings in His secret ways. Anyone can clearly see that, but what we do about it is key.

We need to get to safe ground. Just as the animals run to higher ground preceding a tsunami, it's time for us to do the same. That means physically and spiritually. Physically, clearly means Eretz Yisrael, where the prophet Yoel (3:5) promises that it will be safe. Spiritually (which is required regardless of location) will require MASSIVE faith in Hashem beyond any normal capacity (probably along the lines of Yam Suf). We need to be prepared to have "Egyptians" (the most powerful army in the world) chasing after us, as we stand like sheep before a mighty ocean, with nowhere to turn physically, yet still rely Hashem.

We are guaranteed to be tested in our faith. The economy is just tryouts, maybe even a practice run. We need to hold on - TIGHT. It is my fervent prayer that it all happens quick without the need for any "bad" -- and we all realize quickly where to direct our "missiles" (prayers). May it happen very, very soon. Amen!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Earthquake in Italy

Here goes again....the earth is trembling from the approaching presence of Hashem we are about to witness soon (we need to keep praying).

Italy experienced a magnitude 6.3 earthquake with its epicenter just 70 miles from Rome. While we have had much discussion as to what is Rome and Edom,'s hard to imagine that the city of Rome is anything other than its name represents. the whole world. Especially with the Pope on his way to Israel soon. But mostly to us. Everybody else is blind and deaf. Nobody realizes that we are getting direct communications from Hashem through these massive natural disasters.

I can't get the feeling out of my head that Edom/Romi is going to fall very soon. Especially after reading what Yeranen Yaakov had to say in Sun vs. Rome. As I commented there, if the Sun and Rome are in a perpetual battle, logic dictates that when the sun is at its strength -- starting again at the position at which it was created -- Rome would be very weak (to say the least).

The ground is shifting -- LITERALLY. Let's make sure we're at least on solid [spiritual] ground. And hold on tight. I feel like we haven't seen anything yet as far as tests of our Emunah and Bitachon. Hashem wants to make sure that we really, really trust and love him. So let's brace ourselves. It might be a bumpy ride, but we know who's in charge....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What do you think?

I think it's almost time....Something major is going to happen within the next week or two. Surely before Nisan is over.

While, c"v things can get MUCH worse, the situation right now is hot enough. We have Alaska's Mt. Redoubt with major eruptions. North Korea just test-launched an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. Iran has "good news" for the first day of Pesach. Etc...

I don't know... but with Birkat HaChama approaching, and all the predictions for this year, I'm bracing for something. Most likely, all of what we think is going to happen will not. That's just how it usually is - there's always something to distract the world from the real issue - just like a magic trick.

Regarding Obama's nationality, there is still raging controversy. Over 20 states have filed lawsuits. This past week, a federal grand jury in Georgia decided that there was enough evidence to try Obama criminally in court. Why won't he just release his real birth certificate? Why are lawyers being threatened? Why are cases that are supposed to be on the Supreme Court docket disappearing? Maybe because GOG will hold on to his power through deceit, as mentioned by the Zohar.

I can't help wonder if this past Shabbat was the last Shabbat as we know it. I guess we'll see...

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today, I "happened" to notice, that the Chapter of Tochecha (severe punishments for not listening to the word of Hashem) in Perashat Ki Tavo is actually 69 Pesukim long. It also happens to be chapter 28.

As we all get ready for Birkat Hachama (which happens every 28 years) in the year 5769, lets make sure that we do our best to prevent seeing those curses come true....Mashiach can come through joy and happiness. Only we can make it happen!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bibi Government?

Mashiach has not yet arrived, but Bibi and his government was sworn in last night. I'm not sure what that means for the Mashiach government being next. I was hoping we'd deserve it. I guess we still need work, so let's not despair.

I did notice that the government majority was 69 - the same ending as our current year - 5769. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the relationship.

I still have a very strong feeling that Mashiach's arrival will be preceded by some heavy-duty changes in things we are used to. It has already begun to a large extent and is only getting worse. The dollar is now being questioned if it should remain the world currency. After starting off the new administration with the purchase of failing insurance companies and banks, yesterday the US government officially got involved in the auto warranty business as well. Uncle Sam has been snooping through people's wallets lately and seeing if there's anything more they can take. It has also been reported that they are now eyeing private sector businesses for takeover should they believe that they may hurt the economy.

No, it's not Purim - that's the truth. If we had fallen asleep and woken up to the current reality, we'd be in complete shock. I'm in shock and I haven't been sleeping. Anyone else starting to notice Uncle Sam's striking resemblance to Stalin lately?

It's time to wake up from our slumber. Once the "west" goes down, Mashiach will arrive. The west is going down fast. Some are helping it by accelerating downhill as well. Apparently, that's Hashem's plan. It is not going to be easy for anyone, so we need to at least be aware of what's going on.

(o) (o) - open your eyes wide. The world is not the same...."Change" has indeed begun.

Signals of what's coming?

Seeing what happened today in London, as the G20 summit commenced, should make us all shake with dread. When crowds are completely out of control and police can do little to stop them, therein lies a terrible danger.

Our history is ridden with stories of out-of-control mobs. We all know what they did to us over the years. Jews have always borne the brunt of angry mobs. If the past mobs in London, Sweden and other cities around the world were not enough, today's London mob was a clear warning from Hashem.

The Jews of the diaspora need to all wake up. Hashem is calling us in more than one way. It's up to us to listen to His call and get out. There still may be some time. We all know what happened just a few decades ago to the ones who just didn't make it out in time - who didn't heed the call of the signs Hashem was sending them. But they didn't have a homeland to go to.

Today, Hashem has given us back Eretz Yisrael. Not that the government is on our side or the side of Emet - I honestly believe they are the Erev Rav, but the Land is still ours and it's still Kadosh (holy). If we understand the significance of our return to the land and even it's bearing of fruit once again, we would realize that they are giant miracles that Hashem is showing us.

It is clear from our Nevi'im that we would return to the land prior to Mashiach's arrival. It is spelled out by them explicitly and expounded upon by the commentators. It's part of the Geulah.

I've mentioned before, that the Ari za"l says that the generation that will greet Mashiach is the reincarnation of the Dor Hamidbar (generation that left Egypt). We are those people and we need to fix what was done by the Meraglim (spies), chiefly not loving the Land of Israel and not appreciating its spiritual value.

Whether a person chooses to come to the Holy Land for spiritual reasons or practical safety concerns, there is no doubt that it is the safest place to be. The Nevi'im describe how Hashem will save and protect those on "Har Zion". Others will need strong merit to be saved. I hope that we will make Teshuva now and not need any shots to ring out (or missles to be fired) to act as a catalyst. Our history, however proves otherwise. But we know that in the end, we will be saved. Why is any business, parnassa, family, house, car, whatever reason enough to hold us back from the Emet? If we truly believed in our own Nevi'im, I'm sure we'd act different. We're living those words today. It's a matter of time before the rest of the [hi]story is complete. Let's make it a good ending.......

We're in the year
תשס"ט - תהיה שנת סוף טוב
Tih'ye Shenat Sof Tov - Let it be the year of a good ending (of the Galut)
Let it be wonderful! Let it come peacefully! Let us all be in Eretz Yisrael to see it unfold!

Learning from History

We're reaching the final countdown to the world as we know it. We're about to witness changes so profound that our heads will spin. It pays for us to take a look back at history to help us realize what's going on.

In Egypt, as Hashem constantly hit the Egyptians with plagues, there was always an argument (at least for Pharaoh) that it was just a random, "natural" event. Even when the plagues were clearly not affecting the Bnei Yisrael, Pharaoh refused to believe it was Hashem. That lasted for nine plagues. And then, Hashem had us prepare for our redemption and wait.

In one swift blow, exactly at midnight, all the firstborns of Egypt died. People, animals, slaves, etc. all died. Except for Bnei Yisrael - none were affected. There were 9 plagues in which to see the hand of Hashem, but Pharoah refused (and as punishment, lost his free choice in the matter earlier on). But it only took a split second to prove that it was Hashem all along. And that was the start of the Geulah.

We've all been talking about the sweeping changes in the world. The political, economic and social changes that have taken the world by storm, especially in the past few months. The natural disasters that have not stopped, asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes, raging rivers and many others, have literally been proclaiming that something is wrong. But most of us are still asleep. We are immune to it. We forget who's in charge and what He's telling us.

But if history can teach us anything, it's that it's about to change. Big change. Up until now, we've still been able to attribute everything to "nature". That's how everyone gets away with ignoring Hashem. But just like in Egypt, something will happen, suddenly and quickly that will change everything.

We're all unprepared. The changes will be unprecedented, but there will no longer be any doubt as to WHO is doing it. There will be no "nature" to attribute it to. Statistically, it will be impossible - just like every Egyptian firstborn person, child, slave or animal were hand-picked to die instantly while the Bnei Yisrael were completely immune. We will all know who's doing it and whoever is left from the goyim (2/3 of the world will perish) will be forced to admit it.

Buy Mitzvot, Torah and anything else in the permanent stock market. The one who's value is never depleted, who's interest is guaranteed and the investment completely insured. Trust me, [very] soon nothing else is going to count.