Thursday, February 26, 2009

Israel Northern Front on Alert

As reported by debka:

"Washington and Jerusalem are bracing for a flareup on the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Israel"
This is due to the international tribunal, slated to begin proceedings regarding Syria's role in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

As we get closer to Purim and Pesach, the situation becomes more tense. Our enemies are surrounding us from all sides, from within and without. The rabid pack of wolves has begun to circle and we are starting to feel the pressure - at least for the people who are watching for it.

I'm not predicting anything here, but I recall reading here, that according to "a mekubal", it will all begin when an arab king is killed. Although, one can argue that Hariri was not an "arab king", one never knows. Syria has been looking for a fight for a while. Hizbullah has only strengthened themselves in preparation for the next "battle". Iran is on a crash course with the world. Especially of interest is their "good nuclear news" for the first day of Pesach.

Our Rabbis teach us "Ba'avod Reshaim Rina" - when the wicked are destroyed, we should sing and be happy. In contrast, we must understand that when the wicked are happy (or when they have "good" news), it must only mean that there is an evil plan hatching. As all things in life, we are in the dark about what the enemies of Am Yisrael are planning. We only know their general mission is to destroy us. Whether physically, spiritually or both, it's all the same.

We should all be familiar with the prophecies regarding the end of days. At the most basic level, it is definitely not something to look forward to. Since it did not happen yet, we still have the option on preventing it with our fervent prayers and good deeds. Torah learning and doing Chesed with our brethren are the only things that can save a person from "Chevle Mashiach" - the birthpangs of Mashiach, which is what the world is experiencing now. If we focus on becoming better, we will affect the entire creation. Hopefully, if we do enough, we can prevent the apocalyptic prophecies and instead greet Mashiach out of happiness and closeness to Hashem.

The basic rule we should focus on, is that the end is drawing near for the forces of evil, who manifest in both physical and spiritual forms. As they near their destruction, they increase their pressure to destroy us and prevent the Geulah (which means their own demise). That is why we are seeing Yeshivot and Kollelim unable to keep up; people becoming depressed from lack of work and income; people afraid to give charity for fear of the future; children falling prey to the worst of elements, etc.

If we know the rules of the game, we're one step ahead. These forces are all trying to hide the truth from us, to prevent us from trusting that this is all from Hashem. They want us to get so involved in the hullabaloo of what's going on, that we have no time or patience to focus on true soul searching and self-improvement. Therein lies all the danger. We're fighting for our survival. We're guaranteed not to lose - but we need to put in the effort.

May Hashem grant us the light of Truth, to shine on our paths - illuminating the proper way we should be headed. May He open our eyes, ears and hearts to realize and understand the gravity of the situation and what we must engage ourselves in. May He give us the strength to fight the forces of evil encircling us from all sides. Only He knows what's best for us. If we trust Him, we will only know good, Amen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The purpose of the UN

As we reach the end of this long exile, things start to fall into place. We finally begin to understand events that have been orchestrated by Hashem over thousands of years. Small, insignificant people and events that have revolutionized the world - suddenly it all begins to make sense.

The UN is one such example I have been thinking about. The organization was conceived as the League of Nations after the first World War. Over the years, especially backed by 57 Islamic nation states (called Organization of Islamic Conference - OIC) it has taken shape as a strong hater of Israel. The planned Durban II conference, whose agenda is basically demonization of Israel and raising muslim rights, that is set to take place later this year is proof of the level of hatred that the UN has sunken to.

Does anyone wonder why such an organization exists in the first place; why Hashem has organized it to exist, with its total ignoration of terror and main goal to condemn Israel for self defense? I believe that it's all part of the preparation for the "new world" that will take shape under Mashiach's rule.

Whether the UN itself will continue to exist is not important. What we learn and get used to is the real purpose of things. I think that Hashem is getting us used to something so peculiar - a body of 192 nations, focused almost completely on 1 nation; time and again ignoring the self-evident truths and defacto aiding and abetting terrorists.

It doesn't make sense. It never does. Neither does our enslavement in Egypt; the destruction of our Batei Mikdash; the Greeks attack on our faith; the undying hatred of Jews worldwide. It never makes sense and that's precisely the goal. If it made sense, we would ignore it. Hashem wants us to see it and take heed - something's not quite right...

And that's precisely what the UN shows us. It's not normal for 192 nations to notice only 1 state so often. It's not normal for countries to get so involved in the affairs of 1 singular state. But it is happening and it will continue to happen forever. It's just that the situation will be exactly the opposite. While now they condemn, they will soon praise. While now they send terrorists, they will soon send emissaries. While now they sanction, they will soon sanctify. While now Israel must beg for aid, soon they will beg to send gifts to the new Bet Hamikdash.

Anti-Semitism is unique in that it is a direct revolt against Hashem. And while Hashem does not immediately show it, He is very angry about how His children are being abused. He lets the nations continue until it's too late. And then, as a Warrior, Hashem will smite them simultaneously in massive numbers and extreme suffering yet to be seen by any human being on Earth.

The day of reckoning is coming. The earth speaks of it daily. The earthquakes, volcanos, tsunami, hurricanes, wildfires - all speak of Hashem's approach. Let it be known to us. Let it be known to the world. Hashem will redeem us, His dear children very soon. And like a child, we need to rely on our Dear Father to be there for us and get us through this. Like in Egypt, those who want to stay will be able to, forever. Let's be the ones who get out!

Money and Redemption

It's all about money. It really feels like that now. The economy is not doing good. Neither are businesses. People are being laid-off. What's it all about? Money. What's the news? Money.

Money is now the spiritual target. It's been in the cross hairs for a while and it has suffered major setbacks. Apparently, it's losing the battle.

Why is this so?

Our Rabbis tell us that prior to Mashiach's arrival, money and material value will be all but destroyed; Am Yisrael especially, would become poverty stricken (c"v); and food shortages and hunger would abound. All this in order to bring about the redemption. The Pasuk says "ki ata am ani toshiya" - for You (Hashem) will help (redeem) a poor nation.

If we do not merit the redemption through our actions, through our trust in Hashem, through our realization that He and only He is in charge of all matters; that there is no "nature"; there is no "normal"; everything is a complete miracle (Ramban on the Torah); then, G-d forbid, we will be forced to come to that realization when anything we previously relied upon, would be taken away from us. Money is what we all have come to rely on. Someone is considered "set", if they have money. The USA was considered the safest place physically, economically, politically. Yet all that has seemingly changed overnight.

As the economy continues to tank, and people are suffering tremendously, we need to first of all, thank Hashem for everything we have; ask Him to protect us and not make us suffer or become poverty-stricken; ask Him to help all of our fellow Jews who are suffering; and finally come to realize that it is all Hashem's master plan.

The redemption is underway. The Exile is ending. Our small minds will definitely have a hard time adjusting, so Hashem is helping us adjust ever so slowly. Let's not forget Who is doing it all. As we approach Purim, we are reminded that Hashem hides behind the "mask" of nature and directs it all - to save us and redeem us from the hands of the wicked. May we merit to experience the redemption, in all its glory, this year, Amen!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What would you do?

What would you do if you knew that today was the last "normal" day you would ever experience?

What if Mashiach came right now? Would you be happy with the person you have been up until now?

What if money wasn't worth anything tomorrow? Would you be happy knowing that you used your money to do Mitzvot; to help people; to support Torah; to spread the word of Hashem?

These are the questions I find myself thinking about these days. They are increasingly becoming more urgent. When it comes to dying, c"v, people tend to rely on the fact that 'most people live until X years, so I have time...'. When it comes to Mashiach coming, he can come at any time and surprise us (and he definitely will surprise us). We really have no answers.

We can rest assured that the economic situation is only to prevent people from using their money properly - giving charity and supporting Torah. As we approach the end, the Yetzer Hara will try to prevent us from doing good - as it will only lead to his own let's be all the wiser and realize what's really going on. After all, that's why WE live in this generation and time period - it's going to be up to US!

Geula Wheels in Motion

I just saw revealing that Obama and the Saudi king Abdullah have signed a secret pact regarding the Middle East and other things....

Since anyone reading this blog knows that I firmly believe we are watching the final stage of the Geula unfold, this news is a real shocker and wake up call. A major event is supposed to take place in which the world leaders (especially Persia aka IRAN) are each antagonizing each other. We can fairly assume has already begun - Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, Islamacization, etc. This culminates in the "King of Arab" leaving in order to take advice from the King of Edom (i think), while the King of Persia destroys the world.

Now, there is only one way [read: Nuclear Holocaust] we currently know of that anyone can "destroy the world". We have a report from Friday that Iran has more than enough enriched nuclear material to make at least one bomb. We have Iran antagonizing the world. We can fairly assume that Gog is Obama. What is still missing is the King of Arab getting advice from the king of Edom. With this piece of news, we can rest assured that this will happen very shortly.

Iran is on a very short leash and will need to make a major move very soon. We know that ahmadinejad (haman?) believes that he has to destroy the evil forces [read: Am Yisrael] in order to bring what he believes is the final redemption. Since he believes that he will be rewarded for this, he has no problem risking himself or his countrymen to enhance that end.

I believe we are headed for a crash course with this Iranian lunatic unless we shape up. The roles have been cast and the play has begun. We can end it early if we change - I hope we can. The "ketz" is a set time (most likely this year). If we don't bring about Mashiach through our actions, peacefully, we will NOT prevent the Geula from coming (even catastrophically, c"v). Let's really get to work, FAST!

Time to make Aliyah, too!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder...

Is the recession actually Hashem's measure for measure?

After all, the Romans (Edom) destroyed Hashem's house (Bet Hamikdash) beginning the current Exile; and now the "housing (mortgage) crisis" has been slowly destroying America. In fact, in order to combat the economic destruction, the "House" of Representatives passed the stimulus bill first; which many believe is the beginning of the end for America.

And how interesting is it that the stimulus bill was for "787" billion. Again, those two numbers (7 and 8) appearing again as they did here...The number 7 also appeared in Pharoah's dreams 7 cows, 7 stalks; and 7 years of plenty and drought. Seemingly natural events, but really Hashem's hand in action. The economic downturn "seems" natural as well, but we know who is really orchestrating the events of the world. The number 8 represents miracles - like the 8 candles of Chanukah we light to commemorate the miracle that made them burn for 8 days and nights.

We all need to realize that the end of the Galut of Edom is nearing. As we know from haman, in the Megillah - once the situation deteriorates, the end is rapidly approaching.

We may be in for a bumpy ride, but we need to strengthen our faith in Hashem. He conducts all affairs of the world directly. What seems "natural" (represented by 7) is really only Hashem hiding His actions. When we trust Him, we enable ourselves to see the miracles (represented by 8). That's what He wants from us - especially at this time. We will see those miracles openly very soon, but we will need to be strong in our faith in Hashem in order to get there.

We know that during this final chapter of Galut, Hashem will shake us up to see who is real and who isn't. We need to hold strong. The knowledge that it is Hashem shaking us up should at least comfort us...

With Hashem's help, we will continue to discuss Emunah and Bitachon on this blog and on (exclusively).

Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexico Border Violence

Is the escalating violence on the Mexican border (south of USA) a "reminder" of the situation in Gaza (south of Israel)?

Maybe Middah Keneged Middah (measure for measure) is at work here...

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 50 Levels of Tumah

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We'll begin with the introduction of Sefer Ner LeRagli by Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Lugasi (Yerushalayim 5765)

In his introduction, he quotes the Or HaChaim Hakadosh on the Torah (Shemot 3:8). Below is a summary.

When our ancestors were in Egypt, Hashem did not take them out instantly, rather He waited throughout the 10 plagues - a period of 12 months. Furthermore, Hashem waited until the final moment - until it became required for us to leave immediately, in a big rush. Why not? The "ketz" did not come yet. There was a reason to stay there until the final moment.

The main purpose of the Exile is to clarify the "sparks" of holiness that were stuck within the 50 levels of Tumah (spiritual defilement). If they would have left any earlier, their clarification would not have been complete.

Instead, Hashem waited until the final moments, in order for them to complete their descent into the 49th level of Tumah, clarify it, and leave Egypt immediately.

The 50 levels of Tumah are the antithesis of the 50 levels of Bina - understanding (and hence holiness). As all things, they are in direct relation to each other, on completely opposite extremes. Therefore, the levels reached on one side are in direct correlation to the other. And, in order to attain the high level of spirituality on the one side, one must first descend to the lower levels and remove all the holiness trapped within. Therefore, the Jews were required to descend into the 49th level of Tumah, clarify the holiness therein and then deserve the polar opposite 49th level of Bina - receiving the Torah exactly 49 days after they left Egypt.

They were required however, to leave Egypt in great haste. For had they left a moment too late, they would have descended to the 50th level of Tumah and would become stuck there forever. The reason being, that they had not received the Torah and without it, there would be no possibility to ever escape from the 50th level of Tumah.

Baruch Hashem, we have been given the Torah, and so we find ourselves with the tools to combat this lowly 50th level of Tumah, as we will discuss further, Be"H.

Just as in Egypt, we will need to finish this clarification in order to receive the 50th level of Bina, with the arrival of Mashiach - may we merit it soon.

What is this 50th level all about? Stay tuned.

Emunah Blog Update

At least for now, we'll be posting our Emunah series both here and on the NEW

Is a major earthquake imminent in NY?

Is Hashem trying to warn us? It sure seems like it.

Third Earthquake in NJ in 3 weeks

Major earthquake + NY = Major Catastrophe...We were promised earthquakes and floods (Australia) and major natural disasters before Mashiach comes.

These small earthquakes remind me of a person being woken up from his sleep. You shake them a bit. You need to intensify if they don't wake up. I hope we are all "awake".

When Hashem's presence comes closer, the earth trembles - as during Matan Torah. Apparently He is coming closer!

More Weirdness with Gilad Shalit

Amos Gilad: Why Did Olmert Wake Up Now to Free Shalit?
(from: INN)

As I mentioned previously - It's just so weird that this is happening now. The most interesting part is the "urgency" we are seeing with this issue. The "urgency" of Obama signing the stimulus. The "urgency" of Iran to get nukes... Reminds me of the "urgency" Pharoah had to release Yosef and make him second in command. The "ketz" came and things had to happen FAST.

I wonder if it's coming again!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Truth Shining Through

I've been noticing many trends with Hashem shining Truth into the world. The signs are clear and ever-present. As the "Giluy Shechina" continues, expect to see more of this:

I previously mentioned the Somali pirates drowning.

Today, a bus in Italy, plastered with a poster advertising atheism, "just happened" to break down on its first run. It had to be returned to the depot for repair.

Again, peeking through the darkness are the first rays of light...The atheists who put up the ad are in a tight spot now - especially since it was a quite uncommon problem. But like Pharoah, they are standing by their stance that it was "pure chance". Expect more "pure chancers" to have the light shine on them soon. It didn't fare well for Pharoah......

And how could we ignore the "moderate" Muslim who beheaded his wife, after she filed for protection from him for domestic violence. A guy who built a TV station to portray Muslims in a good light; to show that they aren't the 7th century barbarians of the Sahara - kills his wife for filing for divorce and protection. An honor killing. So much for the lies about "moderate" Muslims!

Last night, after robbing a woman on the subway, the robber's getaway car "just happened" to crash into a garbage truck instantly killing the robber and critically injuring the driver.

These events are not random. They are not being done in vain. They are direct messages for us to see. The world will probably not care that much, but we do. Hashem is showing us His direct involvement in everything, always. Falsehood (sheker) is being rooted out of the world to pave the way for the ultimate truth!

Seeing Hashem's hand must strengthen our Emunah in Him. I hope to begin writing about Emunah and Bitachon, being our final test in this Exile and the only to be saved. The ones who can hold strong will make it. Hashem wants us to make it and is giving us some help via clear signs that He is here. Let's not spoil the opportunity.

What Happened to Am Yisrael?

What has happened to our nation? The glorious nation that witnessed a closer revelation of Hashem at the splitting of the Yam Suf than Yechezkel Hanavi; who received the Torah and heard the "voice" of Hashem; who ate the man in the desert; what has become of us?

I just look at myself and at the world and am utterly astonished. This is Galut. Yes, the nations of the world have affected us. 1940 years since our Second Bet Hamikdash was destroyed, and we are spread throughout the world. We have no concrete leadership. We have hundreds of factions divided on major issues. We seem to be unable to get along on anything.

Do we realize what has happened to us as a nation? We are like blind men groping in the darkness. We are so lost. So many of us believe 'our way is right', yet we often have no concept of what the path to Hashem truly is. So many of us have been lost to intermarriage, lo aleinu. Many of us are unrecognizable from the surrounding population. We want to blend in. We try to "kosher" the styles, music, thinking process and everything else and bring it into Judaism.

Ay! Look what the Goyim have done to us. Look how they have destroyed us physically, spiritually and separated us from Hashem. How many Jews don't believe in Hashem, (r"l) ?! And who is to blame? We may have sinned, but we were tempted. The snake tricked us and look at us now! Do we even realize this?

During this "late hour" in time, it is often easy to get caught up in the "politics". We see "Jewish" people, yet to us (and the Torah), they represent the antithesis of Jewishness. But we have a rule - even a Jew who sinned, is still as Jew. Hence, we are still responsible for them and must love them - they are still our brothers and sisters.

It is easy to feel anger towards certain groups, especially when their views differ tremendously. It is easy to fall into the trap of derogatory speech (and thought) about members of other factions or even feel intense anger (and hate) against people who are truly being Mechalel Shem Shamayim (and we may be justified in doing so). However, we need to pay close attention to what has brought this about. Being in Exile has brought about this destruction. Had we never been banished from our Holy Land, we would not be in this predicament. The Exile and the "kind" nations who provide us with the keys to our spiritual and physical destruction are truly at fault. How much can we fight? How much strength do we all have? 1940 years is a long, long time. Some got tricked and brought others with them - and now there are massive amounts of confused "Jews".

Why do I mention this? We need to stir up Divine Mercy on all of Am Yisrael. Yes, some "Jews" are truly from the Erev Rav and we need to distance ourselves appropriately. But we need to take a step back and realize the truth about the situation we find ourselves in. We need to become defense attorneys in our prayers and beg Hashem to have mercy on ourselves and ALL of Am Yisrael, no matter how unrecognizable they might be.

We are must reach a point where we love every Jew, in order to merit our Bet Hamikdash. We can use our intellect to overcome our emotion and realize what has truly made us so different, so mixed up and confused. We can love the true Jew hiding inside that tormented body. We can feel sadness and cry over the destitution of our Nation. And we can pray to Hashem to bring us closer together without mass tragedy or danger. It's up to us to make a difference...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anti Semitism and Israel

Since our birth as a nation, we have been subject to Anti-Semitism. Being Hashem's children, He uses the nations of the world as a stick to hit us with. Sometimes, when we stray from the path of Emet - Truth or when we lose sight of what we're really here for, sanctifying G-d's name. When our dedication His Mitzvot and Torah are lacking, or when our trust and faith waivers, He reminds us WHO is really running the show.

Last week, in Perashat Beshalach, we read about Amalek attacking us immediately after we came out of Egypt. Our Rabbis teach us that this was due to lack of faith in Hashem. ' a father who put his child on his shoulders as they traveled down the road. The father protected the child and would fulfill his needs. Until the child (forgot his father and) asked the passerby 'have you seen my father?' The father then put the child down and the dog came and bit him.' So too, Am Yisrael asked "Is G-d with us or not" and Hashem sent Amalek to wake them up.

As Mashiach nears, we are noticing an unbelievable phenomenon. While anti-semitism quickly combusts worldwide, I take note of a interesting point. Historically, we have never been subject to the intense, global anti-semitism concurrently as today. Even hitler y"s, and his campaign was in a concentrated area and Hashem did not allow it to spread worldwide. What we see today has NEVER happened before. Even during the story of the Megillah, where the entire world was under the rule of Achashverosh, we did not find (besides for haman), mention of anti-semitism or violence against Jews, even in face of a decree of annihilation.

Now that we miraculously have the land of Israel officially in Jewish hands; precisely that is being used to fan the flames of violence and hatred against us worldwide. How ironic. While in Europe 60 years ago, our ancestors had no place to call home, today we do. We can all go home, to our Holy Land, yet precisely that home is inciting the Jew-hatred worldwide.

Let the world talk of the question of rights to the land. We know the truth. As Rashi points out the Rabbinical discussion on the Torah's first word - Beresheet (in the beginning). 'Why did the Torah not start with the first Mitzvah? Why all the history from BeResheet? To show that the world was created for Yisrael, who were called "Resheet" (first). Lest someone come to call the Jews robbers for taking the land from the 7 nations; let them know that Hashem created the world and chooses to do with it as HE sees fit. He chose to give the Land of Israel to the Jewish people.' With all that, we still see a phenomenon as Jews are being persecuted worldwide - nobody really feels the heat under their feet to do something about it. The comfort in foreign lands is unbelievable - its as if they were the promised land, Chas Veshalom.

The anti-semitism of yesteryear has come back, with a new "excuse" - Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. Yet it's really the same face as always, pure hatred for the Nation of Israel, the children of G-d. That is the halacha after all - Esav sonei Yaakov (Esav hates Yaakov).

The parallels we see in the protests and the media of Jews to lehavdil nazis, is disgraceful. Yet it carries with it a message from Hashem to remind us of the Holocaust. Hashem wants us to recall what happens when anti-semitism begins to sprout and flourish. Why? Because this time we do have a place to call home - OUR home. He wants to remind us of the people who didn't realize the danger they were in, and did not escape (even though they had no home to go to).

If Hashem wanted us to live in the America, France, the UK, or Venezuela forever, our Prophets would have spoken about those places. Yet they precisely spoke about Hashem "gathering" us from the four corners of the earth to the Land of Israel, at the end of times. As Rabbi Pinchas Winston points out - as Jews, we need to be active in this process. Sitting idly by, has never fared well for us. The Holocaust that we are being reminded of daily, is recent proof of what happens when we are not proactive. And what's more worrisome is that while it took several years to sprout, today anti-semitism has begun to explode in less than 2 months; and it's getting exponentially worse.

Hashem wants us to remember that HE is causing it all. I am a strong believer in reading Hashem's messages. And I believe that these messages are hidden in plain sight. Just listen to some of the words out there (especially the ones that hurt the most) and try to get the message. Those words are on the forefront of our mind to make us think. The parallel to nazis, to remind us that the world is very serious in its threats against us; the constant discussions of Israel and especially the recent Gaza war being used as a springboard to violent anti-Semitism worldwide, to remind us about our home. Why? so that we quickly get back to the home we have so miraculously been given.

There are some who absolutely cannot do this. While I hope and pray for them, they need to do the same for themselves and at least yearn (R' Winston) to come home. The ones who got the message and are packing up, will surely see Hashem's guiding hand miraculously with them at all times. I worry about the ones who are unaware or just living in a bubble of bliss, thinking that it will all blow over and there is nothing to worry about. They are in the most danger, for the one who does not realize that he is in a lion's den, is much worse off than the one who does.

Rabbi Meir Kahane writes in his book "Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews" (p. 269). "The commandment to live in the Land of Israel brings with it the threat of mass tragedy for those Jews who refuse to leave the Exile. The Jewish State is a sanctification of G-d, and to remain in the Exile, the personification of desecration, at a time when it is possible to return home, is to consciously choose to reinforce the desecration. The Almighty will never allow it, and the Exile is being ended whether the Jew agrees to it or not. The signs are already plentiful as Jew-hatred and world political conditions combine to shake the ground under the feet of the Jew in continent after continent. The Exile will end, either in glory, through mass, voluntary Jewish emigration to Israel, or through terrible tragedy, G-d forbit. There cannot be coexistence between sanctification and desecration, and so, the Exile is doomed." That was 22 years ago. What about today?

The common excuse - "when the Rabbis tell us it's time to make Aliyah, then we will. Otherwise, if they are quiet why should we panic?" This is not an excuse! Most of the Rabbis did NOT tell the people to escape the threat of nazism. Why should we expect anything different today. If anything, the fact that the Holocaust was so recent, should serve to strengthen our realization that it's each man for himself. The Rabbis are purposely blinded by Hashem when He so wishes, in order to facilitate Hashem's plan. As we see when Pinchas slayed Zimri and Cozbi, even though Moshe Rabenu was there as well as the rest of the giants of the generation. They did nothing, even as people were being killed by Hashem's plague! Only Pinchas, alone! Why? In order to give Pinchas a reward, Hashem made Moshe forget the halacha temporarily. Pinchas seized the opportunity and received a reward forever and so must we.

Hashem has a way of telling us when it's time to get to Eretz Yisrael. There's a specific formula. It's called anti-semitism. As Rabbi Winston points out, when Yaakov Avinu had the famous dream on his way to Lavan's house, he told Hashem that he was afraid to leave the Holy Land. His father, Yitzhak had never left it and he was worried that Hashem would leave him unprotected outside of the Holy Land. Hashem promised him that He would be with him. And so it was, for 20 years - after which Yaakov suddenly upped and ran away. Why? He heard Lavan's children saying - "everything Yaakov has, he stole from our father" - anti-Semitism - Hashem's protection of 20 years was no longer surrounding him - Hashem had already left. Yaakov understood immediately that it's time to go. And Hashem confirmed with him, saying "go to the land of your fathers and I will be with you". There, not here. And Yaakov went back towards Eretz Yisrael - back home.

The Malbi"m on the Prophet Yoel (3:5) states: "And it will be: The second miracle will be through the salvation of the righteous; for all those who call in the name of Hashem will be saved and the evil will not have power over them. This will be in two ways - For on Mt. Tzion and Yerushalayim, there, will be safety, for there everyone will be saved as it says "...and the ones left in Zion...everyone written for life in Yerushalayim"; and in other places, where not everyone will be saved, there will be safety for the left overs that Hashem calls, for they are the righteous - all who calls out to Hashem and prays to Him". Does anyone want to rely on being considered "righteous" enough to be saved out of the Land of Israel?

It is therefore clear, that the place to be is Eretz Yisrael. The physical danger not to be there, is increasing rapidly, constantly and tremendously. Hashem is seemingly showing us that His protection may not be there for us in the foreign host nations any longer. Are we going to really get the message? There really does not seem to be that much time left....

See Rabbi Pinchas Winston - "Where are all the Gedolim?" for more thoughts on waiting for instructions to leave. Also, his book "Talking About Eretz Yisrael", regarding the necessity of making Aliyah (even without the rabid anti-semitism). And the Geulah Berachamim website about facilitating the Redemption through our actions.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gilad Shalit - Follow Up

I previously mentioned that Gilad Shalit and his captivity may hint to Mashiach ben Yosef. Following what I mentioned in Israel's 18th Knesset regarding Rabbi Kaduri's prediction that Sharon's goverment would be the final one before Mashiach, i find the connection being intensified even further as I will explain.

As the election was nearing, talks continued for the release of Gilad Shalit. To satisfy voters, the Kadima-led government was discussing the possible release of 1000 terrorists for him. It was a feverish skit to get him out immediately. It sounded like a dream, to hear some reports that he may be home within the week. But it would have largely been for selfish political gains; to guarantee a left-wing victory in the election.

Even now, with elections over, there is still a lot of hype and talk about getting him out. The stance taken by the Israeli side also becoming tougher as well.

It is definitely an interesting juxtaposition of events: The ending of [hopefully the last] government before Mashiach and the feverish attempt to end it off with the release of Gilad Shalit. Unfortunately, he still needs our prayers and has not been returned safely home. But it is quite possible that the same wicked government that uprooted thousands of people of Gush Katif with false promises and left them to literally wander the country, does not merit bringing about such a redemption of Gilad Shalit.

Maybe the anti-religious government would like to bring the redemption, but their attempts are futile as they forgot about Hashem. Maybe Gilad Shalit and his captivity does somehow hint to Mashiach ben Yosef, who will appear on scene, sometime very soon. But it is an exercise in futility to try to mix the two - the government of Israel and Mashiach and hence we have not yet merited Gilad's release.

We do however see a big change in this election; that in all likelihood a "right-wing" coalition will be formed. Although I do not really expect this to happen for real, the discussions have an impact on our thoughts. We are witnessing major shifts and definitely for a good reason. In His wonderful kindness, Hashem is mentally preparing us to transition to the Kingdom of Hashem on Earth. With baby steps, He lets us see small miracles that anyone with open eyes can see. The True Kingdom is on its way.

Let's keep praying for Gilad's release and for Mashiach to come right away!

Barack Obama - Armelius?

I've noticed Gematriot brought down regarding Obama...I just made a quick calculation and found that Barack Obama = Armelius (357). I have not yet seen this calculation brought down by anyone else.

Here's the spelling in Hebrew:
ברק אובאמה

I chose to use the spelling of Obama as was found in the Yechezkel 7-letter skip.

Armelius is the powerful force that will fight against Mashiach Ben Yosef. Obama's unbelievable rise to power is nothing short of a miracle. His immediate frenzy of crazy activity (some of which I've mentioned previously) points to a sinister underlying character. Who knows?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grad - The Next Level

Just a quick thought here...When you rearrange the spelling of GRAD in Hebrew, it forms the word DaRGA - which means level in Aramaic. Not only has the Grad missile been the next "level" of rockets being used by the enemy, it surely represents that we are a level closer to the Geula!

ps - Speaking about the "next level"...Since we can clearly glean the direction that the Geula is headed in (which is looking more like a massive war, c"v); I feel that it would be beneficial for all, if I would discussing some important thoughts and topics of trust in Hashem. Our Rabbis tell us that our trust in Hashem is most important in our specific generation. I was thinking of doing this in a separate blog, which would be dedicated to discussing only thoughts on Emuna and Bitachon. I figure that it would all be coherent and organized that way. I would appreciate any comments from the dedicated and much more experienced readers/bloggers - whether I should open a separate blog for it, or just discuss it here.

Thanks everyone!

Stimulus and Loss of Liberty

This past week, we saw the American Congress pass a stimulus package in the name of "saving America". While the Democrats claim that this time it will work, many economists are claiming the end of America if this becomes law. Last year they passed a trillion dollar stimulus package and it didn't save the economy, but the Democrats, sounding more like "Efron HaHitti" say 'what's another trillion between us?'

Not only does this package not really contain much in creating lasting jobs, it also contains provisions that will begin limitations on "freedoms" in America. There is a provision to begin nationalizing healthcare, where the government will decide what a doctor can/cannot provide to a patient, based on "cost effectiveness" determined by the government.

In addition, we are seeing Obama try to curb the liberties provided by the Constitution, with plans to limit free speech (first amendment), mostly to shut down conservatives who speak the truth about America's destruction as well as to give more strength to resha'im and muslims; limit permission to own a gun (second amendment); and change the census to the White House, where there will be less oversight (so much for the "transparency" of government he promised while campaigning). What is worrisome, is the issues that he has been presenting and the speed at which he is determined to get things done. It's as if the "ketz" is coming and he needs to work as fast as he can to bring it about.

In a rash PR stunt, without analyzing the situation beyond what the left media have reported, the first executive order he signed was to close the Guantanemo Bay prison, where some of the worst jihadists are locked up. The "great" liberals are so concerned about the possible violation of freedoms of the jihadists, while being so grossly negligent with the freedom to be an American (at least a living one). They are more concerned whether a terrorist's religious rights were violated, than risking their own lives and freedoms they so enjoy in America. They quickly forgot that jihad is to destroy America and all it represents. They pictures of the smoldering Twin Towers have vanished from their mind's eye and have been replaced with thoughts of the poor suffering jihadist, imprisoned for (quite seriously) trying to take over the world.

American liberty is truly at stake here. Not only is it at stake, it's not being defended, either. 17 US Servicemen were killed on the USS Cole and the President is not concerned about bringing their killers to justice, only for the freedom of said terrorist. To make sure that he is not tried in a military court, for a military action, rather a civilian court where he will may even be freed instead of killed. It is definitely a sad time for America and "liberty".

What does American liberty have to do with Mashiach? Well, it has been posited that the Statue of Liberty may possibly represent the "idol of Rhodes" in the prophecy of the 12 year old child prophet Nachman (around 1500 years ago). The child said that when the idol of Rhodes is destroyed, Rome will be destroyed and that means that Mashiach will be right around the corner. See Rabbi Pinchas Winston on this.

Well, the Statue of Liberty is still standing, but Americans' liberties are being quickly taken away by a president who's name just happens to appear hidden right on the Pasuk mentioning "Gog" in Yechezkel. On September 11th, two planes took down the Twin Towers not too far from the Statue of Liberty. Recently, a plane was miraculously saved by Hashem and landed in the Hudson River, in the same city as both the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty. Hmm.. Planes...New York....interesting....maybe a warning from above?

I have seen many propaganda pieces by jihadists (Iran included) portraying the destruction of the Statue of Liberty. It would be a major victory for them to be able to destroy the "icon" (idol) of America. To say that they are working on making their sick dream come true, would be an understatement. They are probably just waiting for the right moment. A moment that may be given to them by Obama's liberal policies and his suicidal policy of "extending a hand to muslims". Like his first phone call as President to Mahmoud Abbas of the PA - another rash decision. They interpret this as weakness and what better time to hit the "enemy" than when he is weak.

Had it not been for the Twin Towers coming down, it may have been said that it would be impossible to destroy the Statue of Liberty without a real all-out war. Hashem has shown us otherwise. Maybe to prepare or warn us.

Maybe the idol that Nachman was talking about is the freedom represented by the Statue of Liberty, which we are watching become threatened in America. Maybe it's even the tanking economy and Wall Street, which has been compared to another "idol" the Golden Calf. Or, maybe it is the physical Statue of Liberty which we can fairly assume is in danger as well.

One way or another, we're getting closer....We can get outta here, or we can be on the lookout for low-flying planes...It's our call!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Satellite Crash - Chess

A few days ago, an out of control, 2-ton Russian military satellite crashed into a commercial US satellite about 500 miles above Earth. Experts are now concerned about the debris that will be flying around at high speed in that very crowded area of space. There are many satellites orbiting at that height and many of them are communications and navigation satellites.

Chess- that's what it all is. As Rabbi Pinchas Winston explains so wonderfully: In a game of chess, the player can see all the moves of his opponent. He knows that his opponent wants to win the game and even watches as his opponent moves his pieces around the board. Yet, he has no idea what his opponent's precise plan is. He doesn't know what each move means in the scheme of things. Soon enough however, he finds himself checkmated and the game over.

So too, Hashem is "playing chess" with the world. He, in His ultimate wisdom is preparing events to seem "natural" and sometimes even insignificant to us. We all watch as He unfolds His master plan, yet we cannot fathom the depth and significance of any single event. Yet, we know that it is all part of the plan. The plan for Hashem to reveal himself as the Master of The Universe. The plan for the final redemption, may we merit it soon.

The ramifications of space debris flying with unbelievable velocity can be catastrophic. Who knows if this is Hashem's plan to set off a massive chain of events that can alter the face of modern communication, maybe at a time that the world would be relying on those communications against Hashem or His people! We have no idea. We only know one thing. That Hashem loves us and will always take care of us and will never ever forsake us. We must ensure that we rely on Him, completely and constantly. Not on anything else. He's making that very clear. Let's make sure that we are still "communicating" with Him and stay in constant contact. Especially since this week, we received the ultimate communication ever received on Earth - our Holy Torah.

Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Israel 18th Knesset

I would like to remind everyone of something that was said in the name of the famed Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri a"h, that Ariel Sharon's government would be the last government before Mashiach.

Due to Sharon's incapacitation, Olmert took over the "Sharon" government. Due to some complications, futher followed by Livni being unsuccessful in securing a coalition, the current elections were called for.

Let's also keep in mind that it's the 18th Knesset in the history of the "modern" Israel. 18 is "Chay", life - a good sign. Hopefully we will see the eternal "life" of Klal Yisrael when Melech HaMashiach arrives very soon!

What's interesting is that due to the close tie in this election, Kadima (Livni) with 28 seats and Likud (Netanyahu) with 27, things got a little complicated. It has been suggested by many that Livni will be unable to make a coalition (as she had previously failed to accomplish) and therefore the position of Prime Minister will be given to Netanyahu. It has been said that it may take up to 6 weeks to form the coalition and determine who will be Prime Minister.

It does not seem far-fetched to assume that there may be some type of legal dispute over the Prime Minister position, especially considering that BOTH Livni and Netanyahu have declared victory and given victory speeches (a most odd thing indeed, but a sign of the "chutzpah" in our times). Since officially, a new government has not been set up yet, Rabbi Kaduri's prediction is still in effect (and I truly believe it will be true).

As we get closer to Purim (I hope to write about this soon) and Pesah, It seems that we will be seeing the Geula continue to unfold even more clearly. Since the new government will likely take several weeks to form, it's date of "arrival" will possibly coincide with Purim or even later. A lot can happen by then, and I'm expecting it to.

We all need to believe that Mashiach can come TODAY, yet many may find it too hard to truly believe. If however, we look at the signs, it may become easier to feel the Geula coming and expect Mashiach at any time. Let's increase our "good behavior" and Teshuva. Let's ask ourselves - Are we doing enough?! What if today is the last day with a Yetzer Hara?

The popcorn is popping....we can hear the "pops" getting faster!
see Rabbi Pinchas Winston - on "microwave popcorn" - from several years ago, but even more pertinent now.

Li'shuatecha Kiviti Hashem - I hope (await) for your salvation, Hashem!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hashem's Signs in Numbers

I know I'm pushing this one a little...but I feel that it's the truth, either way. I was surprised to see the Dow Jones close at 7888.88, on a day that represented MAJOR changes in the world.

On this same exact day, a MASSIVE "stimulus" plan was passed by the Senate, preparing the course of changing America forever. Additionally, in Israel, elections were held, changing the course of government there. Not only that, but miraculously rain that has been so badly needed, fell in Israel today, too.

What interests me is the funny number that the Dow Jones closed at, and what it might mean. 7888.88 is really a funny number. It's too ordered to be left alone. It has to mean something.

Here's what I see in it. A 7 represents the finite "natural" world, just as the world we know was created in 7 days. 8 represents all that is supernatural, being that it is above 7. We also know that this world was created with the letter "Hey", which has the numerical value of 5. Seeing a 7 followed by five 8's, it really got me thinking. Maybe Hashem is showing us that the 7, the natural world, is not running as usually expected. Instead, the 5 (meaning the world, which was created with the 5th letter - "Hey") is now running on a supernatural level -- 8.

We are seeing so many things changing so rapidly. Things that just don't make sense. Things that are clearly supernatural are occurring all around us. We need to realize who is really behind it, and WHY He is doing it. Clearly, Hashem is showing us HIS hand directing everything in order to prepare us for a more stunning revelation - actually the most stunning revelation of Hashem's presence EVER.

Hashem is showing us that we need to realign our minds and hearts. We need to refocus on HIM. We need to change ourselves from natural to supernatural beings. He is always there for us and we need to rely on Him alone. The world is definitely in a downward spiral with no good ending in sight. Hashem will provide the good ending. We need to prepare ourselves in order to merit seeing it.

As we become closer to the Geula, it will become ever so clear that there is ONLY Hashem and He is directly controlling it all. My sincere wish is that we all get the message now, without the need for things to get worse, c"v. If we were ready, we wouldn't need these "wake-up calls". We clearly have more work to let's get to it. Time is running out!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Somali Pirates & Ransom Lessons

Hashem is showing His interaction in the minute details of the world. I've realized very many examples over the past few months. The Somali pirates however are quite intriguing as well.

After pressuring Israel to concede territory, money and power to Arab terrorist; as well as restrain from normal self-defense, the world is getting a taste of its own medicine. (This is Hashem's way showing us measure for measure so that we realize His omnipresence). Country after country continues to have their ships overtaken by Somali pirates. Instead of capturing the pirates and preventing this from happening in the future, interestingly, the nations of the world are paying the ransom - teaching the pirates that crime does in fact pay. The result is obvious - pirates are taking over more ships, realizing that it's a good business.

Several weeks ago, I was happy to hear that after receiving their ransom, these Somali pirates proceeded to escape in their boats. The hand of Hashem showed them (and us) the truth, when most of them drowned with their bounty. In fact, a "ben Noach" is liable for the death penalty for stealing (even a penny). All the more so, these pirates who threatened lives with weapons and have killed or injured people as well.

Hashem's light is shining through the cracks. Ever so softly, ever so gently. If we look around, it's all there for us to see. It's getting brighter....daybreak is not too far away!

Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hope, Change & Yes we Can

Did anyone else realize the parallels between Obama and ahmadinejad? Especially with the 2 phrases "Hope" and "Yes we can"?

Obama kept mentioning "hope" during his campaign. His slogan was also "Yes we can". I find it amazing that the satellite just launched by Iran was also called "hope" in farsi. The slogan used by ahmadinejad during his campaign in Iran was "we can". While the latter claims that Obama stole it from him, it has been reported that Obama used it in his 2004 Senate campaign. And Obama mentioned "change" - that surely seems to be happening - on MANY fronts.

The connections are quite interesting to note. A parallel between Obama and ahmadinejad. And again, if we think into them just a little, we can start to notice a pattern. A pattern of signs telling us that America is not going to be there for the Jews. A pattern that should scare a Jew that has his eyes open. A pattern that begs to answer the question, 'when will we get the hint'?

We have a history of not getting the hints. As humans, we also become accustomed to changes happening around us. As these subtle changes keep occuring, we rarely take a step back and realize where we really are and question 'how did we get here?'

The pattern of Obama leaning over and attempting to befriend the arab terrorists is emerging rapidly. In his inauguration speech, he mentioned "we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-believers". This is in stark contrast to the norm of pairing Jews with, lehavdil Christians. Additionally, if one pays attention, the term "non-believer" is often used by Muslims in reference to Jews, Christians and all others, prompting one to ask: 'what influences are truly driving this man?'

The first interview he gave was with "Al Arabiya" tv. His first phone call to Mahmoud Abbas of the "moderate" Fatah, who's stated goal is to 'remove the Zionist entity from Palestine'. He is 'extending his hand' to Iran and Syria. He spent his first day in office signing an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, housing the most wanted jihadists in American captivity. He has pledged to meet with the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), a most anti-Semitic organization of Muslims within his first 100 days in office. His promise to speak with Hugo Chavez of Venezuelan [anti-Semitic and anti-American] infamy is stated to be upheld as well.

The direction of this new administration is shocking at best. The 'sweeping changes' that are occuring in only the first 2 weeks in office are something WE should be looking at. We learn from King Solomon that the first point mentioned in a person's claim [in court] is the one he most means. If we pay attention to the first speech made by Obama we can see his plans for America. If we look at his actions, we are even more assured of his direction for this country.

Nobody can predict what is going to happen or how, but the direction that America is headed is something that can clearly be interpreted. I cannot stress enough the importance of all Jews of America (and the world) to be prepared for major changes. We are slowly becoming accustomed to these changes, rendering us effectively numb to the big picture. The Geula is underway, and if we just sit by idly and do nothing about it, the ramifications are quite scary and dangerous.

We need to be proactive on as many fronts as possible. That means we need to repent and make Teshuva for our past sins; pray for our personal and collective future; give charity as much as possible; strengthen our learning Torah (even by just a few minutes a day); and basically storm the Heavens with good deeds. The suffering imposed on the world is only to wake US up. We don't need to wait until it's dangerously unbearable to wake up - we can wake up NOW. Let's do it before it's too late.

visit and get inspired or inspire others to REALLY change!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recession - Days of Yore

Recession talk got you down? No need to be. We're on the road back to the past. Hashem is showing us where we're headed. We pray for it, don't we? "Chadesh Yamenu Ke'kedem" (renew our days, like days of yore).

I hope we are all getting spiritually prepared to return to our Holy Land; to our newly rebuilt Bet Hamikdash; to see Hashem's miracles openly always (we're already getting a taste of it).

I think the recession is only a sign of a bigger and more real recession. May we all merit to see it soon!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wake Up!

If anyone is still sleeping, let me attempt to wake you up. We are currently watching a most profoundly escalating worldwide Jihad movement push its way further into the West. By abusing the freedoms and rights granted by Western countries, these jihadists are staging protests and riots worldwide in support of terrorism. They exploit western values in order to gain power in their Stealth Jihad.

The past several weeks have brought us violence in the streets of major cities worldwide. New York, London as well as many European cities hosted disgraceful riots, violence and protests by supporters of Jihad shouting "free, free palestine".

I was shocked to see images reminiscent of pogrom mobs, where Muslim protesters chased police in London. The rioters, showing no fear or respect cursed and shouted at police while throwing sticks and traffic cones at them. The police were completely unable to stop the riot nor protect themselves. How much further will it go? Here's how much: Today, the police in the UK have announced a new program allowing Muslim women to become police officers and wear the newly adopted hijab to cover their head. If that's how they combat the threat of Islam, they are in for a big surprise.

Obama isn't doing us any good by trying to talk nice with Iran, who is continuing to race towards a bomb. Iran has also proudly announced that they supported Hamas "only financially" in this last Gaza war. I guess the ship laden with arms that is on its way to Gaza is only carrying "humanitarian aid".

Obama is also planning to send an ambassador to Syria and open dialogue with them; and maybe even remove sanctions on them. Let's not forget that Syria openly supports and funds terrorism against Israel and the US; and has been threatening Israel openly over the past several years. Remember that Israel bombed a nuclear plant in Syria over a year ago. Remember that the terrorists killing American soldiers in Iraq are being sent from Syria.

Threats and attacks on Jews, Shuls and anything "Jewish" worldwide have tripled since last year. Starbucks was also recently deemed a "Zionist" entity -- thereby increasing attacks on Starbucks. Jewish shop owners in Turkey are being threatened. To sum it up, anti-semitism propagated by Jihad is on the rise, fast!

To anyone with open eyes, the world situation is quickly deteriorating. The jihad has gone global and is only growing daily. Naturally, it is expected that at some point the scale will tip one way or another. Either the West will realize that Islam (there is no moderate Islam) is truly a threat to Western existence and fight against it; otherwise Islam will take over the West. Both are fearful situations to be avoided at all costs. However, Hashem has blinded the world to the threat of Islam and we are watching what happens when Islam is allowed to fester. This is to wake us up!

While we don't realize it, Hashem is continually preparing the world for His appearance in the final Geula. The phenomenon we are witnessing attests to it. Not only are we witnessing Islam's rise (as foretold by our Prophets), we are seeing the entire Nature speak of Hashem's nearness: Earthquakes worldwide, seismic activity by the Yellowstone super volcano (more), Mt. Redoubt ready to erupt in Alaska, Mt. Asama erupted today in Tokyo.

We have no idea what everything means. But the message is clear. The Geula is coming. Mashiach is coming. Mashiach will not come until we make Teshuva. That is a Halacha! We can repent out of fear or love of Hashem. Both count, though not equally. At this point, if we are not [at least] afraid, we are in more danger than we can imagine.

Hashem is giving us time. But things are escalating fast and time is running out. Let's all make peace with someone we were not on good terms with. Let's spend an extra minute praying for Hashem to protect Jews worldwide and shuttle us all to safety. [Safety is Israel and we all need to seriously plan to get there soon. I am encouraging everyone to at least get your passports in order. Mass Aliya comments welcome.]

Let's pray for the Geula! May we all merit to see it arrive peacefully, very soon, Amen!