Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Found

WND is reporting that they have obtained a copy of Obama's birth certificate showing he was born in Kenya.

This may be the smoking gun. It will prove the oft-quoted Zohar which states that Gog will be a king who will take the position with his smooth tongue and keep it through deceit and trickery....

Let's see what happens next.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

America - the laughing stock of the world

I've been noticing the downfall of America. I'm pretty sure we all have. The dollar is in shambles. All the rogue nations of the world making fun of America. The "Great" America is clearly on its way down. The talk in America now, is not of how great America is, but how to bring America "back".

I've noticed something interesting. With our president apologizing worldwide for America's actions, the current financial situation, the brewing wars, the truth of Congress being exposed (they sign bills without reading them?!), etc., it could be said that America is being made fun of. America has become the laughing stock of the world. What ever happened to the great nation?

There is a parallel story in the Megillah, where Haman (being at that time second in command) was ordered by the king Ahashverosh to ride Mordechai through the streets declaring 'this is what shall be done to a man who the king desires his great value'. This was a most degrading and embarrassing thing for him to do. In addition, we learn that his own daughter, upon seeing the sight, believed that surely it was her father being led by Mordechai through the streets. She proceeded to empty the family chamber pot upon what she thought was Mordechai's head. It was her own father and when he looked up, she committed suicide in her embarrassment.

This was the process of Haman's downfall. A miraculous rise to power; followed by being made into a laughing stock, followed by his ultimate downfall and death. I perceive it to be the same in America. Whether the entire history of America is counted or not, is not the issue. It is clear that America was the superpower of the world. They are now struggling to hold that title. Russia and China are clearly trying to pick up the title. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela are wishing for it as well, but are not anywhere near likely to get it unless they c"v kill most of the world with nukes.

At any rate, America is currently at the stage most likely to be right before its complete destruction. The RaDaK clearly explains that the downfall of Esav/Edom/the "west" is immediately preceding Mashiach's arrival. Hold on!