Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saudi King - is he going to make it?

As we can all see, the world is standing on eggshells. It's a matter of time until we hear about the "shot heard 'round the world"....

Just wondering if we have advance warning from our Holy Torah. It's been mentioned all over about everything starting when the king of "Arab" is killed. As debka reports, the Saudi King is headed for Damascus to try to deal with the Iran issue that he is deathly afraid of.

It's very possible that all the warnings we've been seeing lately will coincide. That's up to Hashem. But He may just be giving us advance notice....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being Positive

As we approach Rosh Hashana, it is most important for us to be positive. We see this theme repeated throughout Rosh Hashana and we must capitalize on it.

Despite it being a most awesome and fearful day- a day where the entire world is judged, person by person, nation by nation on every aspect of the upcoming year, we remain positive and hopeful.

Some examples:

- One would think that we should fast during a day of such magnitude, yet instead we eat as if it were a holiday.

- We eat special foods that symbolize in name, or otherwise good things - for example the head of a fish or lamb is eaten so that 'we should be the head and not the tail'. Honey (or sugar) is eaten so that we should have a 'sweet year'

- We do not mention our sins whatsoever - even going as far as abstaining from eating walnuts whose Hebrew spelling (Egoz) numerically equals that of sin (Chet)

- We make Teshuva and accept to be better this year, despite all our shortcomings and shortfalls

It is clear from our behavior that we are definitely thinking positive (and we should be). Our thinking controls our outcome and therefore we must make sure that we only think that we will have a wonderful, sweet, healthy, happy and successful year. We cannot think that there is any other option, rather we trust that Hashem will give us all those wonderful things - despite our shortcomings!

In the Piyut Achot Ketana, we end it by saying - let the year and its curses end, let the new year and its blessings begin. It doesn't say let the new year be blessed - rather 'the new year and its blessings'. The blessings are contained inside of the new year. The year is a clean slate - yet we determine what it will contain. If we think positive and believe that our wishes come true, they will.

Don't let your Yetzer Hara hold you back -- you know, he's the one telling you that you can't do it - that things are impossible or just too hard. If you don't believe in yourself (with Hashem's help of course), you failed from the start. That's what he wants you to do.

You will become a better person!

You will have a great year!

May Hashem bless all of Am Yisrael with an over-abundantly joyous year- full of health, happiness, success and the wonderful, long-awaited Geula Shelema (peacefully), Amen!

*I was introduced to the power of thinking positive by Rabbi Pinchas Winston. I highly suggest everyone read his wonderful book Be Positive Is Not Just a Blood Type - it will definitely change your life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nazis Reincarnated

The entire fiasco of "Human Rights" Watch and its "investigator" Garlasco ym"s has made me realize something fantastic.

Just to recap: Garlasco has been an avid collector of nazi memorabilia. After this came to light, he was finally suspended by HRW - probably just because of the bad PR surrounding the incident, but not because his beliefs are contrary to theirs...

Anyway, the relationship between an organization that is "investigating" so called "human rights" violations (usually only by Israel) and the nazis is a sign from Hashem. We have long been suffering from these "lovers of peace". Hashem in His infinite kindness has slightly lifted the veil allowing the truth to seep out for a moment.

They are all nazis - they are just taking a different approach.

All these organizations try to do is to discredit Jews and Israel worldwide. To garner support for "palestinians" a non-existent people fictitiously imagined in the evil mind of arafat, is to necessarily attempt to destroy Israel.

amalek's sole purpose was to destroy the Jewish people - to question the existence of Hashem. These organizations are just the same. Their attempt to discredit Israel is nothing more than the attempt of their ancestors to destroy our people in the Holocaust, nor is it any different than haman's attempt in Shushan or amalek's attempt to destroy our ancestors after they came out of Egypt with unbelievable miracles.

The format they use may change with the times, but the agenda is the same - to destroy us. This especially takes place after miracles have taken place for us (like the establishment of a Jewish State of Israel). Since they do not believe in Hashem or His Chosen Nation, they seek to undermine the legitimacy of Jews and Israel through lies, deceit and supporting our enemies. Their fate is sealed just as their ancestors before them. They are a dangerous bunch and Hashem is eagerly awaiting to destroy them at the right time - may it be soon in our days, Amen!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Edom, Red & America

We all assume Edom to be America/The West...
I've been thinking...
Edom actually means Red in Hebrew. Red is associated with Communism - as in Red China, Red Russia, etc. History has proven Communism to be a savage, murderous and destructive system. Just due to the brutality alone, it would not be a far shot to assume that Esav (Edom) is connected with Communism. All the more so, the excessive pursuit of materialism at all costs and the falsehood that permeates all facets of those societies.

What does it have to do with America?

Well, Edom must fall before Mashiach comes. This is mentioned specifically by our Rabbis on Tanach. It is clear that America now stands at a dangerous crossroad - one that could easily be the start of its final fall.

Since obama has taken office, America has been rapidly and subtly transforming it into a regime more like Red Russia than Red-White-and-Blue America. The current direction of the government eerily resembling that of Communist Russia, more and more each day. If so, this may be signaling that America is in fact Edom on another level and those "Red" qualities may be part of sealing its fate.

I think enough people (even those who are half asleep) have realized the scary direction America is taking. We are the children of Yaakov - our "voice" is what will protect us. If we raise up our voices in prayer asking Hashem to protect us among all of Am Yisrael, we will surely be protected. Once again, the safest place (albeit ironic) is Israel - the Land that Hashem promises that His "eyes" are watching always - 'from the beginning of the year until the end of the year'. If one can get to safety, there is no need to hesitate - time is running out...