Monday, June 22, 2009

Is it starting?

While the world has been one big flammable situation for quite a while, it has been only getting worse. It is really getting hot. Everything from North Korea to Iran to the economy is in flames. Just like it says - 'and the house of Esav [will be] straw'. Mashiach ben Yosef is the flame that lights it all up...

Connect all of what is going on right now, with what Ari Goldwag said last week about Tamuz and Av being the months given to Esav; it is pretty scary that all these things are starting to flame up just as we begin to enter into Tamuz.

While last week I wrote about Iran being vulnerable to outside attack due to the internal instability, I was reminded in the comments about Iran destroying the world. It may be time for us to watch and see a certain "king of Arab" coming to America or Europe to get advice (due to the situation in Iran). When that happens, we can expect Iran to do something crazy that will destroy the world. It is not unfeasible to imagine a power-crazed megalomaniac dictator like ahmadinejad launching even crude weapons in a last ditch effort before he is dethroned or killed.

Understandably, we need to focus on our Teshuva continuously. While we cannot predict the future, we can only be certain that we will be redeemed (hopefully, very soon). Chesed and Torah are very important as is modesty for women, as that is considered their learning Torah.

What I cannot stress enough is the need to stay away from all kinds of Machloket - dissent and fighting. The on-time presentation of the Perasha of Korach reminds of the importance of staying away from arguments. It is not hard to see that at this moment, the Satan is working very hard to try to increase arguments all over Am Yisrael - from the national level all the way down to individual households. Be especially weary of this tactic and try to avoid all conflicts. He's trying to ambush out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spies - Past and Present

Today, during the reading of the Torah, I found the words of the spies (in America, we read Shelach today) very intriguing. In fact, after reading Rabbi Pinchas Winston for so long, I have come to notice much of our own "spy" mentality quite well.

When the spies came back and began to describe the land, they actually started off pretty nicely. They described the land as flowing with milk and honey, just as Hashem had promised. They explained the might of the nations living there, but also discussed their locations, seeming to say that the land was in fact conquerable. This was the first part. It did not seem like anything "bad" was said about the land, at least not overly so.

What happened immediately after that was the shocker. Calev says 'let us go up into the land and inherit it'. Suddenly the spies changed their story. It was suddenly impossible to capture the land - there were giants; the land was 'eating its inhabitants'; the people are stronger than us (or as pointed out by Rashi and several other places, c"v stronger than Hashem), etc. That seemed to be the main part of the Lashon Hara spoken about the land.

What triggered their reaction? I believe it can be said that the forthright attitude of Calev actually got them scared. It was as if the land was a nice thing they would deal with later at some point. But the moment Calev said let's go up now, they were suddenly struck by fear. Huh? Wait?! We're not ready!

It is well known (explained by Rabbi Winston) that the ARIz"l explains that the generation that will greet Mashiach is the reincarnation of the generation of the Desert. Mashiach ben David is actually Moshe Rabenu as well. The same test that was given to them, would therefore be given to the generation of Mashiach. They failed, we will need to pass.

Today, it is exactly the same. We have all kinds of people who are "Zionists". They love Eretz Yisrael; they make Bar Mitzvahs there; they go to the Israel Day Parade to "show support"; make mock "shuks" in school; make plays for Yom Ha'Atzmaut, etc...But what happens when you tell them that we are ignoring a precious opportunity to do the will of Hashem and move to Eretz Yisrael? You get "it's impossible to live there; there's no business; the taxes....; the government; the army; the bureaucracy, etc".

Isn't it the same? On the one hand, we "love Israel", yet the moment we are pressed to act upon that "love" we c"v deride the land. It seems just the same as the spies and it's quite scary.

We're living in a time where it's no longer just a idealistic thing to do, it's becoming more of a safety concern. While we were promised bloodshed explicitly in TaNaCh before Mashiach, we were at the same time promised safety in Eretz Yisrael (see Yoel 3:5 and Malbi"m). Those days do not seem far away, as anyone listening with even half an ear can attest.

Rejection of Eretz Yisrael is a prime source of Divine punishment, c"v. Not to say that some people don't have legitimate concerns, but the casual rejection is stunning. When it rains on the first night of Sukkot, almost nobody just brushes it off and eats inside. They wait and try to eat in the Sukkah, etc. But yet those same people can casually brush off the Divine will of Hashem to live in the Land or at least aspire to and try to attain that goal. I sometimes wonder if people actually realize what they are praying for. If they did, they would realize that we ask Hashem for the Land more than our health, or Parnassa or anything else. It's in almost every prayer from Al Hamichya and Birkat Hamazon (several times) to every Amidah (also several times).

Maybe we need to realize that our "priorities" (especially if we are the reincarnation of the spies) is not usually [naturally] in line with Hashem's priorities. If we correct the sin of the spies, we will surely merit to see the redemption sprout forth quickly, and painlessly, Amen.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The beginning of the end for Iran

As I've written previously in ahmedinejad - learning from haman, it seems like it has indeed begun. That is, the downfall of the wicked haman in Iran.

A look at the pictures coming out of Iran, despite the ban on text messaging and internet, is a lesson in the power of sheer numbers of people. The government in Iran is clearly very afraid of those people. It also gives me chills to realize that NO government can stop anything from happening if the people desire it enough. Not even America....hint, hint.

Has the rasha's merits run out? It seems like it has...The footsteps are getting louder.

ps...When a country is dealing with such a massive internal problem, it is a perfect time for them to be attacked from external forces...I just hope those plans are ready....and that we're all ready for what comes with it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Flood?

We all know the promise of Hashem to Noach, that He will never bring another Mabul to destroy the world. The symbol of this promise is the rainbow, which appears at any moment that there would have been a Mabul had it not been for that promise. Unfortunately, too many rainbows have appeared throughout the world, especially in recent years.

History of the Mabul

One of the reasons for the original Mabul was stealing. The people would steal from each other tiny amounts (worth less than a "peruta" or penny). It is told that each person would steal a tiny amount and at the end of the day, the vendor was left with nothing. This was impossible to enforce in a court of law (Bet Din) as they do not have jurisdiction upon a value so small. Therefore Hashem had to judge the cases.

Once Hashem got involved in dealing with the crime, there was a portfolio of other unpunished crimes that were done by the generation. These too had to be dealt with. Therefore, the flood was brought upon the world, destroying it completely, save Noach and his family and the animals that he was commanded to bring with him into the Ark.

One specific sin that was mentioned was homosexuality. This was not only between people, but even the animals and vegetation became corrupt and acted likewise. The vegetation would not sprout what was planted, rather a different thing. So if someone planted wheat, barley would grow, etc.

Future Mabul

Hashem promised to never bring another flood. But He was discussing one of water. We do know that there will be a flood of fire at the end of days. I try to picture S'dom, the city of sinners - burning down (actually melting down) from the unbelievable destruction that was brought upon it, for its iniquity.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt"l said that New York is even more corrupt than S'dom. Had it not been that there are Jews earning money and supporting Torah with that money, NY would have long gone the path of S'dom. I sometimes wonder if 9/11 was only a preview. I cannot imagine what is to be said of other cities with worse reputations. Or of a country with laws permitting outright stealing under a nice headline of "Bankruptcy" as we see going on today.

If we learn from history, we can therefore expect another Mabul (this time of fire) to come upon the world for its crimes. Most of it will likely have to do with the persecution they have done to us over the years. Once that is being judged, the rest of the crimes will be as well and we can only imagine what will ensue.

Brewing storm

That is why I take particular interest when reading that there are "super volcanoes" brewing in America. Under Yellowstone National Park and Mt. St. Helens in Washington. At some point, these volcanoes can erupt, spewing an unprecented amount of lava, that could cover several states.

Obviously, I have no idea what Hashem's plans are. It would be pretty dumb to even guess. I just take it that we need to realize what's really brewing and what's really in store. The world can continue to think everything is fine and worry about their dollars or what's left of them. Meanwhile, we are being warned to prepare for dangerous tests of our faith. If we can hold on to Hashem, we will be safe. That will surely be a most difficult thing to do. We cannot trust ourselves and must strengthen and prepare for it. Looking around, it is clear that these tests have already begun and will only get tougher.

Whats New?

Although there have been many new developments over the past few weeks, most are not out of the ordinary. [Ordinary, in pre-Mashiach terms of course.]

It clearly seems that the spiral downhill is only speeding up. This is a good thing. We are to witness the revelation of a world so diametrically opposite of anything we're used to. The events that have been transpiring are clearly the precursor of those changes.

It has only become clearer and clearer that we are to cling to Hashem with strong faith, even though we are witnessing severe and sometimes painful situations. It's all part of our final test, which is likely to be the most difficult in history.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Opening our Eyes and Ears

Just saw Glenn Beck telling the world the truth (as usual). As Jews, he's telling us something that we all should know already, but are likely unprepared for. The first group to get blamed when things go "south" is us...It's already subtly begun.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Esav and Amalek

I was pondering the forced conversions at the hand of the inquisition. As a man stood there at the stake, about to be burned alive, they offered him a final chance - embrace the cross and be saved. The funny thing is, as we all know, what kind of feeble religion needs the forced conversion of a Jew? How much could it possibly mean, when a person facing death chooses to become baptized to save their life? Apparently - enough.

On the other hand, amalek didn't care for conversions. Real or fake, they meant nothing. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust, even though they were "christians" for several generations? Nobody cared. A Jew is a Jew. No way to erase that. No conversion can change it.

Today, we still have both elements. Some more open than others. But they are still out and about, all vying for the Jewish soul. That's their nourishment. The holiness that a Jew contains, is what they need to live off as Tumah, has no root in creation. It's existence is based on living off holiness.

If we only realized how special we all are and how much power we contain...

Forcing our hand

It's quite clear what obama's objectives are. Lehavdil, we are also quite sure of Hashem's objectives. The question is how do the 2 reconcile?

I believe that the hand of Am Yisrael is being forced. Sometimes that's actually a good thing. By forcing us into a position where we MUST say no to America and defend ourselves, we will be forced to rely on Hashem. There really is nobody behind us. America has never been, either. Even the facade that made it seem that it was America, was only Hashem. Therefore the facade is being removed, so we can trust in THE true cause...

As the demands pile up and we see how stupid they are, it is becoming clearer what will need to take place. Territory for terror as someone put it...That's the trend. Apparently the world just wants us to leave the land once again. As the pictures from the Israel Day Parade yesterday in Manhattan showed 'Close Gitmo, Re-Open Auschwitz' - That's what they want from us.

We're entering a period of time where what will directly determine our fate, is our trust in Hashem. There is nothing else to trust in. Hashem is exposing the false gods for what they are. Time to open our eyes.