Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Ant and the Grasshopper


This one is a little different... . Two Different
Versions.... .......... .... Two Different Morals


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away...
Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself!


The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

CBS , NBC , PBS , CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

America is stunned by the sharp contrast.
How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ' It's Not Easy Being Green ..'

ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house where the news stations film the group singing, We shall overcome. Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray to God for the grasshopper's sake.

President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus , and the Pope for the grasshopper's plight.

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper , and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.

The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ants food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant's old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn't maintain it.

The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again. The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and once peaceful, neighborhood.

The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest of the free world with it.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be careful how you vote in 2010.

I've sent this to you because I believe that you are an ant not a grasshopper! Make sure that you pass this on to other ants. Don't bother sending it on to any grasshoppers because they wouldn't understand it, anyway.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dubai having money problems

Just continuing the spiral downwards - the downfall of materialism - the truth coming out of hiding... Dubai declares that it cannot pay its bills. They want to delay payment on their $60 Billion in debt for at least 6 months, until May 2010.

I see the Geula approaching every day - do you? Be sure to leave some comments...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gematriot of Barack Obama

...Been thinking - We've all been calculating his name as Barak with a 'Kof' = 100 - as in the Hebrew word for lightning - Barak. However, if his name is sourced in Arabic, it's much more likely that the name really is spelled with a 'Kaf' = 20 - as in Arabic (Hebrew counterpart of Beracha, blessing).

Maybe we all need look into the Gematriot again and see what comes up...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Ironic?

Does anyone else find it totally absurd that obama is discussing sanctions on Iran with none other than Russia? Didn't they build the nuclear facilities for Iran in the first place?!

Would love to hear what you think in the comments...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Tower of Babel

Just a quick thought:
The original Tower of Babel was created by a united force of corrupt people. They all used their strength and power to attempt to make a united "global" government - one especially powerful - hence their desire to fight Hashem and "rule" without Him.

Their punishment was separation - to different nations, languages and parts of the world. This has been the case ever since. The world has yet to be united in its desire for anything!

But today, we see the world headed towards global government. It started with the League of Nations, changed to the UN and is now basically headed by obama. They even awarded him an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, without his making peace in any form.

Unless of course that "peace" really means being the leader of the global government that will unite once again to attempt to destroy Hashem. This time, that attempt will not be merely a tower to shoot arrows at Hashem, rather a coup on the people of Hashem - the Jewish people. For if there are no people of Hashem (c"v), what kind of Kingdom does Hashem have?!

As our Prophets have told us, there will be a global government that will attempt to destroy the Jewish people. This will take place on the Land of Israel. There will be an unprecedented war in magnitude (yes, bigger than WW2). Every nation will be involved. The leader will be named Gog. Everyone should already know these things. (If not, leave me some comments, and I'll try to gather and post the sources).

Our Rabbis told us that we will not know who this character is, until he arrives on scene. There are very strong indicators that this man is obama. He is getting warmed up in his role. His meteoric rise to fame is definitely proof of Hashem's direct involvement. The fact that he will likely NOT get re-elected, means that this situation will reach its climax within the next 3 years.

Man will never learn. History DOES repeat itself. May Hashem protect us all and bring us Mashiach quickly, safely and peacefully, Amen!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Self Destruction

Am Yisrael has historically caused ourselves much destruction and problems. All of our problems are self-inflicted, since if we clung to Hashem properly, He would never have sent us any problems or "bad" decrees. The name a few - the 40 years in the desert, the destruction of both Batei Mikdash, the subsequent Galuyot that we are still suffering from and all that comes with it, and dare I say it- the Holocaust too.

We might not always know exactly what we did wrong, especially since we have lost our Prophets and Sanhedrin; but we do know that we are not perfect and sadly have strayed far from our connection to Hashem. Connection to Hashem = everything wonderful; separation from Hashem = really scary c"v.

When spiritual deficiencies cause physical punishment is understandable. Yet, when the spiritual deficiencies cause physical self-destruction, it is even more amazing. I refer to the situation Israel is facing - specifically with hamas. The self-destruction is apparent to anyone with open eyes. If one has read Rabbi Meir Kahane, he predicted today's situation long ago.

The Israeli Army (IDF) believes in the value of human life - understandable, commendable. They claim it to be a Jewish trait from the Torah - that is not the whole story however. The Torah does not condone putting Jews in danger to protect our enemies' lives. What the IDF does is above and beyond what 'ANY army in the history of warfare has ever done', yet that has not given them an inch of leverage with the UN or anyone else. Instead, the recently released Goldstone report found fault with the IDF during Operation Cast Lead in precisely what the IDF was careful to avoid - unnecessary human casualties.

Today we know that if a child is given a bad title (dumb, stealer, late, untidy) they will take that role soon enough. There is no reason for them to try to impress the other party, if they are not recognized for it. Unfortunately this lesson in self-destruction, Israel has yet to learn. Had they razed the West Bank after issuing warnings and dropping 2 million leaflets, the world would have issued the same scathing reports - big deal. They got it anyway, even though they worked so hard to prevent the casualties. Had they denied entry of aid into their enemies hands, they would have been condemned nonetheless, but they would have starved out their enemy.

The scary thing is that they knew this from the start, yet continued to behave as they did. The world would never give them any leeway - simply because they are Jewish and the world hates us all. Some might even respect a country who properly defends itself. But that was not what was done.

Israel might be thinking they are doing the "right" thing, or the "moral" thing or the "Torah" thing. But those questions are decided by the Torah and its professionals - the Rabbis. A unlearned one cannot be pious (Pirke Avot) - simply, because he does not know what to do or how to do it, what piety can he attain?

Today, it is clear - Hashem wants more from us. We watch and wait as this same situation unfolds with Iran. Will Israel do what's right, what's REALLY right, or what the world wants them to do? (The world basically wants Israel to paint a big bullseye to help Iran aim a nuclear missile to the correct position, c"v.) As we have seen historically, the options on the table may be many, but if we forget for a second WHO is really moving the chess pieces, we become the losers, c"v. If one thinks they are running the show themselves, their punishment is that Hashem let's him do just that. Which usually results in the kind of self-destruction we mentioned above.

May we all merit to see Hashem's light shine upon us and show us the correct path in EVERY facet of our lives, so that we shall not falter c"v for even a moment. We can then merit the coming of Mashiach, quickly, amazingly and peacefully!

Debunking Mashiach Rumors

It's really unbelievable, but over the past several years, Mashiach "rumors" have been spreading nonstop. Not only are they coming frequently from different sources, if we take a step back we are probably living in the most densely clustered period in history for such rumors.

No doubt, there must be a reason for this phenomenon.

I've personally witnessed in my own life how Hashem "prepares" a person for upcoming events. For example, I might have "happened" to hear my Rabbi answering a certain Halachic question, which I did not know the answer to; and minutes later have to deal with the same question in my own home. Only now I already know the answer. This is known as "Refuah Lifne Hamaka" - the cure before the affliction (disease) and that is how Hashem runs the world.

It seems clear to me that although these rumors about Mashiach coming on this day or that day have yet to materialize, they are preparing us for his imminent arrival by accomplishing two powerful tasks:
1. Causing us to constantly think about Mashiach and [re]evaluate our lives
2. Causing us to become desensitized, since Mashiach did not arrive on those dates, making us to become more incredulous to each subsequent rumor

These two tasks work together. They bring the "real" believers closer to Hashem and redemption by making them be on their best behavior. They also cause a person to flex his muscles of Emunah, believing that Mashiach will come despite the fact that "x" date or event has passed and Mashiach still did not arrive.

It also creates an environment of disbelief. So many dates and times have passed and Mashiach has not arrived, that when he actually DOES arrive, we may have a hard time believing it. We know that Mashiach will arrive "suddenly" (Pit'om) or as Yaakov Shwekey's song is titled - "Pis'om". We will truthfully not be prepared for Mashiach. Additionally, we will say 'He's here already? It was too fast, we're not ready!'.

Hopefully, some of us will be prepared at least a little. May it be SOON and PEACEFULLY!

(and to all who believe he has come already in one form or another, I sincerely hope and pray that Hashem shows you the correct path, so that you in fact merit to see the REAL Mashiach and do not delay his arrival by your misguided beliefs)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saudi King - is he going to make it?

As we can all see, the world is standing on eggshells. It's a matter of time until we hear about the "shot heard 'round the world"....

Just wondering if we have advance warning from our Holy Torah. It's been mentioned all over about everything starting when the king of "Arab" is killed. As debka reports, the Saudi King is headed for Damascus to try to deal with the Iran issue that he is deathly afraid of.

It's very possible that all the warnings we've been seeing lately will coincide. That's up to Hashem. But He may just be giving us advance notice....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being Positive

As we approach Rosh Hashana, it is most important for us to be positive. We see this theme repeated throughout Rosh Hashana and we must capitalize on it.

Despite it being a most awesome and fearful day- a day where the entire world is judged, person by person, nation by nation on every aspect of the upcoming year, we remain positive and hopeful.

Some examples:

- One would think that we should fast during a day of such magnitude, yet instead we eat as if it were a holiday.

- We eat special foods that symbolize in name, or otherwise good things - for example the head of a fish or lamb is eaten so that 'we should be the head and not the tail'. Honey (or sugar) is eaten so that we should have a 'sweet year'

- We do not mention our sins whatsoever - even going as far as abstaining from eating walnuts whose Hebrew spelling (Egoz) numerically equals that of sin (Chet)

- We make Teshuva and accept to be better this year, despite all our shortcomings and shortfalls

It is clear from our behavior that we are definitely thinking positive (and we should be). Our thinking controls our outcome and therefore we must make sure that we only think that we will have a wonderful, sweet, healthy, happy and successful year. We cannot think that there is any other option, rather we trust that Hashem will give us all those wonderful things - despite our shortcomings!

In the Piyut Achot Ketana, we end it by saying - let the year and its curses end, let the new year and its blessings begin. It doesn't say let the new year be blessed - rather 'the new year and its blessings'. The blessings are contained inside of the new year. The year is a clean slate - yet we determine what it will contain. If we think positive and believe that our wishes come true, they will.

Don't let your Yetzer Hara hold you back -- you know, he's the one telling you that you can't do it - that things are impossible or just too hard. If you don't believe in yourself (with Hashem's help of course), you failed from the start. That's what he wants you to do.

You will become a better person!

You will have a great year!

May Hashem bless all of Am Yisrael with an over-abundantly joyous year- full of health, happiness, success and the wonderful, long-awaited Geula Shelema (peacefully), Amen!

*I was introduced to the power of thinking positive by Rabbi Pinchas Winston. I highly suggest everyone read his wonderful book Be Positive Is Not Just a Blood Type - it will definitely change your life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nazis Reincarnated

The entire fiasco of "Human Rights" Watch and its "investigator" Garlasco ym"s has made me realize something fantastic.

Just to recap: Garlasco has been an avid collector of nazi memorabilia. After this came to light, he was finally suspended by HRW - probably just because of the bad PR surrounding the incident, but not because his beliefs are contrary to theirs...

Anyway, the relationship between an organization that is "investigating" so called "human rights" violations (usually only by Israel) and the nazis is a sign from Hashem. We have long been suffering from these "lovers of peace". Hashem in His infinite kindness has slightly lifted the veil allowing the truth to seep out for a moment.

They are all nazis - they are just taking a different approach.

All these organizations try to do is to discredit Jews and Israel worldwide. To garner support for "palestinians" a non-existent people fictitiously imagined in the evil mind of arafat, is to necessarily attempt to destroy Israel.

amalek's sole purpose was to destroy the Jewish people - to question the existence of Hashem. These organizations are just the same. Their attempt to discredit Israel is nothing more than the attempt of their ancestors to destroy our people in the Holocaust, nor is it any different than haman's attempt in Shushan or amalek's attempt to destroy our ancestors after they came out of Egypt with unbelievable miracles.

The format they use may change with the times, but the agenda is the same - to destroy us. This especially takes place after miracles have taken place for us (like the establishment of a Jewish State of Israel). Since they do not believe in Hashem or His Chosen Nation, they seek to undermine the legitimacy of Jews and Israel through lies, deceit and supporting our enemies. Their fate is sealed just as their ancestors before them. They are a dangerous bunch and Hashem is eagerly awaiting to destroy them at the right time - may it be soon in our days, Amen!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Edom, Red & America

We all assume Edom to be America/The West...
I've been thinking...
Edom actually means Red in Hebrew. Red is associated with Communism - as in Red China, Red Russia, etc. History has proven Communism to be a savage, murderous and destructive system. Just due to the brutality alone, it would not be a far shot to assume that Esav (Edom) is connected with Communism. All the more so, the excessive pursuit of materialism at all costs and the falsehood that permeates all facets of those societies.

What does it have to do with America?

Well, Edom must fall before Mashiach comes. This is mentioned specifically by our Rabbis on Tanach. It is clear that America now stands at a dangerous crossroad - one that could easily be the start of its final fall.

Since obama has taken office, America has been rapidly and subtly transforming it into a regime more like Red Russia than Red-White-and-Blue America. The current direction of the government eerily resembling that of Communist Russia, more and more each day. If so, this may be signaling that America is in fact Edom on another level and those "Red" qualities may be part of sealing its fate.

I think enough people (even those who are half asleep) have realized the scary direction America is taking. We are the children of Yaakov - our "voice" is what will protect us. If we raise up our voices in prayer asking Hashem to protect us among all of Am Yisrael, we will surely be protected. Once again, the safest place (albeit ironic) is Israel - the Land that Hashem promises that His "eyes" are watching always - 'from the beginning of the year until the end of the year'. If one can get to safety, there is no need to hesitate - time is running out...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Found

WND is reporting that they have obtained a copy of Obama's birth certificate showing he was born in Kenya.

This may be the smoking gun. It will prove the oft-quoted Zohar which states that Gog will be a king who will take the position with his smooth tongue and keep it through deceit and trickery....

Let's see what happens next.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

America - the laughing stock of the world

I've been noticing the downfall of America. I'm pretty sure we all have. The dollar is in shambles. All the rogue nations of the world making fun of America. The "Great" America is clearly on its way down. The talk in America now, is not of how great America is, but how to bring America "back".

I've noticed something interesting. With our president apologizing worldwide for America's actions, the current financial situation, the brewing wars, the truth of Congress being exposed (they sign bills without reading them?!), etc., it could be said that America is being made fun of. America has become the laughing stock of the world. What ever happened to the great nation?

There is a parallel story in the Megillah, where Haman (being at that time second in command) was ordered by the king Ahashverosh to ride Mordechai through the streets declaring 'this is what shall be done to a man who the king desires his great value'. This was a most degrading and embarrassing thing for him to do. In addition, we learn that his own daughter, upon seeing the sight, believed that surely it was her father being led by Mordechai through the streets. She proceeded to empty the family chamber pot upon what she thought was Mordechai's head. It was her own father and when he looked up, she committed suicide in her embarrassment.

This was the process of Haman's downfall. A miraculous rise to power; followed by being made into a laughing stock, followed by his ultimate downfall and death. I perceive it to be the same in America. Whether the entire history of America is counted or not, is not the issue. It is clear that America was the superpower of the world. They are now struggling to hold that title. Russia and China are clearly trying to pick up the title. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela are wishing for it as well, but are not anywhere near likely to get it unless they c"v kill most of the world with nukes.

At any rate, America is currently at the stage most likely to be right before its complete destruction. The RaDaK clearly explains that the downfall of Esav/Edom/the "west" is immediately preceding Mashiach's arrival. Hold on!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The 44th President

Anybody else realize that Obama is the 44th president and 44=DAM (blood) in Hebrew?


Three Weeks for Who?

When the "Three Weeks" comes along, I often find that we all dread it. Nobody looks forward to a time in the middle of the summer, where we are supposed to limit our summer "fun", stop listening to music, try to stay as safe as possible, etc...We often just want it to be over- and after Tisha B'av is over we find ourselves relieved of a "burden".

I believe we have it all backwards. Are we "suffering" by limiting our enjoyment? Is that suffering? Did we think about Hashem? Hashem's Shechina is suffering. It's in Exile with us too. Hashem promises that His Shechina did not ascend to its "home" as long as we are in Exile. I'm pretty sure we've got it all wrong. For a mere three weeks a year we feel a little less excitement and fun - as if those are the most important things in life. Then we go about our merry way and forget about it all.

Hashem is the one suffering here. We may forget that, especially when times are good. But Hashem is constantly suffering that we are in Exile. He wants us to beg and plead for it to be over. Even if we'll lose our own free choice in the process (once Mashiach comes) - we still need to beg Hashem to end this Exile for HIS sake. We need to stop being selfish and thinking of ourselves. These three weeks are a perfect time for self-introspection...Shabbat Shalom

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Statue of Liberty Beheaded...

According to the NY Post, a replica of the Statue of Liberty was beheaded after being stolen from a Brooklyn NY coffee shop.

This eerily reminds me of a previous post - Stimulus and Loss of Liberty, where we discussed the Statue of Liberty being destroyed right before Mashiach arrives. Being that nothing is a coincidence, I feel that Hashem is clearly sending us a message to foreshadow and remind us of what's up ahead....

As we begin the Three Weeks of mourning for our Bet Hamikdash and exile, we should realize that the cause of this exile was baseless hatred amongst Jews. Until this is rectified, we will remain in exile. Unfortunately for us, Hashem will have His way regardless. So when the time comes, we will either have rectified it or will be Chas VeShalom forced into a predicament where it comes somewhat automatically. It's not Elul yet, but it's definitely time to start waking up before we cross the point of no return.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Is it starting?

While the world has been one big flammable situation for quite a while, it has been only getting worse. It is really getting hot. Everything from North Korea to Iran to the economy is in flames. Just like it says - 'and the house of Esav [will be] straw'. Mashiach ben Yosef is the flame that lights it all up...

Connect all of what is going on right now, with what Ari Goldwag said last week about Tamuz and Av being the months given to Esav; it is pretty scary that all these things are starting to flame up just as we begin to enter into Tamuz.

While last week I wrote about Iran being vulnerable to outside attack due to the internal instability, I was reminded in the comments about Iran destroying the world. It may be time for us to watch and see a certain "king of Arab" coming to America or Europe to get advice (due to the situation in Iran). When that happens, we can expect Iran to do something crazy that will destroy the world. It is not unfeasible to imagine a power-crazed megalomaniac dictator like ahmadinejad launching even crude weapons in a last ditch effort before he is dethroned or killed.

Understandably, we need to focus on our Teshuva continuously. While we cannot predict the future, we can only be certain that we will be redeemed (hopefully, very soon). Chesed and Torah are very important as is modesty for women, as that is considered their learning Torah.

What I cannot stress enough is the need to stay away from all kinds of Machloket - dissent and fighting. The on-time presentation of the Perasha of Korach reminds of the importance of staying away from arguments. It is not hard to see that at this moment, the Satan is working very hard to try to increase arguments all over Am Yisrael - from the national level all the way down to individual households. Be especially weary of this tactic and try to avoid all conflicts. He's trying to ambush out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spies - Past and Present

Today, during the reading of the Torah, I found the words of the spies (in America, we read Shelach today) very intriguing. In fact, after reading Rabbi Pinchas Winston for so long, I have come to notice much of our own "spy" mentality quite well.

When the spies came back and began to describe the land, they actually started off pretty nicely. They described the land as flowing with milk and honey, just as Hashem had promised. They explained the might of the nations living there, but also discussed their locations, seeming to say that the land was in fact conquerable. This was the first part. It did not seem like anything "bad" was said about the land, at least not overly so.

What happened immediately after that was the shocker. Calev says 'let us go up into the land and inherit it'. Suddenly the spies changed their story. It was suddenly impossible to capture the land - there were giants; the land was 'eating its inhabitants'; the people are stronger than us (or as pointed out by Rashi and several other places, c"v stronger than Hashem), etc. That seemed to be the main part of the Lashon Hara spoken about the land.

What triggered their reaction? I believe it can be said that the forthright attitude of Calev actually got them scared. It was as if the land was a nice thing they would deal with later at some point. But the moment Calev said let's go up now, they were suddenly struck by fear. Huh? Wait?! We're not ready!

It is well known (explained by Rabbi Winston) that the ARIz"l explains that the generation that will greet Mashiach is the reincarnation of the generation of the Desert. Mashiach ben David is actually Moshe Rabenu as well. The same test that was given to them, would therefore be given to the generation of Mashiach. They failed, we will need to pass.

Today, it is exactly the same. We have all kinds of people who are "Zionists". They love Eretz Yisrael; they make Bar Mitzvahs there; they go to the Israel Day Parade to "show support"; make mock "shuks" in school; make plays for Yom Ha'Atzmaut, etc...But what happens when you tell them that we are ignoring a precious opportunity to do the will of Hashem and move to Eretz Yisrael? You get "it's impossible to live there; there's no business; the taxes....; the government; the army; the bureaucracy, etc".

Isn't it the same? On the one hand, we "love Israel", yet the moment we are pressed to act upon that "love" we c"v deride the land. It seems just the same as the spies and it's quite scary.

We're living in a time where it's no longer just a idealistic thing to do, it's becoming more of a safety concern. While we were promised bloodshed explicitly in TaNaCh before Mashiach, we were at the same time promised safety in Eretz Yisrael (see Yoel 3:5 and Malbi"m). Those days do not seem far away, as anyone listening with even half an ear can attest.

Rejection of Eretz Yisrael is a prime source of Divine punishment, c"v. Not to say that some people don't have legitimate concerns, but the casual rejection is stunning. When it rains on the first night of Sukkot, almost nobody just brushes it off and eats inside. They wait and try to eat in the Sukkah, etc. But yet those same people can casually brush off the Divine will of Hashem to live in the Land or at least aspire to and try to attain that goal. I sometimes wonder if people actually realize what they are praying for. If they did, they would realize that we ask Hashem for the Land more than our health, or Parnassa or anything else. It's in almost every prayer from Al Hamichya and Birkat Hamazon (several times) to every Amidah (also several times).

Maybe we need to realize that our "priorities" (especially if we are the reincarnation of the spies) is not usually [naturally] in line with Hashem's priorities. If we correct the sin of the spies, we will surely merit to see the redemption sprout forth quickly, and painlessly, Amen.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The beginning of the end for Iran

As I've written previously in ahmedinejad - learning from haman, it seems like it has indeed begun. That is, the downfall of the wicked haman in Iran.

A look at the pictures coming out of Iran, despite the ban on text messaging and internet, is a lesson in the power of sheer numbers of people. The government in Iran is clearly very afraid of those people. It also gives me chills to realize that NO government can stop anything from happening if the people desire it enough. Not even America....hint, hint.

Has the rasha's merits run out? It seems like it has...The footsteps are getting louder.

ps...When a country is dealing with such a massive internal problem, it is a perfect time for them to be attacked from external forces...I just hope those plans are ready....and that we're all ready for what comes with it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Flood?

We all know the promise of Hashem to Noach, that He will never bring another Mabul to destroy the world. The symbol of this promise is the rainbow, which appears at any moment that there would have been a Mabul had it not been for that promise. Unfortunately, too many rainbows have appeared throughout the world, especially in recent years.

History of the Mabul

One of the reasons for the original Mabul was stealing. The people would steal from each other tiny amounts (worth less than a "peruta" or penny). It is told that each person would steal a tiny amount and at the end of the day, the vendor was left with nothing. This was impossible to enforce in a court of law (Bet Din) as they do not have jurisdiction upon a value so small. Therefore Hashem had to judge the cases.

Once Hashem got involved in dealing with the crime, there was a portfolio of other unpunished crimes that were done by the generation. These too had to be dealt with. Therefore, the flood was brought upon the world, destroying it completely, save Noach and his family and the animals that he was commanded to bring with him into the Ark.

One specific sin that was mentioned was homosexuality. This was not only between people, but even the animals and vegetation became corrupt and acted likewise. The vegetation would not sprout what was planted, rather a different thing. So if someone planted wheat, barley would grow, etc.

Future Mabul

Hashem promised to never bring another flood. But He was discussing one of water. We do know that there will be a flood of fire at the end of days. I try to picture S'dom, the city of sinners - burning down (actually melting down) from the unbelievable destruction that was brought upon it, for its iniquity.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt"l said that New York is even more corrupt than S'dom. Had it not been that there are Jews earning money and supporting Torah with that money, NY would have long gone the path of S'dom. I sometimes wonder if 9/11 was only a preview. I cannot imagine what is to be said of other cities with worse reputations. Or of a country with laws permitting outright stealing under a nice headline of "Bankruptcy" as we see going on today.

If we learn from history, we can therefore expect another Mabul (this time of fire) to come upon the world for its crimes. Most of it will likely have to do with the persecution they have done to us over the years. Once that is being judged, the rest of the crimes will be as well and we can only imagine what will ensue.

Brewing storm

That is why I take particular interest when reading that there are "super volcanoes" brewing in America. Under Yellowstone National Park and Mt. St. Helens in Washington. At some point, these volcanoes can erupt, spewing an unprecented amount of lava, that could cover several states.

Obviously, I have no idea what Hashem's plans are. It would be pretty dumb to even guess. I just take it that we need to realize what's really brewing and what's really in store. The world can continue to think everything is fine and worry about their dollars or what's left of them. Meanwhile, we are being warned to prepare for dangerous tests of our faith. If we can hold on to Hashem, we will be safe. That will surely be a most difficult thing to do. We cannot trust ourselves and must strengthen and prepare for it. Looking around, it is clear that these tests have already begun and will only get tougher.

Whats New?

Although there have been many new developments over the past few weeks, most are not out of the ordinary. [Ordinary, in pre-Mashiach terms of course.]

It clearly seems that the spiral downhill is only speeding up. This is a good thing. We are to witness the revelation of a world so diametrically opposite of anything we're used to. The events that have been transpiring are clearly the precursor of those changes.

It has only become clearer and clearer that we are to cling to Hashem with strong faith, even though we are witnessing severe and sometimes painful situations. It's all part of our final test, which is likely to be the most difficult in history.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Opening our Eyes and Ears

Just saw Glenn Beck telling the world the truth (as usual). As Jews, he's telling us something that we all should know already, but are likely unprepared for. The first group to get blamed when things go "south" is us...It's already subtly begun.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Esav and Amalek

I was pondering the forced conversions at the hand of the inquisition. As a man stood there at the stake, about to be burned alive, they offered him a final chance - embrace the cross and be saved. The funny thing is, as we all know, what kind of feeble religion needs the forced conversion of a Jew? How much could it possibly mean, when a person facing death chooses to become baptized to save their life? Apparently - enough.

On the other hand, amalek didn't care for conversions. Real or fake, they meant nothing. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust, even though they were "christians" for several generations? Nobody cared. A Jew is a Jew. No way to erase that. No conversion can change it.

Today, we still have both elements. Some more open than others. But they are still out and about, all vying for the Jewish soul. That's their nourishment. The holiness that a Jew contains, is what they need to live off as Tumah, has no root in creation. It's existence is based on living off holiness.

If we only realized how special we all are and how much power we contain...

Forcing our hand

It's quite clear what obama's objectives are. Lehavdil, we are also quite sure of Hashem's objectives. The question is how do the 2 reconcile?

I believe that the hand of Am Yisrael is being forced. Sometimes that's actually a good thing. By forcing us into a position where we MUST say no to America and defend ourselves, we will be forced to rely on Hashem. There really is nobody behind us. America has never been, either. Even the facade that made it seem that it was America, was only Hashem. Therefore the facade is being removed, so we can trust in THE true cause...

As the demands pile up and we see how stupid they are, it is becoming clearer what will need to take place. Territory for terror as someone put it...That's the trend. Apparently the world just wants us to leave the land once again. As the pictures from the Israel Day Parade yesterday in Manhattan showed 'Close Gitmo, Re-Open Auschwitz' - That's what they want from us.

We're entering a period of time where what will directly determine our fate, is our trust in Hashem. There is nothing else to trust in. Hashem is exposing the false gods for what they are. Time to open our eyes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turning Point

Since I read that the Israeli country-wide emergency preparedness drill next week is to be called "Turning Point 3" I couldn't stop wondering. The name was chosen by Israel for their own reasons....but it still may be signaling a turning point in world history. There have also been 2 redemptions so far, the one we are expecting is the third.

As I try to prepare to receive the Torah on Shavuot, my mind cannot stop thinking...'am I really prepared for the Geula?' We're all hoping for it, but sometimes as it begins to come into view and reality begins to set in, it gets very scary.

Are we really ready? What does ready actually constitute? I'll leave everyone to do their own soul-searching. Personally, I don't think it should be any different than Yom Kippur.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Settlements and Achdut

During these trying times preceding Mashiach, my heart is telling me there is a strong connection between the "settlements" and our Achdut. The reason these things are coming to the forefront of world politics, is to raise OUR awareness of it. It is to threaten the very fabric of Am Yisrael's achdut and oneness.

The Gush Katif expulsion was most likely alluded to in the Gemara when discussing the days preceding Mashiach. Again, a test of Achdut. Jews against Jews. Even the bracelets made to protest the "disengagement" said it clearly 'A Jew does not throw out a Jew'. A pretty clear message from Hashem. By deduction, if one does throw out a Jew, he may be an "Erev Rav" and possibly not a real Jew.

As we approach the holiday of Shavuot, where it says the word "Vayichan" - literally and he camped and Rashi explains - 'as one man, with one heart', we need to pay extra special attention to our level of Achdut. We are all different, there were after all 12 Shevatim as well as the Kohanim and Leviim. Each of us do different things and approach Hashem differently. We are unable to judge what is right and wrong by ourselves, rather we need to look to the "eyes" of the nation - our Rabbis. Hopefully we are sane enough to pick true Rabbis who will guide us. As long as that's what we are doing, we should be ok.

Let's stay as far away from fighting, arguing, bickering, Lashon Hara, etc. no matter what! During the time of Ahab, the wicked king of Israel, where most of the nation worshiped idols, nobody died in war. They did not speak Lashon Hara about one another.

Hashem is testing us. We are being polarized for a reason. Hashem wants to separate the true Am Yisrael and bring them close to Him and protect them. Maybe Hashem will make miracles to help everyone else pick their side too. But once the battle lines are drawn, it is quite hard to switch sides.

'The Son of David (Mashiach) will not come until the entire nation is completely guilty or completely meritorious' - This means every individual needs to be completely on one side. Not teetering or "fence-sitting" as Rabbi Pinchas Winston calls it. It's time to choose our sides. I hope we all realize the ramifications....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Living the Neviim

The plan will of course be based on the concept of ‘two nations for two peoples’, which translates in Israel turning over the eastern portion of Yerushalayim to serve as the capital of a Palestinian state. In actuality, Obama thinks the solution will be found by ‘internationalizing’ Jerusalem, turning it over to United Nations control, a solution that the American president apparently believes will be more palatable to Israel than turning Jerusalem over to the PA directly. (YWN)
I couldn't stop smiling while reading the beginning of this article. No, I'm not reminded me of the story of Rabbi Akiva laughing at the foxes coming out of the Kodesh Hakodashim. He was able to see the positive side of the prophecy regarding the foxes on Har Habayit-- that just as this prophecy has come true, the final redemption would also come true quickly.

Every day we say "Ve'Alu Moshi'im Be'Har Tzion Lishpot Et Har Esav, VeHayta LaShem HaMelucha VeHayta Hashem Lemelech Al Kol HaAretz, Bayom Hahu Yihye Hashem Echad Ushmo Echad". Loosely translated - 'And helpers will ascent Mt. Zion to judge the mountain of Esav; And the kingship will be to Hashem (i.e. overtly) and Hashem will be the King of the whole world. On that day Hashem will be One and His name One.

We've been praying and hoping for that day to come. There is no doubt it is coming. We don't have to predict it, it's clear for all to see. Just to note - the UN usually calls themselves "peacekeepers" or "aid workers" - both terms can easily fit the translation of Moshi'im - "helpers". The attempt to internationalize Jerusalem will be the focal point of the war of Gog Umagog. It is during that time, that Hashem will make His presence known and unbelievable miracles will take place. Let's take note....we're living the text of the Nevi'im.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who will we trust?

Iran is beefing up its defenses against the threat of an Israeli strike. Yet, in the same day, we hear obama threaten/tell Netanyahu not to strike Iran.

There's absolutely no question that Hashem is putting our faith on the line here. This looming threat of Iran is a perfect storm. It's always in the background and often hits the headlines with scary updates. Hashem is keeping our attention on it. He wants us to focus on Him. He wants us to trust in Him.

Everyone has their idea of how/when/where Israel should strike Iran. Too many may have faith in the IAF. But we all know Who is really in charge. During these trying times pre-empting Mashiach, we are all being tested. Hashem wants to see who really trusts in Him. As it winds down the road and we realize that we really have no other alternatives, that choice will become more and more clear. Soon it will be so clear that we will have lost our free-choice. May Hashem help us all make the best of our free-choice now and choose to trust in Him only. There is nothing else!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Purim Redux

I've often compared ahmadinejad y"s to haman y"s. I think there are many correlations - same country, same goals and same position in government - second in command.

It's interesting to note that the Megillah mentions Mordechai as "Ish Yemini" - meaning that he is from the tribe of Binyamin - more specifically - a direct descendant of Shaul HaMelech.

We also know that the Megillah is alluding to Hashem when it says the world "HaMelech", while outwardly speaking of Ahashverosh. So for example, when it says 'all the servants of the king and the populace of the king's countries would prostrate and bow before haman, for so the king commanded him' - it can also be discussing the real King - Hashem. Therefore the meaning can be something like 'all the servants of the King (heads of state) and the people of those countries bow before haman (ahmadinejad) and allow him to threaten Am Yisrael, for that is what Hashem commanded'.

Knowing what we previously mentioned about Mordechai being from the tribe of Binyamin, we may be able to translate "and Mordechai would not prostrate and would not bow" as an allusion to "Binyamin Netanyahu would not prostrate and would not bow".

This is obviously at best a hint - Remez. We all know that Hashem is in charge of everything and any protection offered to us by anyone is non-existent without Hashem's backing. We are not trusting in Bibi or anyone else to protect us or to destroy haman. However, just as in the time of Shushan, our repentance and reacceptance of the words of the Torah and our faith in the Rabbis, namely Mordechai, we were redeemed through "natural seeming" miracles, so shall it be today. The only difference is that if this is the final battle, then the "natural" part will be dropped and open miracles shall ensue.

The Gemara relates an argument regarding whether Am Yisrael will need to completely return in Teshuva to deserve Mashiach. The Gemara states that if we do not repent and return to Hashem, then Hashem will bring upon us a "king" who's decrees are worse than haman's and we will make Teshuva and deserve Mashiach.

The stage is set. We may already know who this haman is. Anyone can realize that a swift death of a sword (as haman wished) is a lot less painful than any nuclear holocaust that we are being threatened with.

We're a tough bunch, that's why we've been around so long. Let's loosen up a little and realize that we don't actually need the threats to be clear and present before we change our ways. If we recognize the signs early, we can head this off.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeing Hashem's Hand

It's not only us, the goyim are seeing it too. We must take a lesson to make sure we don't c"v act like Pharaoh, trying to make everything seem like "nature".

Here's two quotes from Mexico (which just suffered a magnitude 5.8 earthquake today)

"I'm scared," said Sarai Luna Pajas, a 22-year-old social services worker standing outside her office building moments after it hit. "We Mexicans are not used to living with so much fear, but all that is happening — the economic crisis, the illnesses and now this — it feels like the Apocalypse."

Co-worker Harold Gutierrez, 21, said the country was taking comfort from its religious faith, but he too was gripped by the sensation that the world might be coming to an end.

"If it is, it is God's plan," Gutierrez said, speaking over a green mask he wore to ward off swine flu. (foxnews)

Reminds me of the Plagues in Mitzrayim. At first they all believed it was "natural phenomena", but by the end, even some of Pharoah's servants brought their animals inside to protect them, just as Moshe warned them. If the goyim are realizing Hashem's Hand - all the more so for us...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu

What a weird "coincidence"...Last week, Ari Goldwag wrote about the Pig representing Edom and the relationship between Chazir and Machzir. Suddenly, we're hearing about a swine flu that's spreading like crazy and could reach "pandemic" proportions according to the CDC...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When Hashem Warns Us...

As you all know, I'm a big fan of reading into the news. I strongly believe they are Hashem's messages to us, especially when they concern our very near future. So when we get a headline such as "Iran can produce a nuclear weapon within 60 days" - that should be like a shot of ice-water on someone sleeping.

Hashem is not sending us messages because He wants us to get all excited and start coming up with theories of what will happen. The goal is not for us to say "the IDF/Mossad/Shin Bet will get them". Sadly, that is the response some people have. These messages are talking to our heart. They raise our blood pressure and turn on the adrenaline. They are fuel for prayer, supplication and action.

This news coming out the day after Yom HaShoah - Holocaust rememberance day, is a specific juxtaposition for us to realize that we are facing it again. It happened once before and it CAN happen again. It may be a little different this time, since we have a large population of Am Yisrael on Eretz Yisrael - (so they don't need trains). We all understand the implications of Iran having nuclear weapons. But are we going to act?

My fellow Jews, we are being warned. We have been warned again and again. If we don't heed the message, they will get louder. It's just that the volume knob has just a tiny bit room left and it's pretty clear what that means. Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak has been saying it for years. "Kol Dodi Dofek" - the sound of my beloved is knocking - it started with rocks, then molitov cocktails, guns, it further escalated with bombs, mortars, Qassams, then Katyushas, Grad. We have apparently not received (or acted upon) Hashem's message.

Hashem wants us to make Teshuva - for us! He needs nothing from us and derives no benefit at all from anything we do (but He is "proud" of what we did for our sake). He wants us to become better to refine ourselves, for our own sake. We are too stuck in the mud of our daily lives and routines to realize that. But Hashem has provided us with ample reason to wake up and get into action. He's giving us a chance before it's all over. That's what all this is about. The time has come. It may take a while to complete, or it may rush like a raging river - but it is definitely here.

If we wish to help ourselves, we will commit to change - quick. We'll soon see that everything else is worthless. All that will exist is truth and closeness to Hashem. If we want to see it, we better make sure we've been on our best behavior. Close your eyes and imagine the Third Bet Hamikdash, may we all merit to see it THIS YEAR Amen!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahmedinejad - Learning from Haman

It seems to many that Ahmedinejad is Haman. He certainly is in the right country for the part. He certainly has been threatening to annihilate Israel and is working steadfastly to accomplish that goal - sort of like building the tree 50 Amot high and going to the king early in the morning.

In fact, the Rabbis tell us that we had already broken through the heavens earlier during the night he arrived at the king (first night of Pesah) and subsequently Haman's downfall began. It is interesting that we made Birkat HaChama just 1 day before Haman announced to the world that Iran is now a nuclear nation. Always, the Refuah (medicine) comes before the Makah (disease).

But if we can learn anything from the story of Haman, is that his wife and family were in on the secret - that is, it's fine to attack Jews and be on top, but once you begin to fall, it all ends quickly in the Jews' favor.

Haman still is second in command in his country just as in the days of Shushan. But as he spoke today at the Durban II anti-Israel conference, a mass of people exited during his speech, causing him to pause his rant and surely embarrassing him. This comes on the heels of Israel releasing word that they are ready to strike Iran within several hours or days of getting the "green light". All adding up to at least the beginnings of a downfall.

But once it starts, it goes really fast....hold on!

Returing to Israel

It has been brought down by many, including Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak that the RaAVaD said that our year - 5769 is Yovel Rabati (the 50th Jubilee). He brings down the Pasuk regarding the Yovel - on that year "Tashuvu Ish El Achuzato..." - each man shall return to his rightful piece of land. Meaning to say that on this year (being that it is the Grand Jubilee) we shall all return to Eretz Yisrael with the coming of Mashiach.

On the other hand, we know that the Rambam establishes Halacha that Am Yisrael will not be redeemed unless we [all] make Teshuva. A very hard thing to imagine under current circumstances.

What came to mind is the word connection. The two words - Tashuvu and Teshuva are spelled almost the same and are actually only one numerical value apart. (תשובו, תשובה)

In fact, the meaning of the word is the really the same - both discussing return. Return to Hashem or return to a piece of land. It just makes me wonder if we can learn the Rambam as saying - if we all return to Eretz Yisrael, we will merit the Geula.

Getting used to things

Just a quick perusal of the headlines on any given day, a staggering number of headlines about Jews and Israel are seen. We all know the phenomenon, but we're used to it. Getting used to things has a numbing effect on our minds. Only when things quickly depart from what we're used to, we say 'hey, what's going on here?'.

Today's news about Israel, durban, ahmedinejad's speech, etc. are something we're used to. It's something we've all come to expect from the world. The shock that should come at a tiny nation's constant position in the limelight is nothing new for us. A people whose number is so small, we should expect to be in the news once or twice a year at most, winds up being mentioned numerous times a day -- and is commonly the feature article.

I'm not saying anything new, this is all known to us already. What I am discussing is our numbness to it. When things happen slowly, we tend to not realize. As the old saying goes 'a watched pot never boils', because the effects are so slow nobody realizes. As we see the blossoming spring outside, it is exactly the same. We don't notice the tiny activity on the tree until it's a big bright-colored green or pink. Maybe that is why Hashem precisely asks of us to say "Birkat HaIlanot" at this time of year. He wants us to notice the new blossoms, but more precisely to pay attention and ask ourselves, 'when/how did this happen?'.

We were taken out of Egypt in Nisan. I quoted an article by Rabbi Avigdor Miller (whose Yahrtzeit is today) several weeks ago discussing how Hashem purposely took us out during the spring-time to increase our joy and happiness - something that we need to still thank Him for even though we would have gladly come out in the rain.

We pray thrice daily 'Et Tzemach David Avdecha Mehera Tatzmiach" - the seed of David Your servant - please make sprout quickly. Our Rabbis explain that the Geula is exactly that, a sprouting. It's hardly noticed. It slowly creeps out of the ground at a rate that the subtle changes are not realized. Nobody pays attention, since it basically looks the same as yesterday. But before long, it is fully grown and blossoming.

We're living it today. It has begun blossoming. We're just too used to it to realize it. If we take a step back and look at the overall picture, it suddenly becomes clear to us. But to everyone who is not paying attention it will come as a complete shock - where did this come from? That's what I think it means when our Rabbis tell us that Mashiach will only come when we are not paying attention (HeSeach HaDaat). Let's learn from Birkat HaIlanot - and be aware of what's transpiring under the surface.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tricking Ourselves

I strongly believe that we will be greeting Mashiach very soon. It's very clear to me. It's clear to many readers of this blog and others. It's clear to the autistic children, the rabbis [who know a little more than us], the people dreaming about it, the malachim, the universe and the earth (earthquakes?!)...

I just finished reading "Death Train", describing the beginning of one holocaust-survivors' story. The following quote sparked this article:

"This is too incredible, too bizarre to believe!" I argued. "Why would they tell us that we were being sent to a work camp and then send us somewhere else?"
"They lied to us and we all fell for it, perhaps because we wanted to believe we were not in such imminent danger," my husband explained.

It perfectly described the quandary I find myself and others in. We find it too difficult to deal with the truth staring us in the face. We find excuses to calm our minds down, basically just numbing the true feelings inside.

If c"v the situation suddenly turns bad and we find it impossible to escape from exile and get to Eretz Yisrael, we'll truly be kicking ourselves for our inaction. All excuses would be null and void. It wouldn't make a difference to blame the Rabbis or anyone else for not urging us to get out. It would simply c"v be too late.

Lack of funds/job ranks at the top of the list of excuses for not moving to Israel. I say, if it were c"v a life-and-death choice, would that stop us? And what's with the lack of trust in Hashem? Is Hashem only providing jobs or Parnassa in America? Isn't Eretz Yisrael the first stop for delivery before the blessings go out to the world? Why are we so stuck in the quicksand [of modern Egypt]?

This week, as we remember the Holocaust and everyone says "never again", realize that just saying those words does nothing at all. There is no way for us to prevent it from happening again. If that is the will of Hashem, we can do nothing about it. We can only prevent the nightmare of Gog Umagog by getting to Eretz Yisrael with as many Jews as we can bring along with us and holding on to our Emuna with iron fists. Uttering false hopes really does nothing. Action is what Hashem is demanding from us at this time in history.

Final Preparations

Hi !
I hope everyone's Pesach was able to be a catalyst to help us realize how close to Hashem we need to be and how much we need to realize His closeness to us and how much He cares about us. If we grabbed hold of the Kedusha of the holiday, it was a quick elevator. If not, we are on the escalator to Shavuot now, so jump right on.

Baruch Hashem, we managed to say Birkat HaChama this Erev Pesach. As the Meir Enei Chachamim says, we should be expecting the Geula shortly (even though Mashiach has not come yet...). We should definitely not despair, as Hashem has provided us with enough reasons to realize that the final preparations for our Redemption are actually heavily under-way.

It's definitely not me alone anymore. I am sure that everyone is realizing that several key "chess" moves on the world stage have taken place over the past few weeks. It doesn't take a genius to realize the rapid rate of descent the world is spiraling down. Whether it's one crazed leader or another, they each have had their share of airtime in the past several weeks. I definitely don't need to summarize the news -- I'm sure everyone is aware of the major events that have taken place.

I strongly feel that we are at the threshold of THE major event. I truly hope and pray that we all feel this seriously and take it to heart. There will probably be no second chances. Things have not been so hot in the world in a long time. Hashem is giving us the warnings in His secret ways. Anyone can clearly see that, but what we do about it is key.

We need to get to safe ground. Just as the animals run to higher ground preceding a tsunami, it's time for us to do the same. That means physically and spiritually. Physically, clearly means Eretz Yisrael, where the prophet Yoel (3:5) promises that it will be safe. Spiritually (which is required regardless of location) will require MASSIVE faith in Hashem beyond any normal capacity (probably along the lines of Yam Suf). We need to be prepared to have "Egyptians" (the most powerful army in the world) chasing after us, as we stand like sheep before a mighty ocean, with nowhere to turn physically, yet still rely Hashem.

We are guaranteed to be tested in our faith. The economy is just tryouts, maybe even a practice run. We need to hold on - TIGHT. It is my fervent prayer that it all happens quick without the need for any "bad" -- and we all realize quickly where to direct our "missiles" (prayers). May it happen very, very soon. Amen!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Earthquake in Italy

Here goes again....the earth is trembling from the approaching presence of Hashem we are about to witness soon (we need to keep praying).

Italy experienced a magnitude 6.3 earthquake with its epicenter just 70 miles from Rome. While we have had much discussion as to what is Rome and Edom,'s hard to imagine that the city of Rome is anything other than its name represents. the whole world. Especially with the Pope on his way to Israel soon. But mostly to us. Everybody else is blind and deaf. Nobody realizes that we are getting direct communications from Hashem through these massive natural disasters.

I can't get the feeling out of my head that Edom/Romi is going to fall very soon. Especially after reading what Yeranen Yaakov had to say in Sun vs. Rome. As I commented there, if the Sun and Rome are in a perpetual battle, logic dictates that when the sun is at its strength -- starting again at the position at which it was created -- Rome would be very weak (to say the least).

The ground is shifting -- LITERALLY. Let's make sure we're at least on solid [spiritual] ground. And hold on tight. I feel like we haven't seen anything yet as far as tests of our Emunah and Bitachon. Hashem wants to make sure that we really, really trust and love him. So let's brace ourselves. It might be a bumpy ride, but we know who's in charge....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What do you think?

I think it's almost time....Something major is going to happen within the next week or two. Surely before Nisan is over.

While, c"v things can get MUCH worse, the situation right now is hot enough. We have Alaska's Mt. Redoubt with major eruptions. North Korea just test-launched an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. Iran has "good news" for the first day of Pesach. Etc...

I don't know... but with Birkat HaChama approaching, and all the predictions for this year, I'm bracing for something. Most likely, all of what we think is going to happen will not. That's just how it usually is - there's always something to distract the world from the real issue - just like a magic trick.

Regarding Obama's nationality, there is still raging controversy. Over 20 states have filed lawsuits. This past week, a federal grand jury in Georgia decided that there was enough evidence to try Obama criminally in court. Why won't he just release his real birth certificate? Why are lawyers being threatened? Why are cases that are supposed to be on the Supreme Court docket disappearing? Maybe because GOG will hold on to his power through deceit, as mentioned by the Zohar.

I can't help wonder if this past Shabbat was the last Shabbat as we know it. I guess we'll see...

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today, I "happened" to notice, that the Chapter of Tochecha (severe punishments for not listening to the word of Hashem) in Perashat Ki Tavo is actually 69 Pesukim long. It also happens to be chapter 28.

As we all get ready for Birkat Hachama (which happens every 28 years) in the year 5769, lets make sure that we do our best to prevent seeing those curses come true....Mashiach can come through joy and happiness. Only we can make it happen!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bibi Government?

Mashiach has not yet arrived, but Bibi and his government was sworn in last night. I'm not sure what that means for the Mashiach government being next. I was hoping we'd deserve it. I guess we still need work, so let's not despair.

I did notice that the government majority was 69 - the same ending as our current year - 5769. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the relationship.

I still have a very strong feeling that Mashiach's arrival will be preceded by some heavy-duty changes in things we are used to. It has already begun to a large extent and is only getting worse. The dollar is now being questioned if it should remain the world currency. After starting off the new administration with the purchase of failing insurance companies and banks, yesterday the US government officially got involved in the auto warranty business as well. Uncle Sam has been snooping through people's wallets lately and seeing if there's anything more they can take. It has also been reported that they are now eyeing private sector businesses for takeover should they believe that they may hurt the economy.

No, it's not Purim - that's the truth. If we had fallen asleep and woken up to the current reality, we'd be in complete shock. I'm in shock and I haven't been sleeping. Anyone else starting to notice Uncle Sam's striking resemblance to Stalin lately?

It's time to wake up from our slumber. Once the "west" goes down, Mashiach will arrive. The west is going down fast. Some are helping it by accelerating downhill as well. Apparently, that's Hashem's plan. It is not going to be easy for anyone, so we need to at least be aware of what's going on.

(o) (o) - open your eyes wide. The world is not the same...."Change" has indeed begun.

Signals of what's coming?

Seeing what happened today in London, as the G20 summit commenced, should make us all shake with dread. When crowds are completely out of control and police can do little to stop them, therein lies a terrible danger.

Our history is ridden with stories of out-of-control mobs. We all know what they did to us over the years. Jews have always borne the brunt of angry mobs. If the past mobs in London, Sweden and other cities around the world were not enough, today's London mob was a clear warning from Hashem.

The Jews of the diaspora need to all wake up. Hashem is calling us in more than one way. It's up to us to listen to His call and get out. There still may be some time. We all know what happened just a few decades ago to the ones who just didn't make it out in time - who didn't heed the call of the signs Hashem was sending them. But they didn't have a homeland to go to.

Today, Hashem has given us back Eretz Yisrael. Not that the government is on our side or the side of Emet - I honestly believe they are the Erev Rav, but the Land is still ours and it's still Kadosh (holy). If we understand the significance of our return to the land and even it's bearing of fruit once again, we would realize that they are giant miracles that Hashem is showing us.

It is clear from our Nevi'im that we would return to the land prior to Mashiach's arrival. It is spelled out by them explicitly and expounded upon by the commentators. It's part of the Geulah.

I've mentioned before, that the Ari za"l says that the generation that will greet Mashiach is the reincarnation of the Dor Hamidbar (generation that left Egypt). We are those people and we need to fix what was done by the Meraglim (spies), chiefly not loving the Land of Israel and not appreciating its spiritual value.

Whether a person chooses to come to the Holy Land for spiritual reasons or practical safety concerns, there is no doubt that it is the safest place to be. The Nevi'im describe how Hashem will save and protect those on "Har Zion". Others will need strong merit to be saved. I hope that we will make Teshuva now and not need any shots to ring out (or missles to be fired) to act as a catalyst. Our history, however proves otherwise. But we know that in the end, we will be saved. Why is any business, parnassa, family, house, car, whatever reason enough to hold us back from the Emet? If we truly believed in our own Nevi'im, I'm sure we'd act different. We're living those words today. It's a matter of time before the rest of the [hi]story is complete. Let's make it a good ending.......

We're in the year
תשס"ט - תהיה שנת סוף טוב
Tih'ye Shenat Sof Tov - Let it be the year of a good ending (of the Galut)
Let it be wonderful! Let it come peacefully! Let us all be in Eretz Yisrael to see it unfold!

Learning from History

We're reaching the final countdown to the world as we know it. We're about to witness changes so profound that our heads will spin. It pays for us to take a look back at history to help us realize what's going on.

In Egypt, as Hashem constantly hit the Egyptians with plagues, there was always an argument (at least for Pharaoh) that it was just a random, "natural" event. Even when the plagues were clearly not affecting the Bnei Yisrael, Pharaoh refused to believe it was Hashem. That lasted for nine plagues. And then, Hashem had us prepare for our redemption and wait.

In one swift blow, exactly at midnight, all the firstborns of Egypt died. People, animals, slaves, etc. all died. Except for Bnei Yisrael - none were affected. There were 9 plagues in which to see the hand of Hashem, but Pharoah refused (and as punishment, lost his free choice in the matter earlier on). But it only took a split second to prove that it was Hashem all along. And that was the start of the Geulah.

We've all been talking about the sweeping changes in the world. The political, economic and social changes that have taken the world by storm, especially in the past few months. The natural disasters that have not stopped, asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes, raging rivers and many others, have literally been proclaiming that something is wrong. But most of us are still asleep. We are immune to it. We forget who's in charge and what He's telling us.

But if history can teach us anything, it's that it's about to change. Big change. Up until now, we've still been able to attribute everything to "nature". That's how everyone gets away with ignoring Hashem. But just like in Egypt, something will happen, suddenly and quickly that will change everything.

We're all unprepared. The changes will be unprecedented, but there will no longer be any doubt as to WHO is doing it. There will be no "nature" to attribute it to. Statistically, it will be impossible - just like every Egyptian firstborn person, child, slave or animal were hand-picked to die instantly while the Bnei Yisrael were completely immune. We will all know who's doing it and whoever is left from the goyim (2/3 of the world will perish) will be forced to admit it.

Buy Mitzvot, Torah and anything else in the permanent stock market. The one who's value is never depleted, who's interest is guaranteed and the investment completely insured. Trust me, [very] soon nothing else is going to count.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Listen...

I'm a big fan of "listening" to the signs all around. While there are no doubt many, many signs to listen to, I try to mention the "big" ones.

Take for example, Israel's announcement that they will be holding a country-wide missile attack drill. This would be a practice drill, in case, c"v there would be an attack on the entire country. This takes into account that the entire country is within range of missiles.

Why does it matter? I feel that when things are totally ignored or done secretly, they may be important, but not as important for everyone. But when things are loud and published and involve the entire country, it means a lot. It's Hashem's message - hey, are you guys thinking about this? It's apparently important enough to involve a whole country.

It reminds me of haman's decree. When things affect everyone, it's time to act. Now is no different. If the goverment of Israel is feeling it so important to make a country-wide drill simulating a missile attack, Hashem is basically getting us used to the idea. It's His way of being kind and compassionate to us, so we can never say 'this came out of nowhere' or 'we would have acted differently if we were warned'.

We have been warned. Over and over and over. I don't know if it could get much "louder" or clearer without the real thing. There isn't much more to say. Just "listen"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking Deeper Into the Words

More on Chapter 104 of Tehillim:
If we look into the words a little deeper, we may be able to see some interesting things. I think they may allude to some things that have happened and are about to happen.

Starting from verse 19, it seems that the concepts can be stretched to mean more. "He made the moon for festivals, the sun knows where to set". We've mentioned before that the sun represents the nations of the world who seem to be most powerful always. But the sun knows where to set- meaning, its time comes to set too - and the downward spiral of the world may be signaling that.

20 - "You made darkness and there was night, in which all the beasts of the forest stir." That's where we seem to be headed. The sun of the nations is setting (or has already) and now, the beasts of the forest are stirring - the anti-Semites and the rest of our enemies are trying to prepare their attacks. The leaders of the nations are running in circles trying to prevent the sun from setting and failing miserably.

21 - "Young lions roar after their prey, and seek their food from G-d". This can mean that they are suffering economically and turning to G-d for help (which many are). It may also mean that they are preying on Am Yisrael and seeking c"v that Hashem should punish us and feed us to them as has happened countless times over history in one way or another.

At this point we are basically left with an understanding that it is quite chaotic due to the "setting of the sun" and people are looking for help or a scapegoat.

22 - "When the sun rises, they gather themseleves in; they crouch in their dens". Possibly alluding to Birkat HaChama - when the sun gets into its original position at the time of creation - a renewed position, they might feel or become strengthened and gather c"v against us.

23 - "Man goes forth to his work, to his labor until the evening." Am Yisrael seeing the enemies gathering around us, goes to do its work - prayer and learning until the evening, where the sun will set on the nations of the world with the final redemption.

We're seeing many events that are signaling the Geulah. We may understand them correctly, we may misinterpret their exact meaning, but they are signals nonetheless. When will it happen? Nobody knows. How will it happen? That's up to us.

What we do know is that it will come. All signs are seeming to point at the very near future. How near? We should expect Mashiach every day. So anything later is somewhat of a let-down. But we're not allowed to feel down about it - 'for even if he tarries, even so, I shall wait for him every day'.

If we really believed what we say (myself included), our actions would be a lot bolder. Let's realize that we are not relying on some soft reed in the river, rather on the Rock of Worlds - Hashem Yitbarach Himself. Part of the Geulah is our coming to that realization. If it comes through logic and reason of Torah and Mussar we have nothing to fear......

Hidden in Plain Sight

Today is Rosh Chodesh Nisan. On every Rosh Chodesh, we say chapter 104 in Tehillim. There are many things that we can learn from it. Chiefly, that Hashem's miracles are hidden in plain sight.

The chapter mostly discusses nature - the earth, oceans, wind, creatures, humans. Nature, being the handiwork of Hashem himself. He is directing it and running it all, not as the fools may tell us that it just runs on its own.

As we mentioned many times, the natural disasters and out-of-ordinary things that are occuring in nature, are signals of Hashem's closeness and I believe the imminent Geulah. Take verse 34 for example - discussing Hashem: "The One who gazes at the land and it shakes, Who touches [momentarily] the mountains and they smoke". These are two things that we have seen happening specifically over the past few weeks - earthquakes and volcanos erupting. While these things often happen "naturally", their juxtaposition with the rest of the current world events, is what makes them meaningful. Specifically "random events" that happen at a close proximity to other events, is how Hashem dresses up His miracles (just like in the Megillah).

We're witnessing worldwide disasters on a daily basis - wildfires in Australia, an overflowing river in North Dakota causing the whole city of Fargo to be evacuated, and lots more. If we listen to the sound of the world, it's giving us a message. One hidden in plain sight - Hashem is coming close!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashrehem Yisrael

I saw this story and just had to write about it:

Call us naive - we trust a fellow Jew. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Can we be fooled? Surely. But what nation in the world can boast of such a brotherly love? None!

As the old story goes - a Jewish guy driving down the road sees someone wearing a Kipa having some car trouble. He pulls over and helps him. They talked, and the Jew realized that the other guy was not a Jew. He asked him why are you wearing a Kipa, then? To which he replied - someone told me to keep it in my glove compartment and put it on, in case I need help on the road.

Unfortunately, some take advantage of our naivete. But just because there are a few swindlers, doesn't mean we need to stop loving our fellow Jews. Almost everyone needs help now, in one way or another. Hashem is putting us into a predicament that we need to help each other - like in Egypt. As we help and show compassion to one another, Hashem will respond in kind - with our complete and SAFE redemption, quickly, Amen!

Chodesh Tov!

Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5769

...reprinted from email


“You shall observe the month of Springtime (aviv) and perform the Pesach offering for Hashem, your

G-d, for in the month of Springtime Hashem your G-d, took you out of Egypt at night” (Devarim 16:1)

Now I am going to tell you what the Alter of Slabodka, R’ Noson Zvi Finkel, said on this pasuk.

The Alter asked, “why does the Torah tell us that we left Egypt in the spring?” It is true that in springtime the land is beautiful as all of nature begins to bloom. But wouldn’t we have been just as happy if it were pouring rain or even hailing when we left Egypt? After being enslaved there for 210 years we would have been overjoyed to leave in any kind of weather.

The spring month of grain ripening was chosen by Hashem in order to enhance the happiness of the occasion. Thus, even in a mountain –heap of joy of liberation when we were loaded with the wealth of Egypt, yet we were expected not to overlook the fact that the spring season was a time of happiness and the weather was enjoyable.

Therefore, just as we must thank Hashem for all the Hesed He does for us, so also we must thank Him for

every extra detail of that Hesed. Hashem wanted to shower kindness upon us so He made it a beautiful spring day when He redeemed us from Egypt. It was the time of splendor (ziv). Therefore , our gratitude to Him was even more emotional and exhuberant that it would otherwise have been.

When someone does us a kindness we should also examine all the details of that Hesed.

This will bring us to a further and deeper appreciation of that person. Which will bring out strong

emotions of love for this person.

This should all lead to our profuse and boundless Gratitude/Hakarat Hatob. Which is one of the

most important reasons why Hashem has sent us any good fortune, in order to afford us the glorious

opportunity to show our Gratitude, which is our perfection.

Adapted from "A Nation Is Born" by Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT’L


I know that often I write about things that are quite scary. There are those who, when dealing with truly fearful situations will get fired up and make major changes in their lives and thoughts. Others cannot deal with the fear. Even if the fear is prudent and proper, that just doesn't get them going. It might make them feel like giving up or otherwise make them feel hopeless.

I believe that we need to approach the forthcoming Geulah with truth. We need to be honest with ourselves and understand that we are at a major threshold in history. As Eliyahu Hanavi told the false prophets of Baal on Har HaCarmel - you cannot be on both sides of the fence. We are at a point in time where our closeness to Hashem or lack thereof will determine our immediate future.

The Torah is complete truth. There is not a sentence, word, letter, dagesh or even a crown on top of a letter that is without purpose or meaning. Therefore, we cannot honestly believe that entire chapters (and there are many) mentioned by the prophets are purposeless. Their prophecies of the coming days will strike fear in the heart of the reader. Again, I am not trying to be a fear monger. The words speak for themselves. They are not purposeless. To me, they seem to predict a situation that way overshadows even the Holocaust. So for people to ignore these predictions and act like nothing is about to happen is complete insanity.

I cannot say this enough. I don't know where else to say this either. I tell this to everyone I speak to. WAKE UP. Hashem's kindness is unsurpassed. However, for our own good, HE will limit that kindness to provide us with REAL kindness. History is replete with suffering for Jew and gentile alike. Hashem still directed those events, even though HE is only kind. So to think that it cannot possibly happen is a to deny the Holocaust ever happened.

Hashem is providing us with warnings, signs, everything that we should be paying attention to. Our enemies statements are to be regarded as prophecy when we are holding without true prophets. If we open our eyes and ears we cannot deny what is happening. The world is on a crash course with itself. The Earth is showing us major signs - earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids -- all kinds of crazy things are happening. To deny that they are signs is to say as the generation of the flood of Noah, that the rain was just a usual storm.

Noah built the ark in the public square for 120 years. They though he was out of his mind. People might think I am too. He didn't care and you can realize I don't either. Whether we are only watching Noah build the ark, feeling the raindrops, or starting to swim -- it's time to deal with the facts staring us in the face. Call me a fear-monger, call me whatever you want. It's time for us to deal with the facts. Are we going to help this redemption come mercifully by changing our ways or are we going to sit back and watch the water rise up around us until.....

You decide.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mt. Redoubt Erupts

Last night Mt. Redoubt in Alaska erupted. Interestingly, it was smoldering a few weeks ago and then it quieted down. Now, it suddenly erupted.

We have been watching the ups and downs lately. The world is going through tough times. Most people, like to live in denial, never really realizing what's happening until it's too late. That's just the way it goes usually.

The point that needs to be driven home, is that Mashiach is going to come "Pit'om"- suddenly. For the most part, we will be totally unprepared. Like if he came right now, we will (for the most part) be completely unprepared. That probably won't change, but it's good to keep note of it. For when the world begins to act in the same way - sort of playing peek-a-boo with us, Hashem is definitely telling us something.

The "big news" keeps shifting. It keeps us out of focus. It makes us forget what's really happening and doesn't let us prepare. That's part of the plan to keep Mashiach a surprise. If we knew for a fact when he was coming, we would act differently. Hashem is planning a major surprise, but we need to make sure we don't get knocked off our feet.

This past weekend, I saw something printed in Hebrew about Mashiach. It roughly said, 'when Mashiach comes, there will not be any more "Baalei Teshuva" - there will be those who have already gotten on the train, and those who have missed it forever, for it will never return to their stop again.' Let's become more Mashiach-aware so we don't miss the train.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still no Israeli Government

Still no government in Israel. The 2-week extension narrowly misses Pesach. It just makes me wonder, because according to several accounts, Rabbi Kaduri zt"l was quoted as saying that Ariel Sharon's government would be the last one before Mashiach.

We're coming close to the deadline. We are all hoping and praying for Mashiach to come solve all our problems. But with his arrival we will lose our free choice, making it impossible to rectify our past mistakes on our own, or to attain a higher spiritual level of our own accord.

While we should be expecting Mashiach every day, nothing motivates people like pressure (as much as we hate it). Loss of our free choice may be discouraging, but Hashem's Shechina being exiled for 1942 years is much worse. Our own wants and desires, even righteous and proper spiritual attainments, must be put aside for the real purpose - Hashem clearly showing His sole rulership of everything. This will be established through the arrival of Mashiach.

We all hope that it will be soon. Sometimes it feels like we're chasing the horizon, but we are guaranteed that he will come. He's gotta come one day. Pesach is the "time" he's supposed to come. Hopefully it will be this Pesach. If it is, we have very little time. Let's make it count!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Praying for Mashiach ben Yosef

Our Siddurim have a note on the Beracha of "Tishkon Betoch Yerushalayim Ircha", reminding us to have Mashiach ben Yosef in mind, that he should not be killed by armelus during the war of Gog and Magog. It is a little hard to comprehend, especially being that it has already been prophecized to occur. Yet, we still pray to prevent it, like any prophecy of bad events.

Apparently, our prayers, yes - yours and mine can change the entire course of history. Forget the fact that we're talking about events already prophecized by prophets of Hashem - prophetic revelations written and wholly part of our TaNaCH's 24 Sefarim.

The Gemara in Makkot 11b discusses the case of a person who is on trial in Bet Din for killing someone by mistake. The case has 3 possible outcomes - guilty (death penalty), guilty of mistaken murder (punishment is exile) or innocent. The exiled man, whom we are discussing, would become free upon the death of the Kohen Gadol. An interesting case is discussed - what if the Kohen Gadol died during the trial and a new Kohen Gadol was appointed before the trial ended? In that case, the exiled man must await the death of the newly appointed Kohen Gadol before becoming free.

Previously, on page 11a, the Gemara asked why the man's freedom hinged on the death of the Kohen Gadol - what did he do? And the Gemara answers, he should have asked for mercy on his generation. So in our case, where the newly appointed Kohen Gadol's death will free the exiled man - the question is even stronger: what did he do to deserve that? He wasn't even appointed until recently, possibly even moments before the trial's end? And isn't it reasonable that with dealing with the prior Kohen Gadol's death and his own appointment as a replacement, he is quite busy? Why then does the Gemara say that he should have prayed for the exiled man to be deemed innocent in Bet Din?!

Apparently, a Kohen Gadol is an emissary of all the Jewish Nation. His job to enter the Kodesh HaKodashim on Yom Kippur is unique to him in his capacity as sole representative of Am Yisrael. It seems that his responsibilty lies completely to the nation he represents. He does not exist on his own account - rather only for the people. His prayers, thoughts and actions must all be for the people. That is his job and any deficiency, however fine that may be, is judged sternly.

So, a Kohen Gadol must remember to pray for a man on trial - a man that could possibly be judged as a murderer and killed by Bet Din. Such a man needs to be on the Kohen Gadol's mind, even at a time where the previous Kohen Gadol has just died. Had he prayed, the man on trial would have been innocent. There is no other way - otherwise the exiled man's freedom would not hinge on the Kohen Gadol's death.

What about us? What will we say? Do we pray for Mashiach ben Yosef? Do we care that he will risk his life to save us? Can we even imagine what that means? What that final battle will entail?

We see clearly, that although the script is written in the Neviim, the play has not yet finished. The outcome can be entirely different - it's up to us and our prayers. The Kohen Gadol was held responsible for not praying for the man on trial for possible murder. We're not the Kohen Gadol, but our prayers can move mountains and definitely will alter history. There's still some time for us to realize that and pray like it counts. If we truly realized the power of prayer, we would never stop praying - as the Gemara says "...[we] wish that a person would pray all day long"

Getting the Big Picture

Often, when we take a look back at old photos or videos of ourselves, we wonder "what was I thinking?" We are ashamed of how we looked, acted, spoke, whatever. Many of us wonder at times, what will happen "upstairs" after 120 years. How will my life be judged?

For one, we can take a look at our own home videos and photos and see for ourselves. Are we satisfied with how we behaved or even looked back then? Most often the answer is an astounding NO. Most of us are critical of ourselves, extremely so. Does our criticism help us become better, is what we need to be asking ourselves.

When we look back at the life we've lived, can we say we've improved? Were we able to eradicate old habits or are we still fighting them, years later? Is our spiritual standing better off? Do we pray better? Are we better people? Do we feel closer to Hashem? Are we good and faithful representatives of the Master of the Universe and His Torah?

Hard questions to ask ourselves. But when we look over our lives - all it is, is a sum total of our actions or inaction; our speech or silence; our acts of kindness; our good words and everything in between. If we want to honestly prepare for the change that is coming with the redemption, we should take a look at ourselves and ask these, albeit difficult questions. They will need to be answered one day. If they serve as a catalyst for our betterment today, they will stand in our merit tomorrow.