Thursday, September 3, 2009

Edom, Red & America

We all assume Edom to be America/The West...
I've been thinking...
Edom actually means Red in Hebrew. Red is associated with Communism - as in Red China, Red Russia, etc. History has proven Communism to be a savage, murderous and destructive system. Just due to the brutality alone, it would not be a far shot to assume that Esav (Edom) is connected with Communism. All the more so, the excessive pursuit of materialism at all costs and the falsehood that permeates all facets of those societies.

What does it have to do with America?

Well, Edom must fall before Mashiach comes. This is mentioned specifically by our Rabbis on Tanach. It is clear that America now stands at a dangerous crossroad - one that could easily be the start of its final fall.

Since obama has taken office, America has been rapidly and subtly transforming it into a regime more like Red Russia than Red-White-and-Blue America. The current direction of the government eerily resembling that of Communist Russia, more and more each day. If so, this may be signaling that America is in fact Edom on another level and those "Red" qualities may be part of sealing its fate.

I think enough people (even those who are half asleep) have realized the scary direction America is taking. We are the children of Yaakov - our "voice" is what will protect us. If we raise up our voices in prayer asking Hashem to protect us among all of Am Yisrael, we will surely be protected. Once again, the safest place (albeit ironic) is Israel - the Land that Hashem promises that His "eyes" are watching always - 'from the beginning of the year until the end of the year'. If one can get to safety, there is no need to hesitate - time is running out...


  1. Thanks!
    Sometimes I just feel like what's going on is so obvious--why write anything?