Monday, February 2, 2009

Wake Up!

If anyone is still sleeping, let me attempt to wake you up. We are currently watching a most profoundly escalating worldwide Jihad movement push its way further into the West. By abusing the freedoms and rights granted by Western countries, these jihadists are staging protests and riots worldwide in support of terrorism. They exploit western values in order to gain power in their Stealth Jihad.

The past several weeks have brought us violence in the streets of major cities worldwide. New York, London as well as many European cities hosted disgraceful riots, violence and protests by supporters of Jihad shouting "free, free palestine".

I was shocked to see images reminiscent of pogrom mobs, where Muslim protesters chased police in London. The rioters, showing no fear or respect cursed and shouted at police while throwing sticks and traffic cones at them. The police were completely unable to stop the riot nor protect themselves. How much further will it go? Here's how much: Today, the police in the UK have announced a new program allowing Muslim women to become police officers and wear the newly adopted hijab to cover their head. If that's how they combat the threat of Islam, they are in for a big surprise.

Obama isn't doing us any good by trying to talk nice with Iran, who is continuing to race towards a bomb. Iran has also proudly announced that they supported Hamas "only financially" in this last Gaza war. I guess the ship laden with arms that is on its way to Gaza is only carrying "humanitarian aid".

Obama is also planning to send an ambassador to Syria and open dialogue with them; and maybe even remove sanctions on them. Let's not forget that Syria openly supports and funds terrorism against Israel and the US; and has been threatening Israel openly over the past several years. Remember that Israel bombed a nuclear plant in Syria over a year ago. Remember that the terrorists killing American soldiers in Iraq are being sent from Syria.

Threats and attacks on Jews, Shuls and anything "Jewish" worldwide have tripled since last year. Starbucks was also recently deemed a "Zionist" entity -- thereby increasing attacks on Starbucks. Jewish shop owners in Turkey are being threatened. To sum it up, anti-semitism propagated by Jihad is on the rise, fast!

To anyone with open eyes, the world situation is quickly deteriorating. The jihad has gone global and is only growing daily. Naturally, it is expected that at some point the scale will tip one way or another. Either the West will realize that Islam (there is no moderate Islam) is truly a threat to Western existence and fight against it; otherwise Islam will take over the West. Both are fearful situations to be avoided at all costs. However, Hashem has blinded the world to the threat of Islam and we are watching what happens when Islam is allowed to fester. This is to wake us up!

While we don't realize it, Hashem is continually preparing the world for His appearance in the final Geula. The phenomenon we are witnessing attests to it. Not only are we witnessing Islam's rise (as foretold by our Prophets), we are seeing the entire Nature speak of Hashem's nearness: Earthquakes worldwide, seismic activity by the Yellowstone super volcano (more), Mt. Redoubt ready to erupt in Alaska, Mt. Asama erupted today in Tokyo.

We have no idea what everything means. But the message is clear. The Geula is coming. Mashiach is coming. Mashiach will not come until we make Teshuva. That is a Halacha! We can repent out of fear or love of Hashem. Both count, though not equally. At this point, if we are not [at least] afraid, we are in more danger than we can imagine.

Hashem is giving us time. But things are escalating fast and time is running out. Let's all make peace with someone we were not on good terms with. Let's spend an extra minute praying for Hashem to protect Jews worldwide and shuttle us all to safety. [Safety is Israel and we all need to seriously plan to get there soon. I am encouraging everyone to at least get your passports in order. Mass Aliya comments welcome.]

Let's pray for the Geula! May we all merit to see it arrive peacefully, very soon, Amen!


  1. Shalom,
    My USA Passport has expired...but I also have an Israeli Passport, which is currently up to date.
    Should I update my USA Passport, as well?
    Please answer. Thank you.

  2. It's my honest opinion that we should not only have all our documents in order, but we should also be working very seriously on getting out of all foreign countries (including USA) very soon. (I personally believe before Pesah 2009)