Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bailout - What it means to me

The continuing talk about a "bailout" of one company or another has got me thinking. What significance does this mean for us? With different industries and banks coming out and asking for a "bailout" and the US government setting aside almost $1 trillion, we have to be asking ourselves, what lesson are we to learn from here....

The US government is looked upon by most of the civilized world as the supreme leader of the world. And they make sure to play the part. The companies, although not all deserving this bailout, are being doled out tons of money, not based on their merit, but based on the fact that "they cannot fall". Their collapse would cause too much damage or would affect the economy too much.

The lesson to me is especially powerful and directed for our times. We are witnessing the final steps of the process of Mashiach's arrival. We are watching it all unfold before our eyes. Collectively, we may not all be deserving of such a wonderful "bailout" (redemption). We may have many faults that are truly in need of correction. However, we are the reason the world was created and if not for us (and our learning Torah), it would instantly disappear. We are too important to overlook, and therefore we are in desperate need of a "bailout" too.

We have been waiting 1940 years since the destruction of the Second Bet Hamikdash. We need to tell Hashem that we've had enough. We have faults, but how much of that is because of our wandering through the four corners of the earth? How much is because we are subjected to foreign ideas and cultures?

We may not deserve it, but we know from the redemption in Egypt, it was not necessarily something that was deserved, either. Datan and Aviram came out of Egypt as did Micha with his idol. The Satan tried to prosecute us as we walked through the Red Sea on dry land. But we got out! The world needed us too much. The time came... The "ketz" came.

It looks like it's coming again, for the last and final time. Let's ask for it. Let's pray, beg and cry for it. We've had enough suffering. We've experienced tragedy and suffering that no other nation has seen or experienced. But unlike them, we're still here and we'll be here forever. It's just a matter of time until we see that happen. Hopefully, if we truly care enough, we will see it before our very eyes.

Watching it unfold...

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