Thursday, January 15, 2009

Torah Correlations and Hints

I heard this one from several sources, it is not my own. The Parsha that was being read during US elections was Lech Lecha - where Hashem tells Avraham to head to Eretz Yisrael; Obama was elected and just happens to be taking office right after we read about Egypt and its new king that did not recognize Yosef and forced our ancestors into slavery. If we read into it, it looks pretty scary.

I heard this one too...this week's Haftara says 'from the North, the evil will begin'. We are currently in a dangerous war and we all know that the threat in the North, from Hizballah, sponspored by Iran is not a joke. Things can heat up quite fast and before we know it, we will be seeing Mashiach appear on scene in the North as well (as he is supposed to do). Let's make sure we are all ready both spiritually and physically.

I came up with these on my own. In Tehillim, it says "MiToch U'Me'Hamas Yig'al Naf'sham" (from within and from Hamas, He will redeem their lives). This can possibly be hinting to the war in Gaza against Hamas. Hopefully it will trigger our redemption. We need to ensure that we are doing our best, and at bare minimum praying for the welfare of our brethren and Am Yisrael's future.

Additionally, we know of many nations that are supposed to appear on scene as the final battle of Gog U'Magog ensues. We are not sure who these nations actually are in modern times. This might provide a hint to who Edom is. It says in Tehillim - "Al Edom Ashlich Na'ali" (I will throw my shoe at Edom). Since very recently, President Bush has had shoes thrown at him, Hashem may be letting us know who Edom actually is -- America. Not surprising, but scary nonetheless.

Whether these hints are true or not, we need to understand the message. The message is embedded in all of the world events, that we are watching unfold under our eyes. We all, collectively must unite, realize that the singular control of our destiny is in our own hands (and mouths). Hashem is the only one planning, directing, coordinating and completely controlling everything.

We can stand on the sidelines and watch or we can take matters into our own hands. We know from the story of Yaakov and Esav, the voice is the voice of Yaakov and the hands are those of Esav. Our power is in our voice, our speech (or lack thereof). We are not threatening, attacking, protesting or bombing those who do not agree with us, rather we are storming the Heavens with our heartfelt prayers, additional seriousness when performing Mitzvot, intensifying and increasing our learning and overall our complete realization of Hashem's control of the most minute of incidents.

Just as Yaakov was forced to do something about it, when Esav was about to receive the Berachot from Yitzhak Avinu, we must also do something about our situation. It is perfectly feasible that everything will quiet down and we will again become complacent with our situation. Yet, as Rabbi Pinchas Winston points out, historically this has never done us any good. We need to realize that Mashiach's coming depends solely on us. We will have to bring him about. We can do this through increasing our good deeds and strengthening our brothers ( The other possibility is that Chas Veshalom, we will feel threatened, our security will be undermined and we will be forced into a predicament in which we come to realize with pure clarity that we have nothing at all to rely on, and that nothing at all can save us, except for Hashem's miracles.

The prophets talk about the wars and dangers of the times of Mashiach. Many, if not all of us are familiar with the frightening prophecies. Yet we know that Hashem is merciful and the prophecies for bad are not required to come true. We can change them, because they didn't happen yet. The intensifying situation for Jews worldwide, is a clear sign which direction we are headed and that we can do more. Do we continue to watch idly, or are we going to change the course of history as our father Yaakov Avinu did?

ps - is still in its infancy. The early posters will have the Zechut (merit) of being the first ones involved and get credit upstairs for their effects. If everyone accepts to change for the better and document it, so that it serves to strengthen the next one, we can surely effect major changes "upstairs" and down here. Let's start looking around with a less judgemental eye. Let's see the good our brethren are doing and the miracles that Hashem is showing us (and document them). It can only serve to bring us together, to greet Mashiach very soon. We need to all work together on this one...Shabbat Shalom


  1. Can you indicate which Tehillim contain the above verses?

  2. The one about the shoe is mentioned twice (2 shoes?) #60 and #108 if I remember correctly.

  3. Obama was also elected in the parsha that says the five expressions of redemption. Maybe a black being elected president is so Jews can pray to be redeemed just like a black being elected is in the eyes of African Americans a sign of freedom.