Monday, January 19, 2009

Dedication - End of Days Style

I have been pondering the unbelievable "success" the jihadists are having worldwide. What makes them get the pity of the media, world, UN? Why is the media on their [clearly evil] side? Why are nations worldwide giving them billions of dollars in aid, medicine and whatever? Forget that they all hate us and any other political reasons, I'm talking about spiritually.... What's the reason/message?

The answer may lie in their dedication. They are dedicated completely to doing evil to get what they want. They indoctrinate their children from birth to kill and die for their "cause". It's utterly insane, but they are dedicated - at least the brainwashed ones that die for it.

It is well-known that 'on the path one desires to go, he will be led'. We know this is even true for evil. Dedication is the yardstick that will show how much in fact, the person wants to take that path.

What made me think about this, is the fact that right in middle the first Bracha of the Amida, we say praise to Hashem - our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers. We continue 'the one who brings the redeemer to their (our forefathers) children's children for His name's sake, with love'. The interesting thing is that our (Sephardic) Siddurim have a little note on the word 'with love', telling us to have in mind (kavana) to give up our lives for Hashem (Kiddush Hashem) and to accept the 4 capital punishments of Bet Din upon ourselves. I always wondered, what does it have to do with the redemption and love?

It seems to imply that the redemption is predicated upon our dedication to Hashem which is shown by our willingness to even die in order to sanctify His Great Name. Love, in this case means two things; both that Hashem loves us (and will bring forth the redemption lovingly) and that we need to love Him and be dedicated to Him.

Let's become more dedicated and serious. Let's stop doing things out of rote and start really thinking about what we are doing and praying. Every bit counts. The glass is almost full, its only going to take a few more drop to overflow!

We can use to ignite the spark in ourselves and others. Do something today!

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