Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gaza - Spiritual Warfare

We are fighting a Spiritual War. We need spiritual warfare to win. This is as much a personal as it is a national battle and everyone needs to better themselves immediately. We must all bring extra spirituality to the world by taking upon ourselves to do a little extra. Whether it's an extra few minutes in prayer or learning; helping a fellow Jew; or resolving to do a Mitzvah that we have been lax with. Whatever it is, we need to formally accept it upon ourselves (B'li Neder) and start doing it immediately.

We need to realize, that we have been at war our entire history. All of our battles were defensive, save the few that G-d explicitly commanded us to wage in order to give us the land of Israel. The current Israeli Army is even called the IDF - Israel Defense Force - or Z"HL in Hebrew - Zva Hagana (Protection) L'Yisrael. Unlike our enemies and their propaganda, we are not out to murder, mame and hurt anyone except those trying to hurt and kill us. We only want to live in peace and that is what we have been fighting for since our inception as a nation.

This battle is a clear sign that G-d is with us and wants us to become closer to Him. Nothing brings us together like war and danger. It has been so throughout our entire history. Although the exile has been hard on us and the effects are clearly seen, we need to pull ourselves out of the exile and bring ourselves closer to G-d.

Our enemies pray 5 times a day and ask for our destruction. They fire missiles at our innocent civilians while declaring
"Allah Hu Akbar" (G-d is Great). We need to pay attention and realize that G-d is merciful and peace-loving. He loves us beyond our furthest comprehension -- even more than we love ourselves. He (and only He) is protecting us now and will continue always to do so. We need to make sure that we are praying to Him and realize that it is, in fact only HIM and nothing else that is protecting us.

G-d ONLY wants good for us and ONLY does good. Everything that happens is good. This battle in Gaza will only bring our redemption closer and sooner. But we need to act on it. We cannot allow ourselves to believe that any army or any nation will save us. G-d Himself will save and protect us. He has promised us this in our Torah. Let's try to at least make ourselves (somewhat) worthy of His protection.

We have set up a forum to help us work together and strengthen each other in bringing Mashiach closer. Feel free to join our community and help us bring the Geula Shelema !

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